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How to draw SAND SWIRL. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another tangle pattern I just love and I think you will too.

How to draw SAND SWIRL

It’s simple, it’s flexible, and it’s mesmerizing to draw. It’s great fun to shade too. Greek keys. Index --- style --- turns --- designs --- compare keys --- corners --- 2 dimensional --- modern --- triangular --- circular --- fractal --- copying --- origins A Greek key is a decorative border.

Greek keys

There are a surprising number of different versions. Urban Sketchers Cleveland. A Tree Grows (and a paper crane update) I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of dropping keys (even when we don't think we have any to drop - but that's another post) and about the lovely, generous souls who share the tutorials I appreciate so much.

A Tree Grows (and a paper crane update)

Lucy, Alice, Mel, Pip and Elizabeth are among my favourite sharers, but there are many more! So...


DeviantART: where ART meets application! Fabulous Artworks by Jeannette Woitzik. Have you ever thought of creating your own responsive website?

Fabulous Artworks by Jeannette Woitzik

It could be your own personal webpage or your blog or even a site for your business? How about to create a website by yourself using one of today’s most advanced website builder? Feel free to use the best website builder with wide opportunities allowing to create beautiful websites of different topics in minutes. Great variety of creative website templates, advanced drag-and-drop editor, mobile/tablet optimized versions, SEO features and all this is free. Art 1. Optical Design. Maria Oliva Tyra. Wayne AndeRson. Curly Girl Design. Pixelgirl Presents - Only The Coolest Desktops, Icons, iPhone & iPad Wallpapers!