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Nandan Manohar Nilekani, CIA, & NADRA, Pakistan « Bargad… बरगद… Dear Fellow Citizens, Pursuant to our earlier discussions, there has not been any debate on the Unique Identity (UID) Number or Aadhaar Number and related proposals and legislations either in the state legislatures or in the central legislature although “these systems would be in active use for centuries” to facilitate unprecedented surveillance by the government and its favourite commercial czars like Nandan Manohar Nilekani.

Nandan Manohar Nilekani, CIA, & NADRA, Pakistan « Bargad… बरगद…

With this we are entering into an era of rampant identity frauds through multiple UIDs and industrial and corporate espionage. We already have at least 15 identity proofs including Voter I card. Did Parliament ever feel itself to be illegitimate because voters/citizens legitimise it with these very identity proofs? Which international financial institution or transnational influence has compelled the Prime Minister, Planning Commission and other senior ministers to bulldoze a sixteenth identity proof for residents of India?

Brig. Source: Why the UID number project must be scrapped - India News. Aadhaar: Enrollment, Authentication & Beyond - MediaNama. Aadhaar & The Developer Ecosystem: Free API Calls Initially; Transliteration - MediaNama. Aadhaar Could Be Used To Verify Twitter & Facebook Accounts - MediaNama. The trouble with big brother's eye - VNL. What the UID project will not do. What the UID project will not do Vishv Bandhu Gupta says the UID project could create more errors than it can correct The concept of “a ubiquitous magic plastic” that bring out the unique in a living person has caught the fascination of most of us.

What the UID project will not do

An unpopular government sees in it the ability of cutting a long red tape short to correctly identify the genuine citizens in need. The agonised cops of India see in it a great ally to apprehend the much-wanted terrorists, whose biometric data could now be verified with existing records, as and when these come into existence, before he commits another heinous crime. These expectations are fair. None of these technologies are being substantially tested for trial in India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). David Moss, who spent eight years campaigning against the UK's National ID (NID) card scheme, has questioned the logic of the UIDAI and the government to depend on biometrics to produce UID numbers.

UID: Interview with Usha Ramanathan. 4 popular myths about the UID « PRIVACY INDIA. " AADHAAR " RELATED ARTICLES. India UID - Markets - L-1 Identity Solutions. India Launches Project to ID 1.2 Billion People. Updated Sept. 29, 2010 12:01 a.m.

India Launches Project to ID 1.2 Billion People

ET India's vaunted tech savvy is being put to the test this week as the country embarks on a daunting mission: assigning a unique 12-digit number to each of its 1.2 billion people. The project, which seeks to collect fingerprint and iris scans from all residents and store them in a massive central database of unique IDs, is considered by many specialists the most technologically and logistically complex national identification effort ever attempted. To pull it off, India has recruited tech gurus of Indian origin from around the world, including the co-founder of online photo service Snapfish and employees from Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Intel Corp. The country's leaders are pinning their hopes on the program to solve development problems that have persisted despite fast economic growth. Critics question whether the project can have as big an impact as its backers promise, given that identity fraud is but one contributor to India's development struggles.