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TAI: Turnaround Arts Initiative. STEPS: 'Performing Motion' Amazing in Motion - 'Steps' 3.Multiculturalism. Artist Websites - Websites for Artists - Websites for Photographers - Professionally Designed. Activate Your Website When you open an account with Artist Websites, the first thing we do is instantly activate your website!

Artist Websites - Websites for Artists - Websites for Photographers - Professionally Designed

You get to choose the URL of your website (e.g., and as soon as you press submit on our sign up form, your website is instantly up-and-running on the internet. Yes - we can really do that! Customize Your Website Want to change the appearance of your navigation menu? Your website is fully customizable and requires absolutely no experience to make changes. Earn Income from Your Art. DeviantART: where ART meets application! MIT's Sherry Turkle on Technology and Real-World Communication. Digital communication is so pervasive that most of us don't even bother to question its role in society.

MIT's Sherry Turkle on Technology and Real-World Communication

That's not the case with Sherry Turkle, who has tracked the way we interact with computers and artificial intelligence since the 1970s. Founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, Turkle has written a new book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, that asks a simple question: Do digital methods of communication connect us the way interaction in the real world does? In late December, Turkle sat with TIME to discuss robot puppies, teen texting and what "full attention" means in an age of smart phones. Alone Together concludes a trilogy of books that started with your exploration of the very first computer programs. We Are Already Cyborgs. Dr. Michio Kaku America Has A Secret Weapon. Meet Dr. Robot - Health Checkup: Robotics. If your idea of surgery comes mainly from TV-doctor dramas, you'll find this operating suite at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit a bit disorienting.

Meet Dr. Robot - Health Checkup: Robotics

There's a major surgery in progress — that's what they tell you, anyway — but you can't see a patient. For that matter, you can't see the surgeon. There must be a scalpel wielder here somewhere, but all you can see is people sitting at machines in near darkness. The largest of the machines is a weird behemoth in the center of the room, spiderlike, shrouded in plastic sleeves and protective drapery.

Next to it, incongruously, are several lounge chairs facing a wall of enormous flat-screen monitors. In the tones of his native India, Dr. "The robot is just a tool," says Menon, director of the Vattikuti Urology Institute at Henry Ford. Menon is a founding father of the revolution. Solving Humanity's Grand Challenges. Singularity: Should We Fear the Likes of Watson? Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge.

On Feb. 15, 1965, a diffident but self-possessed high school student named Raymond Kurzweil appeared as a guest on a game show called I've Got a Secret.

Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge

He was introduced by the host, Steve Allen, then he played a short musical composition on a piano. The idea was that Kurzweil was hiding an unusual fact and the panelists — they included a comedian and a former Miss America — had to guess what it was. On the show (see the clip on YouTube), the beauty queen did a good job of grilling Kurzweil, but the comedian got the win: the music was composed by a computer.

Kurzweil got $200. Kurzweil then demonstrated the computer, which he built himself — a desk-size affair with loudly clacking relays, hooked up to a typewriter. But Kurzweil would spend much of the rest of his career working out what his demonstration meant. That was Kurzweil's real secret, and back in 1965 nobody guessed it. Computers are getting faster. True? Probably. Sir Ken Robinson - Changing Education Paradigms. An Introduction to Technology Integration.

Sir Ken Robinson - Educating the Heart and Mind. Celeste Prize - International contemporary art prize - Painting, photography, video, installation, sculpture, animation, live media, digital graphics. Electro Music for Galactic Funkateers. Watch Online. Please sign in using one of our supported services to begin saving your favorite programs and videos.

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