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Link Love: Felt Food Patterns. July 22, 2011 A few months ago, my girlfriend gave me her son's play kitchen since he had outgrown it.

Link Love: Felt Food Patterns

My daughter loves banging the pots and pans and pushing the microwave buttons while saying “beep, beep, beep.” I know she'll have more creative play with it as she grows (like actually pretending to cook instead of just shoving her stuffed animals in the oven and saying “uh oh!”). 不織布甜蜜點心造型大集合 FELT CRAFT TEA TIME FEUTRINE JAP KOMONO - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. Fieltro japones 2 - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. 用不織布作可愛玩偶&實用小物 FEUTRINE JAP KOMONO FELT CRAFT - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. Fieltro japones 4 - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. Fieltro japones 7 - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. Revista Japonesa - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. 不織布-動物園 FELT CRAFT KAWAII FEUTRINE JAP - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. 不織布-面包超人 ANPANMAN FEUTRINE FELT CRAFT - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. 不織布-蛋糕 FELT CRAFT PETITS FOURS FEUTRINE JAP - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. 不織布-麵包 FEUTRINE MINIATURE ENFANTS FELT MINIATURES - Sandra - Picasa Albums Web. TuTo à gOgO. Divers tutoriels + patrons aliments feutrines.

Tuto : Napolitain en Feutrine - Carton et plus. Matériel : Feutrine blanche, Feutrine jaune, Feutrine Marron Fils à broder jaune et caramel. 1 morceau de mousse pour réaliser des dessus de chaise de 45 millimètre d'épaisseur Aiguille Ciseaux cutter règle métallique Comment faire ?

Tuto : Napolitain en Feutrine - Carton et plus

A l'aide de la règle métallique et du cutter découpez dans la mousse un rectangle de 40*80mm. Imprimez le patron proposé ici : napolitain. Glace à la fraise - plaisir d'enfance ? - Une âme d'enfant. Pour une fois ce post ne commence pas par aujourd'hui mais par...

Glace à la fraise - plaisir d'enfance ? - Une âme d'enfant

Hier, lors de mes pérégrinations internetesques, mon âme d'enfant est tombée en extase devant une ravissante création que l'on peut visualiser ici. Il s'agit d'une marchande de glaces en feutrine, combinant jeu et décoration dans une esthétique sans reproche et une ingéniosité remarquable, mais allez voir, ça vaut vraiment le coup d'oeil. La fabrique de Julie. Les best-of du barbecue en feutrine ! - MyrtilleBlog. Tuto tranche de jambon en feutrine - Au ras des Champignons. Chose promise ici, chose due !

Tuto tranche de jambon en feutrine - Au ras des Champignons

Voici le tuto de la tranche de jambon (avec sa couenne, s'il vous plaît !) Ce n'est pas parfait et hautement perfectible (à vous de me laisser vos idées) mais c'est hyper facile à réaliser et le matériel nécessaire n'est pas difficile à trouver ... Il vous faut : de la feutrine rose et du fil assorti, de la feutrine blanche ... et c'est tout ! Un steak bien cuit, s'il vous plait - aj2k. Allez je me lance dans THE tuto, pffffffffff pas facile vu les super tutos qu'on voit sur les blogs. patron_steak Tuto_du_steak_hach__en_feutrine__1 Tuto_du_steak_hach__en_feutrine__2.

Un steak bien cuit, s'il vous plait - aj2k

Rien que pour vous, le tuto, le tuto... - aj2k. Tuto > Les croissants en feutrine - Carton et plus. Je vous l'avais promis voici le tuto pour fabriquer les croissants en feutrine : Matériel : Feutrine couleur caramel.

Tuto > Les croissants en feutrine - Carton et plus

Felt Food Patterns & Tutorials Links (Most are FREE) Felt Food Tutorials. Play food patterns and tutorials. Day to Day: Tutorial - Felt Food (egg & orange slices) Here's the first felt food tutorial, as requested.

Day to Day: Tutorial - Felt Food (egg & orange slices)

These are really simple to create and most importantly very fast to sew and I think teamed with a little felt (or fabric) bag to hold the food they would make gorgeous, economical gifts for little ones - especially with Christmas only 6 months away. I'm planning on making a bag at some stage to hold Bella's food - if you would a tutorial on that too, let me know here and I'll work on one. To begin right hand click on the template below and save to 'my documents'. You can then print out the template on a4 paper and cut out your felt food pieces ready to begin. The small circle should measure (when printed) approximately 5cm in width - but remember, this is only a guide - your food can be any size :) I've included two different sized/shaped eggs for you.

Step 1: Decide on how many eggs and orange slices you would like to make. Step 2: Let's begin with the egg. Step 3: Step 4: Holding everything into position, finish sewing around the yolk. Felt Agnolotti Pasta. This is the first felt food I've made.

Felt Agnolotti Pasta

I picked something pretty easy to do for my first time - Agnolotti (filled crescent-shaped) pasta like Haba's Ravioli Tin Biofino! Supplies:yellow feltyellow threadstuffingsomething round to trace (I used a Magic Sizing can)pinking shearserasable fabric pen Trace it: No-Sew Felt Tortellini Pasta: 12 Days After Christmas. I had been doing well keeping up the pace with my after Christmas posts, but then the weekend hit, so here I'm back.

