Laf (look & feel)

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TinyLaF, a pluggable Java Look and Feel
Barra Orange es la herramienta de navegación interactiva que te permite acceder a los servicios de Orange y consultar los mejores contenidos mientras navegas. Buscar en la Web con el Buscador Barra Orange desde cualquier sitio. Bloquear molestos pop-ups. Resaltar los términos buscados en la página de resultados. Conocer el tiempo de tu ciudad. NimROD Look And Feel NimROD Look And Feel
Squareness This project actually died silently some years ago. I stopped using WindowBlinds a long time ago and it’s also a year since I bought a MacBook. So I don’t use Windows much nowadays. The single Swing-based application that I still use - IntelliJ IDEA - uses it’s own UI elements that don’t work well with custom look and feels. I had tried to make Squareness work well with IDEA but it was a pain and finally I gave up. So in the last few years there has been no real motivation to work on Squareness anymore. Squareness
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