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Super Model. Intectural. Paper Composite Siding - Richlite Rainshadow / Intectural. Intectural brings Richlite's Rainshadow, a paper composite siding.

Paper Composite Siding - Richlite Rainshadow / Intectural

Richlite is a high performance material that's been used for industrial purposes by the aerospace and marine industry for decades; as a sanitary food prep surface for commercial kitchens for 30 years and as a popular outdoor skate ramp surface for a decade. Rain shadows, nature’s rainscreen, form when mountains obstruct the passage of rainfall, causing dryness on the leeward side.

Inspired by the summits that form a nationally renowned rain shadow on the edge of the Olympic Mountain Range, Richlite RainShadow™ FEATURES AND BENEFITSRichlite RainShadow™ patinas over time and has an inherently natural look. The water-resistant material requires no sealing on the face, edges or fastener holes. Weather resistantRichlite requires no sealing on the face, edges or fastener holes. Wood Cladding - Lenga Wood / Ignisterra. Ignisterra´s Lenga Wood Cladding has all wood's natural characteristics, like knots and tone variations, present in all Ignisterra´s products.

Wood Cladding - Lenga Wood / Ignisterra

This allows you to create a unique and authentic surface, showing the nature of forest colors. Lenga wood (Nothofagus pumilio), also known as Fireland or Patagonian Cherry (for its similar grain and colors with American Cherry), is a native species from the Chilean regions of Aysen and Magallanes. Its sapwood is white to yellowish, and its heartwood is pale pink to dark. It's considered worldwide as a hard wood that has excellent features for furniture craftsmanship, such as carving, gluing, profiling, staining and finishing.

Builders in London. Krion - Solid Surface. Krion TM New Generation Solid surface Krion is a new generation solid surface developed by Systempool, a company that belongs to the Porcelanosa Group.

Krion - Solid Surface

It is a material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. Its exclusive solid surface formula allows us to create the most versatile shapes for the most diverse applications. Porcelanosa Krion solid surface is it non porous, it is anti-bacterial without any type of additive; it is hard-wearing, highly resistant and easy to repair, only requires minimum maintenance, can be thermoformed and is easy to clean. It is cut in a similar way to wood, allowing us to cut the sheets, connect them and thermoform them to create curved sections, and can even be injected during the production process, making it possible to create different designs and projects that are impossible to achieve with other materials. Seamless sections can be created, preventing liquids from being absorbed and making cleaning and maintenance easier. White Carrera - BV Tile & Stone Anaheim Floor Tile Porcelain Ceramic Travertine.

Shuriken. RIVESTIMENTO TRIDIMENSIONALE IN LEGNO PER INTERNI - JAGGER - WONDERWALL STUDIOS. Wall-mounted decorative panel / wood / 3-D - E008 - Decustik. Raw, Sophisticated Glass Look. The GlasPro Barn Door Systems are the definition of style and quality.

Raw, Sophisticated Glass Look

These contemporary sliding barn door solutions are designed with sophisticated simplicity and a deliberate raw look. Our barn door systems can be used for interiors and work with a wide range of sizes and panel designs that you wish to slide. There are three roller styles available, and our barn door systems come with the glass panel(s), rollers, track, and all necessary hardware.

Style 1. Interlam. We are delighted to present our full line of ARCHITECTURAL WALL PANEL products that offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wall panels.


We offer a variety of color, texture, beauty, size and finish that allows the design professional total freedom of expression during the creative process. Interlam’s wall panels are exquisite expressions of artistic form providing a continuation of nature to free flowing open spaces either interior or exterior. INTERLAM® currently has 123 sculpted, carved and textured patterns in the Art Diffusion line and 38 ornamental WALL PANEL patterns in the new Elements line and 12 new patterns in the Mirage line of textured wall panels. We have added 9 patterns to our line of eco-friendly Screens that debuted at the HD Expo in Vegas this year. Our sculpted and carved panels contain architectural elements such as waves, ornamental textures, modular repeating patterns and continuous patterns.

New Ravenna Mosaics. Ripple. Petra Antiqua. Products. MARGRAF_RUSSIA +7 495 995 89 85.


