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How to draw SAND SWIRL. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another tangle pattern I just love and I think you will too.

How to draw SAND SWIRL

It’s simple, it’s flexible, and it’s mesmerizing to draw. It’s great fun to shade too. Sand Swirl is from Karry Heun who shared her Summer Sitter tangle with us earlier this year. This tangle is so much fun to draw and in true Zentangle® style, there’s no thinking or planning involved. Here is Karry’s step-by-step illustration for drawing Sand Swirl. Image copyright the artist, used with permission. Check out the tag karryh for more of Karry’s patterns on

Related Links If you’ve just joined us recently and would like some help with shading your Zentangles or Zentangle-inspired art (ZIA), check out the TanglePatterns Shading Mini-Clinic: eBooks available from You might also like: Greek keys. Index --- style --- turns --- designs --- compare keys --- corners --- 2 dimensional --- modern --- triangular --- circular --- fractal --- copying --- origins A Greek key is a decorative border.

Greek keys

There are a surprising number of different versions. This website explains how the keys are different from each other and allows you to compare keys against each other. style - introduction to making Greek keysturns - making the keys more complicateddesigns - a list of all designs on this websitecompare keys - produce different patterns in different sizescorners - including various ways to colour Greek keys2 dimensional patternsmodern designs - including tilted and progressive Greek keystriangular designs - including 2 dimensional patterns and borderscircular designs - including a template, plus how to make ovalsfractal design- where part of the pattern looks like the wholecopying patterns from this siteorigins of Greek keys Fretwork is a design cut out with a fretsaw.

Links to external sites. Urban Sketchers Cleveland. A Tree Grows (and a paper crane update) It's wonderful to see all the projects and art class lessons this tutorial has inspired.

A Tree Grows (and a paper crane update)

Please keep sharing photos of your artworks with me (my email address is in my blogger profile) - I love seeing them! If you share images online, please acknowledge me as the original artist and share a link to my blog.Unfortunately, I do need to remind readers that the original "Tree and Stars" painting is protected by copyright (as are all my images), which means that the use of this tutorial to create artwork or craft projects for exhibition or sale is not allowed without my consent. Please ask for consent before publishing images of your artwork or craft projects online.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the appropriate use of my images. If you are interested in discussing a licensing agreement to create a commercial product, send me an email and we can discuss it.

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DeviantART: where ART meets application! Fabulous Artworks by Jeannette Woitzik. Art 1. Optical Design. Maria Oliva Tyra. Lotus Turtle Bee Tear Away Shrimp Tumbled For Judith Whisper Twist Call The Fish Fragile Blue Hibiscus Heal Artist Bio I knew I wanted to be an artist from a very early age and spent most of my youth drawing and creating.

Maria Oliva Tyra

Artist Statement “I draw purely from my subconscious. Currently what’s spilling out is circles. Tyra’s Use of Materials “My drawings start with a graphite underdrawing which I ink over with Rapido-graph pens. Maria Oliva on The Escape Into Life Arts Store Maria Oliva Tyra’s Website Maria Oliva Tyra’s Blog. Wayne AndeRson. Curly Girl Design. Pixelgirl Presents - Only The Coolest Desktops, Icons, iPhone & iPad Wallpapers!