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Collaborative Fund. RSS. Media, Publishing and Journalism. Data & Visualisation. Aggregator. Top News Sources. Journalism Toolkit. Learning. Dataviz. Gebruik RSS-feeds. Grist. News. Data. Data Science. RSS and Content Curation. Research. News-RSS. Articulos. Social Media. 8 Principles of Open Government Data - Gov 2.0. Gov 2.0 or Government 2.0 refers to government policies that aim to harness collaborative technologies to create an open-source computing platform in which government, citizens, and innovative companies can improve transparency and efficiency.[1] Put simply, Gov 2.0 is about "putting government in the hands of citizens".[2] Gov 2.0 combines Web 2.0 fundamentals with e-government and increases citizen participation by using open-source platforms, which allow citizens and innovative companies to develop apps, websites, widgets.

Gov 2.0

The government’s role is to provide open data, web services, and platforms as an infrastructure.[3] United States federal government[edit] San Francisco[edit] The City of San Francisco was the first to follow President Barack Obama’s lead and launched in August 2009 with more than a hundred datasets.[4] Just weeks after the launch, new apps and websites were developed. OpenGov. Quisiera aprovechar este espacio para difundir un par de convocatorias para presentar mesas de trabajo (paneles) y ponencias en tres importantes congresos que se realizarán durante la segunda parte del 2013 en Uruguay y España, respectivamente… XVIII Congreso Internacional del CLAD - Montevideo, Uruguay 2013 "XVIII XVIII Congreso Internacional del CLAD sobre la “Reforma del Estado y de la Administración Pública” - Montevideo, Uruguay, del 29 de octubre al 1 de noviembre de 2013.


Área Temática No. 7: El Gobierno Abierto como impulsor de la transparencia, la ética y la creación de valor público. Information and Digital Literacy. Learning. Sexism & Media. Feeds.


News. Knowledge Is Power. Daily Dals. iTunesU. October 2015. Others. MEDIA. Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation: Sally Hogshead: 9780061714702: Books. Internet History Podcast. Digital Social Science Center. Getting Started - International Relations - Research Guides at Columbia University. There's more to every story. Ipad air 2 case reviews 2015. What's New. Featured History & Archaeology Books. No. 28. Long before the triumph of Stand Your Ground gun legislation, the overlapping Grand Guignols of the Iraq invasion and ISIS’s rise, or the release of the latest cinematic blood orgy at the multiplex, America’s political id was drenched in blood.

No. 28

We devised all manner of new American-branded mayhem during our long passage from a frontier republic into, well, a frontier mass republic, as historian Richard Hofstadter notes in a strikingly timely essay abridged in this issue: lynchings, riots, vigilantism, and political assassinations, along with garden-variety domestic knifings, shootings, and bludgeonings carried out on a scale of gruesomeness pretty much unprecedented in the soi-disant civilized West. Parcourir. The Best Blog Name Generators - WP Dev Shed. There are many components that go into creating a good website or blog, but one of the most important – and sometimes overlooked – factors is having a good domain name.

The Best Blog Name Generators - WP Dev Shed

Something that fits well with your business name and purpose, something that’s memorable and not prone to misspelling, and something that taps into your targeted keywords to enhance your SEO efforts. Enter a keyword or brand name to generate available blog names: You can spend hours brainstorming the right business, website or blog name, but there are some great tools available online to give you a huge range of suitable options in a snap.

Blog name generators are not a new concept, and there are tons available… not all of them quality. Featured History & Archaeology Books. SEO Clickbank RSS Ebay RSS Amazon RSS Feeds Generator. What's New. Mobile App Reviews. PCMag Australia | Cell Phone Reviews | Mobile App Reviews The 30 Best Windows Phone Apps Latest Intelligent assistants Viv, Siri Creator's New AI Platform, Can Almost Think for Itself Viv, the brainchild of Siri co-creator Dag Kittlaus, is less of a chatbot and more artificial intelligence that can think for itself.

Mobile App Reviews

News Tips for Using Technology to Stay in Touch Do you wish you could be organized enough to regularly check in with far flung family and friends? These tips can help you keep in touch. Sponsored Links Sponsored Links Promoted Links Promoted Links. Amazon rss. Homepage. Book Awards. Jessica Simpson Monica X-Body Cross Body Bag, Black, One Size: Handbags: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Deep Discounts on Open-Box, and Used Products from Amazon.

National Book Award. Slideshow: The Best iPad Air 2 Cases. Sources in Category Books. Browse sources by category or by date, find top sources, or search current events.