IKEA - Free CAD and BIM Objects 3D for Revit, Autocad, Sketchup... Create_Work. Зразок прев'юшок для моделей. Graphis Plus: sliding door. Prev next The aesthetical evolution of the Graphis system toward extremely basic design with panels entirely made of lacquered glass and minimum thickness aluminium structural profile.

Graphis Plus: sliding door

The purity of glass is enhanced by large surfaces defined by basic geometry. Always made to order, the Graphis plus system is characterised by a recessed metal handle with lacquered glass insert that matches the panel. Download Structure Glossy lacquered glasses. VEZUV - NG Kütahya Seramik. NEXUS - NG Kütahya Seramik. Timeless - BV Tile & Stone Anaheim Floor Tile Porcelain Ceramic Travertine. ÖZEL KOLEKSIYONLAR - NG Kütahya Seramik. Паркет barlinek, дуб - 3 вида (MultiTexture+FloorGenerator) Купить массивную паркетную доску Barlinek из дуба и ясеня. Продажа паркета Барлинек по ценам производителя (Польша). Отзывы о Барлинек.

100% натуральное дерево полы устойчивы к изменениям температуры и влажности стабильная конструкция продукция готова к использованию непосредственно после монтажа возможность монтажа на основаниях с подогревом быстрый и простой монтаж возможность восстановления лицевого слоя Эксклюзивная коллекция SENSES – это творческое сочетание трех сильных тенденций современного дизайна: большого размера, правильно подобранного окраса и натуральной древесины.

Купить массивную паркетную доску Barlinek из дуба и ясеня. Продажа паркета Барлинек по ценам производителя (Польша). Отзывы о Барлинек.

TASTES OF LIFE – паркетная доска Барлинек в наиболее дизайнерском решении. Самый модный окрас в смелом сочетании с естественной красотой настоящей древесины. Pure Vintage Line to seria dla miłośników wiekowego piękna. PELLEPIETRA - The exclusivity of union. KAZA Concrete. Panno 3d. Декоративные 3d панели. Массивная доска Finex от производителя с гарантией 25 лет. AGROB BUCHTAL Willkommen. Паркет 2х видов от Kronospan Шведский деревенский дуб и Рыжевато-коричневый каштан. Другие предметы интерьера - Artpole 3D panel "Beach" Black. Производственная компания LETO. Компания LETO предлагает панели VPG construct от производителя.

Производственная компания LETO

Кожаные панели VPG construct - изделия, применяющиеся для отделки различных элементов интерьера. Стильные панели из искусcтвенной кожи сделают любой офис, ресторан или клуб элитным, ведь этот материал всегда ассоциируется с роскошью и изысканностью. Стеновые Рельефные панели МДФ - Компания LETO. Стеновые Рельефные панели МДФ - Компания LETO. Купить 3D панели Total Panel System (Испания), цены на 3д панели в Киеве. Total Panel System – испанская компания, всемирно известный лидер по производству 3D панелей класса люкс.

Купить 3D панели Total Panel System (Испания), цены на 3д панели в Киеве

Untitled. Pattern // White on Pinterest. P a r e t i on Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. SWBK » Réspirer. Réspirer is a piece that makes use of Onggi soil which has merits of Onggi, showing a possibility as a new material.

SWBK » Réspirer

If Onggi soil is put into a mold and sticked together layer upon layer, it could function as a exterior material of structure. Réspirer는 옹기토를 활용하여 새로운 재료의 가능성을 보여주는 작품이다. 옹기토를 틀에 넣어 구운 조각을 기왓장처럼 겹겹이 이어붙여 새로운 개념의 Interior 혹은 Exterior의 Skin을 제안하였다. P a r e t i on Pinterest. Nexus : Yigit Ozer for Kutahya Seramik. Modular tile system. Wovin. Wovin Wall® is a versatile, easy to install modular tile system that provides quality sound absorption and diffusion.

