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Document Scanning Inc

Document Scanning Inc - established in 2006 in India and USA. Dedicatedly involved in document scanning and conversion services, we have handled numerous projects in all these years.

Document Scanning Support Services, Digitization Consulting Solution. Every project has a specific set of instructions and requirement to follow up which are quite different with each task.

Document Scanning Support Services, Digitization Consulting Solution

As a result, it might get a little confusing for the client to understand his precise condition and also find it challenging to explain the same, precisely to the tech-savvy team. Thus, to interpret each of your need and present them in a proper schematic manner to the technical team, we offer expert document scanning consulting services that not only pick out the client’s specification accurately but also provides a lot of specific solutions and suggestions to make your project more worthwhile and productive. We have an expert team of skilled consultants who provides efficient Document Scanning Support Services to help you understand the significant technicalities involved in the process, the quality of services one gets and also a suggestive solution to get the most out of your current deal. On Site Document Scanning, On-site Conversion Services.

Every business has some documents that become so important that parting with them even for a moment involves immense risk of exposure or legal compliance.

On Site Document Scanning, On-site Conversion Services

But as much relevant they might be, maintaining physical paper documents aren’t possible forever. Outsource HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML Conversion Services. Web pages have become a basic necessity for every business organization nowadays.

Outsource HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML Conversion Services

We no longer need to wait for information to arrive about a particular topic or company. We directly open up their webpage via an internet browser and view the information we require. That is how easy our life has become. Thus, sharing information among the masses have become a crucial requisite for every business development. All web contents are created in markup languages like HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML to help in smooth distribution of relevant information about your company, services or products in a particular format oriented basis that could be viewed and browsed through internet web pages. Useful to the core, these web pages can be read and seen by the audience in a user-friendly and attractive display.

Outsource PDF Conversion Services, PDF Ebook Creation Solution. In the current digital world, data is frequently shared among a vast number of audience.

Outsource PDF Conversion Services, PDF Ebook Creation Solution

So, the process of sharing information needs to be perfect, secure and in a convenient manner. Nowadays no one needs to wait for the mailman to deliver an important document. Outsource Kindle Conversion Services, Amazon Kindle Book Creator. Amazon Kindle is one of the best and convenient way to preserve your written scripts or the old and fragile manuscripts you possess.

Outsource Kindle Conversion Services, Amazon Kindle Book Creator

With massive popularity among avid readers, Kindle has helped many new and talented authors to come into the spotlight over the years. But scanning your handwritten book and converting them individually into the Kindle format might seem to be a seriously tiring and expensive job to do. We at Document Scanning Inc, have always encouraged talents in our way. We have always tried to help your skills and ability to reach the masses without the burden of huge expenses or poor professional responsibilities. Outsource Data Indexing Services, Scanned Documents Indexing Solution.

Working with unorganized and clustered bulks of data can lead to confusion and extreme stress.

Outsource Data Indexing Services, Scanned Documents Indexing Solution

With a massive amount of information stored in the archives, it can get challenging to find out the correct and precise information you require at that very moment. Outsource OCR Scanning Services, OCR Conversion Services. As your business progresses every day, there are lots of new data that needs to be added, edited or replaced in the existing documents.

Outsource OCR Scanning Services, OCR Conversion Services

Manually re-typing or editing a scanned cursive, handwritten or typed data becomes quite a stressful and time-consuming task. And even after all the hassle; the document might not be bright enough to display the relevant data accurately, thus leading to erroneous reports. We at Document Scanning Inc offer extensive Optical Character Recognition, OCR scanning services, that convert data in a scanned document into an editable format, thereby improving accuracy in modifications and better productivity. With high-tech OCR software, various types of pictorial and textual data can be read, analyzed and stored in an organized electronic format. With a large team of technically sound professionals, we deliver the best back office solutions where data is added and edited daily. Outsource CAD Conversion Services, CAD Drafting Company. The electronic format of CAD drawings is the best solution for saving your time and utilization of resources for secure data archiving, retrieving, copying, editing and transferring without facing the hassle of handling large sized paper drawings.

Outsource CAD Conversion Services, CAD Drafting Company

Industrial sectors like engineering, manufacturing, structural, civil and architectural services deal with large scale 2D or 3D drawings and layouts which needs to be stored for future references. But even high-quality papers have a certain amount of longevity which loses after a couple of years when the document finally become fragile or fades out the data embedded in it. We offer specific cad conversion services to restore these huge documents into electronic data files where they remain in their original self forever. Being an expert in CAD drafting services, we convert various types and sizes of documents to their respective electronic form.

Some of our field of work includes: Offshore Document Conversion Company, Document Conversion Outsourcing. Professional Microfilm Scanning Services, Solution to Scan Microfilm. Does those large corporate documents and layouts take up most of the storage spaces on your office hard drives and available archives?

Professional Microfilm Scanning Services, Solution to Scan Microfilm

You have repeatedly tried to free some space and organized vast amounts of data on microfilms but retrieving data from them during the crucial hours of need has become quite pricey and insecure? We at Document Scanning Inc understand all your concerns and offer affordable and highly effective microfilm scanning solutions to help you optimize your available archives and retrieve data from the microfilms rolls most conveniently and comfortably. Moreover, as much as you try to store and handle the microfilm most skillfully, it is difficult to avoid the environmental hazards that can cause potential damage to the film roll which can further lead to permanent loss of essential data. We Scan: The Microfilm scanners with sharp sensors scan the film rolls and capture the image in an enhanced resolution and better readability features.

Best Photograph Scanning Company, Picture Scan Digital Service. Photographs capture those unrepeatable memories in your lifetime that are impossible to be replaced.

Best Photograph Scanning Company, Picture Scan Digital Service

But as time flies, these printed photo albums fades and deteriorates even if you handle and store them with utmost care. We help you regain and preserve your precious possessions lifelong by converting these analog images into digital files with our expert photo scanning services. Working for more than a decade, we have expanded our expertise in photograph scanning by installing better and technically advanced scanners that have in-built image enhancement quality to deliver better resolution and high-quality image files for a comfortable view and convenient storage facility. Photographs are the legacy that we always want to keep safe for our upcoming generations.

We have broadened our excellence in picture scanning services in various types of fields. Book Scanning Solutions, Paper Scanning Services Provider Company. Are you looking for an affordable document scanning company without compromising on the quality? We offer extensive book scanning services for document digitization by converting physical pages, printed books, magazines, and newsletters to various electronic data storage formats such as PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, MS Word or a customized digital format desired by our client.

We use improvised professional scanners that are geared with advanced technology and improved image capturing software that produce consistent and high-quality image by scanning each document perfectly. Our standardized and high-quality scanners operate systematically with every page and accordingly coordinates with the technology to retain accuracy and prevent any damage to the pages while scanning each document correctly.