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Psutil/INSTALL.rst at master · giampaolo/psutil. Python: Run a process and kill it if it doesn't end within one hour. Append one file to another - Software Development. Is there a way I can fix the way ji get neighbors of a 2d coordinate?

append one file to another - Software Development

I use a webservice to pull some data from it everyday & update it on my MySQL database. I'll make around 600 calls to this service. Python: How to use RegEx in an if statement? Python - Cheap way to search a large text file for a string. Python - How to use a variable inside a regular expression? Python - How to make program go back to the top of the code instead of closing. Python: Passing variables between functions. Coding style - How do you return multiple values in Python? Variables - What's the best way to return multiple values from a function in Python? Variables - What's the best way to return multiple values from a function in Python? Python - Is it pythonic for a function to return multiple values? Python and SQLite: insert into table. Python - How can I insert data into a MySQL database? Python: A Simple Step-by-Step SQLite Tutorial. SQLite is a self-contained, server-less, config-free transactional SQL database engine.

Python: A Simple Step-by-Step SQLite Tutorial

Python gained the sqlite3 module all the way back in version 2.5 which means that you can create SQLite database with any current Python without downloading any additional dependencies. Mozilla uses SQLite databases for its popular Firefox browser to store bookmarks and other various pieces of information. In this article you will learn the following: How to create a SQLite databaseHow to insert data into a tableHow to edit the dataHow to delete the dataBasic SQL queries.

Append one file to another - Software Development. Twisted. Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source ​MIT license. Twisted runs on Python 2 and an ever growing subset also works with Python 3. Twisted makes it easy to implement custom network applications. Reactor pattern - Wikipedia. Structure[edit] Resources: Any resource that can provide input to or consume output from the system.Synchronous Event Demultiplexer: Uses an event loop to block on all resources.

Reactor pattern - Wikipedia

When it is possible to start a synchronous operation on a resource without blocking, the demultiplexer sends the resource to the dispatcher.Dispatcher: Handles registering and unregistering of request handlers. Dispatches resources from the demultiplexer to the associated request handler.Request Handler: An application defined request handler and its associated resource. Properties[edit] Benefits[edit] 17.6. sched — Event scheduler — Python 3.5.2 documentation. Source code: Lib/ The sched module defines a class which implements a general purpose event scheduler: class sched.scheduler(timefunc=time.monotonic, delayfunc=time.sleep) The scheduler class defines a generic interface to scheduling events.

17.6. sched — Event scheduler — Python 3.5.2 documentation

Timer - Run a task at specific intervals in python. Sleep - How can I make a time delay in Python? Airmon-ng [Aircrack-ng] Description This script can be used to enable monitor mode on wireless interfaces.

airmon-ng [Aircrack-ng]

It may also be used to go back from monitor mode to managed mode. Python Scripting Tutorial (Shell) Shell Scripting One of the most useful packages for unix shell scripters in python is the subprocess package.

Python Scripting Tutorial (Shell)

The simplest use of this package is to use the call function to call a shell command: #! Shell - Calling an external command in Python. Python - Why is %s better than + for concatenation? Python - print() is showing quotation marks in results. Python - print() is showing quotation marks in results. Python Module of the Week - Python Module of the Week. Python Cheat Sheet by Gameniti - Cheat Sheets For Every Occasion.

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python - Chapters. Chapter 1 Read online: Chapter 1 - Making Paper Cryptography Tools PDF of the Caesar Cipher WheelInteractive Virtual Cipher Wheel Chapter 2 Read online: Chapter 2 - Downloading and Installing Python.

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python - Chapters

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Checking and replying to email is a huge time sink.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

Of course, you can’t just write a program to handle all your email for you, since each message requires its own response. But you can still automate plenty of email-related tasks once you know how to write programs that can send and receive email. For example, maybe you have a spreadsheet full of customer records and want to send each customer a different form letter depending on their age and location details. Airodump-ng [Aircrack-ng] Description Airodump-ng is used for packet capturing of raw 802.11 frames and is particularly suitable for collecting WEP IVs (Initialization Vector) for the intent of using them with aircrack-ng.

airodump-ng [Aircrack-ng]

If you have a GPS receiver connected to the computer, airodump-ng is capable of logging the coordinates of the found access points. Additionally, airodump-ng writes out several files containing the details of all access points and clients seen. Usage Before running airodump-ng, you may start the airmon-ng script to list the detected wireless interfaces.