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#LostInSocial: How is social media best managed? #LostInSocial (with image, tweets) · deannap09. Chris Baccus. #LostInSocial. Golin Harris. Communications is changing.

Golin Harris

So are we. We have aligned our people, processes, technology and training to help clients win in a complex, connected society. We are breaking away from traditional agency silos. We have replaced the standard, seniority-based hierarchy with global teams of dedicated specialists who are embedded in every account.Our new g4 model melds four areas of expertise into a single entity. Strategists are business analysts who understand the forces that will impact a client’s future. How should social be managed? POLL. Where does social belong? POLL. Breakdown: Corporate Social Media Team. The purpose of this post is to be a living document and industry reference on the topic of social media teams, as part as my ongoing coverage of corporate social media programs.

Breakdown: Corporate Social Media Team

This perspective stems from industry research and deeper client engagements, see other ‘breakdown‘ posts. Business Needs: By definition, social business requires transformation within a company, resulting in leadership, program management, and a team to see this change through. In most cases, we see this team as a centralized resource that’s often cross-functional working closely with a number of corporate functions as well as business units ranging from product teams, geographies, the field, and departments. Research: Most Companies Organize in “Hub and Spoke” Formation for Social Business. Thumbs up! Great G+ Hangout with @deannap09 discussing her #L.

How Zappos makes social media a part of its company culture. This post was written by SmartBrief technology editor Susan Rush.

How Zappos makes social media a part of its company culture

When it comes to social media, just gets it. Social media is not just a business strategy, it should be part of the culture, said Zappos’ Thomas Knoll during the “Social Media in Action: Philosophies, Strategies and Tactics That Consistently Win” panel discussion at the International Consumer Electronics Show on Friday.

Knoll said too much emphasis is often put on the “media” part of social media, adding that he is “a much bigger fan of the social part.” The goal of social media is to connect and build relationships with customers. Fellow panelist Warren Whitlock of Xeno Press agreed. Companies can get overwhelmed trying to decide which social media platform is right for them, but according to the panelists, the best strategy is to go where your customers are. Knoll also said that for Zappos, the company views culture and brand as two sides of the same coin. Image credit: ausinasia, via iStockPhoto. Golin Harris.

Social Media for Business Marketing. How Are B2B Companies Using Social Media? Who should “own” social media within an organisation? It’s a mark of how far businesses still have to go when a 10 second search trawl brings back literally thousands of articles still agonising over which department should take ownership of social media.

Who should “own” social media within an organisation?

After a (highly unscientific) click through the first few pages of Google, I found about 60% of the results ended up saying it was best aligned with a marketing skill set, around 30% pointed out that really it was customer services that knew most about dealing with individual enquiries. The remaining 10% put forward a more “enlightened” approach by claiming that social media was so fundamental to the future of business that it had to start with the CEO and work down from there. I agree with every one of these, the real value that brands add to a community is through content, this is natively a part of marketing, real conversations should always be between real people and our customer services team is great at that.

Where does social media sit in a firm? Probably many places. I really enoyed a post by Jim Tobin at Ignite Social Media about where social media sits in an organisation. his comments and experiences mirror very much ours at FreshNetworks.

Where does social media sit in a firm? Probably many places.

For different organisations social media sits in different places. It may be marketing, corporate communications, PR, product or proposition developers, a research team… the list can be endless. Social Media in Your Company – Guidance for Where It Fits In. So you’re putting together the social media puzzle.

Social Media in Your Company – Guidance for Where It Fits In

There are many pieces, aren’t there? And one slice that continues to get questions is where the responsibility and position(s) belong in the organization. In fact, a number of months ago I wrote an article on this very topic and suggested “nowhere” in current organizations was the right place for social media. I suggested that a new organization needed to be created under the leadership of the Chief Customer Officer. Now I realize that one size does not fit all, so I am going to provide some guidance that will help you determine what is right for your company given its current organization and culture.

And here is the most important aspect that you must recognize. So the key point – think of social media as four functional responsibilities – strategy, planning, execution, and measurement. Here are suggested responsibilities for each of the four functional areas: You can scramble the responsibilities as you see fit. Who Should 'Own' Social Media at Your Company? It's a common debate in many businesses.

Who Should 'Own' Social Media at Your Company?

Just who should be responsible for managing my company's social media presence? Sales? Marketing?