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New User Create a New Account Portal Services Feeds Services Premium Services More... More... Site Map > Sources in Category Books. PRLeap: Press Release Distribution, Syndication, and Analytics. NewsIsFree: Sources in Category Home. Global News Distribution. NewsIsFree. NewsIsFree. Where Australia's immigrants were born. This map reveals the top three birthplaces for immigrants in suburbs and towns across Australia.

Where Australia's immigrants were born

You can also access a map revealing birthplaces excluding English and New Zealand immigrants. Rollover suburbs with your mouse for detailed info. About our News Sources. Designer ipad air 2 case. Book Awards. MakeUseOf - Technology, Simplified. Easily Find Anything You Want On eBay, Amazon, Etsy, And Craigslist With RSS. Do you ever find yourself wanting a hard-to-find game, comic book or electronic part?

Easily Find Anything You Want On eBay, Amazon, Etsy, And Craigslist With RSS

Manually searching through Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist can waste a tremendous amount of your time – so why keep acting like a sucker? You can get notifications automatically delivered to you on virtually anything sold on Etsy, Craigslist, Amazon or eBay. This article details how to get RSS feeds for Etsy, Craigslist, Amazon and eBay. Deep Discounts on Open-Box, and Used Products from Amazon. Book Depository: Millions of books with free delivery worldwide. RSS Tools (RSS Info)

RSS Readers (RSS Info) RSS Readers RSS and Atom files provide news updates from a website in a simple form for your computer.

RSS Readers (RSS Info)

You read these files in a program called an aggregator, which collects news from various websites and provides it to you in a simple form. But what aggregator to use? AWS Official Blog. Have you ever taken the time to watch the access and error logs from your web server scroll past?

AWS Official Blog

In addition to legitimate well-formed requests from users and spiders, you will probably see all sorts of unseemly and downright scary requests far too often. For example, I checked the logs for one of my servers and found that someone or something was looking for popular packages that are often installed at well-known locations (I have changed the source IP address to for illustrative purposes): If any of those probes had succeeded, the attacker could then try a couple of avenues to gain access to my server. They could run through a list of common (or default) user names and passwords, or they could attempt to exploit a known system, language, or application vulnerability (perhaps powered by SQL injection or cross-site request forgery) as the next step.

Catalog your books online. BookGlutton - Social Reading. Integrated Literacy Solution for K-12 — Big Universe. Dealing with Sexual Abuse - Home. Cookies must be enabled. You have cookies turned off To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Center for Strategic and International Studies. RSS Feeds. OECD Better Life Index. Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index : Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. Home. Stylish Hooded Long Sleeve Printed Pocket Design Hoodie For Women (AS THE PICTURE,XL)

By Walker Nov-01/2015 02:11:16 5 Great fit Weight:165Lbs Height:5' 4" Bust size:36D Body Shape:Hourglass Overall Fit:True to Size Typical Size:US 12 Love this sweater. It fits great and looks good on me. YES! Magazine. Women - Shopping Cart. LifeStyle YOU. PACE Trial Authors Feeling the Heat Over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Trial. Investigative reporters prod at an issue hoping to get a response. David Tuller’s piece on the problems with the PACE trial has definitely done that.

Citing “numerous inaccuracies”, “reputational damage” and a social media flareup the study authors are definitely feeling the heat. They demanded equal time on the Virology blog to present their case and they got it. Did the PACE trial authors attempts to put out a raging fire succeed? Whether that’s going to help them is another question. So they got off to a bad start. The Best of LIFE: 37 Years in Pictures. Over several decades spanning the heart of the 20th century, one American magazine ― calling itself, plainly and boldly, LIFE ― published many of the most memorable photographs ever made.

Driven by the certainty that the art of photojournalism could tell stories and move people in ways that traditional reporting simply could not, LIFE pursued a grand vision, articulated by the magazine’s co-founder, Henry Luce, that not only acknowledged the primacy of the picture, but enshrined it. “To see life,” Luce wrote in a now-famous 1936 mission statement, delineating both his new venture’s workmanlike method and its lofty aims. “To see the world; to eyewitness great events . . . to see and be amazed.” The roster of talent associated with Luce’s audacious publishing gamble is, in a word, staggering: W.

“In the course of a week,” Luce noted in 1936, “the U.S. citizen sees many pictures. The cream of all the world’s pictures. Beautyheaven. My Birthday Song Is: Barbra Streisand - Woman in Love. Find Yours! Adam Curtis: The Transcripts. Cengage Learning - Australia. Browse Disciplines Save a search Please enter the name of your search: Please enter name of your search. Save Search. Top Apps for News Reader (iPad)