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A look into LastPass. As part of the time that my company offers for research, my good friend and talented hacker Alberto Illera () and me decided to “checkout” LastPass.

A look into LastPass

Many of you may already know (or even use) LastPass. It is a pretty well know password manager that stores all your passwords in a “vault” and keeps them secure. Additionally, it can automatically populate the credentials for you when you visit a website in which your are registered making it easy to use more secure, random and unique passwords. You will just have to remember the master password that decrypts the vault and that’s all. LastPass comes in many forms. As you may agree, a service that stores all your passwords sounds like a cool target so we decided to have “A look into LastPass”, understand how it works, check if it really keeps our passwords secure and why not? How does LastPass work?

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A List of Privacy-Focused Companies, Tools & Technologies. LEAP Encryption Access Project. Silent Circle's latest app democratizes encryption. Governments won't be happy. Courtesy of Silent Circle For the past few months, some of the world’s leading cryptographers have been keeping a closely guarded secret about a pioneering new invention.

Silent Circle's latest app democratizes encryption. Governments won't be happy.

Today, they’ve decided it’s time to tell all. Ryan Gallagher is a journalist who reports on surveillance, security, and civil liberties. Follow Back in October, the startup tech firm Silent Circle ruffled governments’ feathers with a “surveillance-proof” smartphone app to allow people to make secure phone calls and send texts easily. In-Depth: User Frustration Rises as Verizon Galaxy Nexus Falls Further Behind. While others are still selling the LTE variant of the Galaxy Nexus, Verizon stopped long ago.

In-Depth: User Frustration Rises as Verizon Galaxy Nexus Falls Further Behind

While Google issues firmware updates for it, the carrier has yet to approve any of the last four major Android updates pushed for the Google-backed flagship smartphone. These series of numbers may mean something to you, but to Galaxy Nexus owners on Verizon Wireless, they mean a lot more: 4.1.2, 4.2.0, 4.2.1, and 4.2.2. Those are the last four releases of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). For all four versions, Google offered and built firmware for the Galaxy Nexus. MVNO Karma goes live, selling a 4G hotspot made for sharing — Mobile Technology News. Find out which science fiction stories researchers predict will become reality by 2016. - The next 5 in 5 - United States.


Amazon's Silk Web browser adds new twist to old idea. One of the headline features of Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet is a completely new Web browser called Silk that is designed with a "split" architecture, allowing it to offload much of the heavy lifting to Amazon's cloud computing cluster for superior browsing performance.

Amazon's Silk Web browser adds new twist to old idea

When the user requests a webpage in Silk, the request will be routed to Amazon's servers in the cloud. Amazon will load the webpage on the server side, downloading all of the necessary content elements in parallel. After downloading the content, Amazon will send the compiled page—including HTML, JavaSript, CSS, and images—back to the device as a single stream of data. Amazon can can take advantage of its high-bandwidth connection to the Internet backbone to retrieve individual page elements faster than the user would be able to natively on the device. 5 Ways To Blur The Line Between Web Apps & Desktop Apps. We love web apps here at MakeUseOf; our mission is to write more about what you can do online than what you can do with your computer offline.

5 Ways To Blur The Line Between Web Apps & Desktop Apps

As time goes on however, the line between the two is increasingly hard to define. If you embrace this wholeheartedly, you might want to take some active steps to blur the web and the desktop. Let’s take a look at some ways of doing so – some simple, some complex. Chrome’s Web Apps The most obvious place where the desktop and the web is blurring is, of course, Chrome. Did you know, however, that you can add direct shortcuts to such applications on your computer? Having such shortcuts on your desktop make web apps feel more like desktop apps, which is fitting. 5 Creative uses of DocumentCloud. Aws - simple access to Amazon EC2 and S3. » tools » aws aws is a command-line tool that gives you easy access to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. aws is designed to be simple to install and simple to use.

aws - simple access to Amazon EC2 and S3

Thanks to your feedback (, aws is the top-rated "community code" for all of Amazon EC2 and S3! See the ratings and reviews at EC2 and S3. They make me blush! Thank you! This document describes the basic features. See the change log. Download This section describes how to install aws on Linux and other *ix systems. To use aws, follow these steps: Install curl if necessary (either apt-get install curl or yum install curl) Download aws to your computer curl -o awsOPTIONAL. If you are logged in as root, aws will be installed in /usr/bin.

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Google. 23andMe.