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C HTML5 Logo The Movement You're excited about HTML5; we are too. You've not just been enjoying the HTML5-powered web already — you're building it! As adoption and inspiration spreads, the web community will find creative ways to apply HTML5 and related technologies, spark trends, and capture best practices.
Idiagram provides systemic analysis, systems mapping, and strategic consulting services to help our clients: 1 ) Think Clearly and systemically about complex problems 2 ) Engage Diverse Stakeholders who must be part of the solution 3 ) Communicate Effectively with the people who must act on those problems We work with teams facing complex multi-faceted problems to: Build a sophisticated systemic understanding of complex issues and opportunities Develop broad strategic insight Design more creative solutions Build shared vision, ownership, and enthusiasm Communicate effectively with others The Art of Insight and Action

The Art of Insight and Action

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Maybe Were Not As Smart As We Think We Are
The Most Astounding Fact on Devour
R. P. Feynman and the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.
Golden Philosophy
Carbon Nanotube Muscle #3
GE's Augmented Reality demo
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Surface Detail
To Singularity, or Not To Singularity?

Samsung Flexible AMOLED and Transparent OLED Screens
CarlAero Stirling Engine running on hand heat
Infinity Cube.....Octagon Infinity Mirrors....................
Meghalayas' Living Bridge
Masdar The Green City

The Last Question -- Isaac Asimov

The Last Question -- Isaac Asimov The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, and it happened this way: Alexander Adell and Bertram Lupov were two of the faithful attendants of Multivac. As well as any human beings could, they knew what lay behind the cold, clicking, flashing face -- miles and miles of face -- of that giant computer. They had at least a vague notion of the general plan of relays and circuits that had long since grown past the point where any single human could possibly have a firm grasp of the whole. Multivac was self-adjusting and self-correcting.
by Isaac Asimov I received a letter from a reader the other day. It was handwritten in crabbed penmanship so that it was very difficult to read. Nevertheless, I tried to make it out just in case it might prove to be important. The Relativity of Wrong by Isaac Asimov

The Relativity of Wrong by Isaac Asimov

The Oh-My-God Particle by John Walker January 4, 1994 Fly's Eye The University of Utah operates a cosmic ray detector called the Fly's Eye II, situated at the Dugway Proving Ground about an hour's drive from Salt Lake City. The Fly's Eye consists of an array of telescopes which stare into the night sky and record the blue flashes which result when very high energy cosmic rays slam into the atmosphere. From the height and intensity of the flash, one can calculate the nature of the particle and its energy.

The Oh-My-God Particle

Vortex Ring Collision
SolarSystemAbundances.png (800×357)
The illustrated guide to a Ph.D. Imagine a circle that contains all of human knowledge: By the time you finish elementary school, you know a little: By the time you finish high school, you know a bit more: With a bachelor's degree, you gain a specialty: A master's degree deepens that specialty:

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson

Thank you for visiting my website. If you click on the bio tab, you’ll see that I’ve been doing what I do for a fairly long time! Along the way, I’ve balanced various roles – as a writer, researcher, adviser, teacher and speaker. I’ve also been involved in many projects and initiatives around the world – with national and local education systems, and with corporate, cultural and community organizations. There’s a consistent mission in all of this and if I were to sum it up in a sentence, this is it: “to transform the culture of education and organizations with a richer conception of human creativity and intelligence.”
- The Challenge

Becoming Human

Becoming Human An introduction to the history and crafting of early stone tools - Launch the PresentationExplore human lineage through time: discover your roots over a span of 7 million years - Launch the Interactive TimelineJourney through the story of human evolution in an interactive documentary experience - Launch the Documentary Becoming Human is an interactive documentary experience that tells the story of our origins. Journey through four million years of human evolution with your guide, Donald Johanson. Download for PC or Download for Mac Building Bodies Upright posture and the ability to walk on two legs are crucial, major adaptations associated with the divergence of the human lineage from a common ancestor with the African apes. Learn how we stood up!
WHAT is it? – Critical Thinking is reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do. This definition does not exclude creative thinking. WHO is it for? – Any person in any profession or any circumstance of life can practice critical thinking. From science to arts, from business to teaching, critical thinking skills create a more efficient thinker and problem solver. Critical and Creative Thinking - Critical Thinking Critical and Creative Thinking - Critical Thinking

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Sanger Learning and Career Center Handouts Skip navigation links ugs : life and learning in sync Sanger Learning Center is UT Austin’s main resource for academic support.
The ArtLab is a dynamic and dedicated community space in the Hirshhorn Museum’s Sculpture Garden. It gives DC area teens free access to up-to-date technology, the support of artist-mentors, and access to the vast physical and virtual resources of the Smithsonian. The space has a sound booth, gaming area, and DropZone, a regular afterschool program with weekend hours that is part of the YOUmedia Network. Learn more...

YOUmedia - Youth-powered 21st century learning

Vibration. See the unseen: Cymbal at 1,000 frames per second.
The Making of Listen to the Light by BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo

20 - bell carol (new)

A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book "digital harmony" Animation and music by Jim Bumgardner of krazydad.com and the wheel of lunch. Jim makes free puzzles, including sudoku, killer sudoku, kakuro, mazes, and thousands of other puzzles. Music box variations:
The Oomphalapompatronium on Devour
Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk Off The Earth on Devour
Relplot constructs high-resolution PostScript or PDF plots of the solutions to equations on two variables. Unlike most other plotters, it can handle general equations and inequations, not just functions, and it can plot multiple equations at once. What can you plot? Multiple equations/formulas separated by commas: ,Logical operators for combining formulas: && & ||Relational operators: = < <= > >=Binary arithmetic ops: + * - / ^ modUnary arithmetic ops: |x| sqrt floor exp ln sin cos tan asin acos atan atan2 sinh cosh tanhBuilt-in variables: x y r thConstants: pi e 2 -.5 1.4e5 .7e01 πUser-defined function applications: f(e1,..., en)User-defined variables: a-z x^3 + y^3 = 3xy, r^2 = 9/2 Some interesting equations to try: Relplot: equation plotter
How Green Is The Internet? on Devour