Achieving an NRC 0.50 on its own and NRC 0.67 with Ecoustic Infill, Wovin Wall® is an effective acoustic solution in any interior space. Tile Format: Standard or Oval Finishes: timber laminate, metal laminate, colour laminate, polypropylene, metal, fabric + leather and custom printing Edging: without edging, standard or deluxe frame Options: backlighting, cut outs. Innovative Pixel-like Surface Designs By Giles Miller Studio. Timber Alexander (solid timber).Photo © Giles Miller Studio. London-based design practice Giles Miller Studio specialises in innovative surface designs and interior design projects that deploy sculptural relief-like techniques. The studio has built up a reputation for high-quality and visually stunning surface designs that consist of small identical pixel-like elements (these are usually metal, wood or ceramic tiles) which when placed at varying angles, reflect light differently.

As a result, images and shapes can be created, as well as elaborate surface textures that react to light in interesting ways. Most of the tiles are sourced within the United Kingdom, and the surfaces are assembled by hand at Giles Miller’s studio space in Spitalfields, London. Купить стеновые 3D панели для стен для интерьера в Москве интернет магазин (цена,фото)

Гипсовые панели РЕЛЬЕФ » Выставочный зал "ДЕКОР" Эксклюзивное оформление интерьера. Гипсовые 3D панели Alivio. Панели интерьерные 3D - Панели3D. The collection - Wonderwall Studios. Wall-mounted decorative panel / wood / 3-D - W006 - PLADEC - architectural decorative panels. Wall-mounted decorative panel / wood / 3-D - PD005 BALTIC - Decustik. 3D Decorative wood Panels. 3D SURFACE - SURFACE OF ART. Эксклюзивные 3D панели, на заказ – Компания AredoGroup. Krono Original. Плитка Lithos Design Le Pietre Incise by Rafaello Galiotto, материал из керамогранита для пола, кухни, ванной комнаты, в СПб. Artedomus: Lithos Design Pietre Incise. OFFECCT. Wall panels Surface: Relief #3. Design : Swedese Noton akustikkpanel. Sono acoustic panels 3D Model - FormFonts 3D Models & Textures. Products - Sono - HighTower. Accessories - HighTower. FEEK brochure 2011 by Frederik van Heereveld.

Светильники из гипса. Каталог лепнины из гипса. Архитектурная визуализация. Live your life in 3D with 3D Wall Panels on show at Designex 2012. 3D Wall Panels were back and better than ever at Australia's largest interiors, design and architecture event; Designex 2012 which features the latest products and design trends. Our stand stood out from the crowd with an eye catching green polyurethane feature wall in the Reflections design. Lots of other designs were showcased in various finishes such as vinyl wrapped, polyurethane and metal coated. All are very tactile and engaging; making walls spring to life. Another exciting use for the wall panels was shown in a stunning low entertainment unit where the panels were made into cabinet doors. The Contours design using 25mm thick material was transformed into a unique style of door finished in crisp white gloss polyurethane. If you didn't manage to see us at Designex, visit our showroom at 80 Redfern Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164 or our website and bring your walls to life!

Album photos - 3D Wall Panels - Bookmarc. Feek Furniture. Products. Keiou Design Lab - Vancouver - Architecte d’intérieur. Producent paneli dekoracyjnych 3D – Loft Design System » Panel dekoracyjny – Dekor 29. Większość osób stawia na oryginalność. Dotyczy to również wnętrz. Chęć wyróżnienia się jest bezdyskusyjna. Jak się okazuje, mniej oczywisty jest sposób na to, jak uzyskać zamierzony efekt. Wyjątkowość pozwolą wprowadzić do aranżacji przestrzeni dekoracyjne panele ścienne. Te, prezentowane, o motywie rozetki uczynią z wnętrz niekonwencjonalny projekt. Dzięki zastosowaniu na etapie projektowania unikatowego rozwiązania Soundwave, panel posiada właściwości absorbowania niepożądanych fal dźwiękowych, a co za tym idzie tłumienia drgań powietrza.

Wybrane realizacje * tolerancja wymiarów 1 cm, w danej partii do 1 mm Wszystkie wzory, są zarejestrowanymi wzorami przemysłowymi chronionymi prawnie. Keiou Design Lab. Wovin. Paneles decorativos Panelate - Nature series.