No-Sew Felt Tortellini Pasta: 12 Days After Christmas

We'll see how often I keep on posting since I'm not officially on the sub-list and can get called in any day now. My camera was actually behaving fairly well the night I made these, so only half of the pictures are blurry. ;) So here is the third installment of felt food and again, I used one of Angie's tutorials on Treasures for Tots. This time it's the Tortellini. I just can't get over how real they look, and they're SO easy. I've put some pictures up here, but Angie's are a lot better, so you should check her's out too. Materials: 3 in felt squares (You can get 12 out of a piece of craft felt.), cotton balls, glue gun.

Day to Day: Tutorial - felt food ravioli. This week's posting is an easy one (well, I think they've all been super easy, but this one is really fast).

Day to Day: Tutorial - felt food ravioli

Pasta Ravioli. Bella has been begging for me to make her some pasta for a little while now. I was going to finish it off with a small felt bag to keep the pasta in, but then found the brown paper bag in the cupboard, stamped the title and closed it at the top with a sweet teeny tiny peg. Step 1: Cut out the ravioli (5cm X 5cm square) using pinking shears (crinkle cut scissors) for the edges. I fancied the finish that the pinking shears gave, but you could always use normal scissors if you didn't have any handy and just have straight lines.

Step 2: Machine stitch around 3 edges of the ravioli. Step 3: Lift up your machine foot once you've stitched the three sides and carefully poke a little stuffing in the ravioli. Felt Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta « One Inch World. More playfood, this is ridiculously easy to make. You may notice that the finished pasta is a different color than the in-process pasta… My daughter broke my last felting needle while I was wraping the second-to-last felting needle that I had just broken in tape to throw it away… Oy. Her punishment was having to go to the (boring) quilting store to buy me new felting needles. (^_^) Cut a felt rectangle 1.5" by however long you want. Each inch of length will make one pasta. Felt Food Tutorials. Pages Felt Food Tutorials It was getting a bit cumbersome to update the list of felt food tutorials in each post, so here they are.

Don't forget to some readers' felt food creations for more great inspiration. Thanksgiving Dinner Kidlet-Style. Sliced Cheese - Felt Food Cook Along - Day 18. From here on out, the felt food may be in a somewhat random order. Sorry about that. I wanted to do sandwiches next starting with sliced bread...but when I made the sliced bread, I didn't take very good I need to make some more before I can do a tutorial for it. Hopefully I'll get that done soon. Tutorial: Felt food corned beef & cabbage. I've been fiddling with this set for the last few days, but I'm calling it done now. I'm especially pleased with how the cabbage turned out!

And now, in honor of the feast of St. Patrick (coming up one week from today!) Felt Brown Bag Lunch Tutorial. I don’t know what it is but I love felt food. Today on the menu is a very unhealthy sack lunch! Tutorial: Felt Pizza Slice. This is my first attempt at writing up a tutorial, so please let me know if you have any questions, or if I need to clarify anything here! For the few months, I’ve been busy making various felt play food for my son. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from the tutorials posted by Polly of Helping Little Hands in her Felt Food Cook-Along…and have added far too many more things to my ever-growing project list!

Quite a few other bloggers have linked up their own tutorials with her cook-along, and I finally decided to take the plunge and share one of my own. My foray into felt foods. My foray into felt foods has been frustrated by a fantastically frantic April. (Ahhh . . . alliteration . . . the overkill of one poor unsuspecting letter.) But seriously, I feel like this month has gone super fast. Wasn't it just March? Now it's almost May! *FREE* Felt Food Pattern! This is a follow up to all the wonderful comments and requests for a pattern for my felt play food. This is a free pattern, made by me, for a sandwhich and a bag of chips. Right-click the following three images and select "Save Target As" and save to your desktop. Then from there you can print these images full size. Felt Cupcake Tutorial. I have felt food on the brain at the moment. Slightly obsessed. Today I headed over to a lovely little felt shop with a crafty friend to stock up on some new colours with these in mind.

And doughnuts. Maybe bananas. Possibly sushi. Felt Cinnamon Roll Tutorial. Free tutorial-How to make a cream cookie - Felt Food,felttoys,Pattern,tutorials from Fairyfox. Grand opening. Things have been a little slow over here on the blog recently, mainly because I’ve been busy getting a full-fledged website together, which is now up at I’ll still be posting here on the blog (and I’ll probably still be tinkering with the website for a while), but the website will keep you updated on my Feed Dog Designs patterns, both those in magazines and those available in the new web shop!

Quite some time ago, I promised felt sweets patterns “soon.” Well, later rather than sooner, I’ve finally got a few together. To celebrate the launch of my website, you can get my first Anglo-American Snack Pack pattern free [PDF]! What’s so Anglo-American about it? If you like the felt rolls, Anglo-American Snack Pack No. 2, with patterns for a Bakewell tart and a snack-cake-style chocolate cupcake, is also available now in my online shop for $3.50.

Felt Cupcake Tutorial. YAY! Blog Archive » Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice. Making Doughnuts. Today we were busy baking and making. With Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller as our inspiration we filled our tummies with yummy doughnuts. Beets! ∙ How To by Lady Llanalla on Cut Out. Felt Fruit- Pear with template and tutorial. Hi Fellow Crafters Keeping with my class theme - foods we eat, I came up with a pattern for a pear. Sesame Seed Designs. How To (Felt Strawberry Short Cake) Chenille Carrot Tutorial. How To (Felt Strawberry Halves) Felt Strawberries. If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Stitched a Cake: How to Make Felt Food.