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IBBT - innovation in ICT - IBBT. We Are NY Tech. All payment methods for your websites. The Standard for Influence. Logo Design, Web Design and More. Design Done Differently. Infographie : il se passe quoi sur internet en une minute ? Fin décembre, nous vous avions proposé une infographie retraçant une petite partie de ce qui se passait sur internet en 60 secondes.

Infographie : il se passe quoi sur internet en une minute ?

Cette nouvelle présentation reprend le même principe, mais elle est axée sur les données qui sont échangées pendant une minute : mails, réseaux sociaux, photos, vidéos, etc. Là encore, les chiffres ont de quoi donner le tournis... C'est via l'un de ses blogs que Seagate nous propose cette infographie provenant de chez DOMO.

Pour une fois, Google ne domine pas (complètement) le débat puisque le record tous chiffres confondus revient aux mails : ils sont 204 166 667 à être envoyés par minute, soit plus de 3 millions par seconde... avec, malheureusement, une proportion impressionnante de SPAMS dans le lot. Le moteur de recherche n'est tout de même pas en reste puisqu'il semble traiter plus de 2 000 000 de requêtes chaque minute. Notez ensuite que près de 10 sites web sont créés chaque seconde, mais nous ne savons pas combien disparaissent pendant ce temps-là. Google slashes price 88% for using Google Maps API. Google has announced an 88 percent price cut for those using Google Maps on high-traffic Web sites and services.

Google slashes price 88% for using Google Maps API

The move, which Google Maps API product manager Thor Mitchell announced yesterday, comes a few days before the developer-oriented Google I/O show and two weeks after Apple ditched Google Maps for the upcoming iOS 6. Google lets others embed Google Maps on their own sites and services through the Google Maps API, or application programming interface. When Google announced new limits to Google Maps usage last October, Mitchell said at the time, "We need to secure its long-term future by ensuring that even when used by the highest volume for-profit sites, the service remains viable.

" But other factors entered into the viability equation. Apple is the highest-profile defection, but there have been others, too, as Web sites dumped Google Maps because of high prices and put their weight behind the OpenStreetMap project instead, Google evidently took note. Via Daring Fireball. 50 Web Developer Documentation Manuals You Need To Know About. This is a list of over 50+ Documentation Manuals and Guides for Programmers, Web Developers, and Web Designers.

50 Web Developer Documentation Manuals You Need To Know About

I will actively update this list with more Manuals as I come across them. If you would like something added, please leave it in the comments section below. Over time it will become more refined and better organized and in return, more useful so please bookmark and share with your friends. is a nice open source project that lets you browse and search documentation for CSS, HTML, Javascript, DOM, jQuery, PHP, and Python Documentation all on one site. This can be hosted on your own server or accessed at – You can find the Open Source project on Github HERE Back-end Manuals PHP Documentation – Python Documentation – Ruby Language Documentation – Ruby on Rails Documentation – Node.js Documentation – Front-end Manuals CSS Reference – HTML Reference – HTML5 Reference – Schema Reference – Javascript Guide –

A place for geeks to share what they've done, who they did it with and connect with great companies. Les Différents types de partenariat. Startups - The Essential To Do List. This post is dedicated to a team of promising young entrepreneurs who asked me recently if they could all just “put some money in a bank account” to launch their startup.

Startups - The Essential To Do List

I wanted to say 'yes' because I know how much other work they have to do to build a successful company. But instead I had to warn them that there were several essential elements of their corporate structure they had to get right now to maximize their probability of success. This question comes up frequently, so I started this list to help other entrepreneurs ensure they don't miss one of the essential structural components.

Why it's not easy to structure a startup Structuring a startup correctly is a challenge. Structuring builds the foundation and the corporate DNA Structuring errors often cause companies to fail. Here’s a good analogy - rebar is the network of steel reinforcement bars inside structural concrete. Structuring problems scare off investors Startup Structuring To Do List In approximate chronological sequence: Social Media Has Revolutionized Home Decorating. Logo Design, Web Design and More. Design Done Differently. Software Development and Collaboration Tools. Landing Page Optimization - Produce Better Conversions.