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DK Hardware Store

DK Hardware Supply Store is the top sellers of Hardware Supply Store in the United States. Established in 2008 the store was originally opened in Miami Beach, Florida and served local markets for many successful years. We are among the limited online hardware supply stores in the USA by providing customers with an immediate and convenient option to buy hardware without going to an actual physical store. visit:

Commercial Restroom Hardware and Fixtures. In the hospitality sector and places where visitors are hoarded, there is always a requirement for proper restroom facilities.

Commercial Restroom Hardware and Fixtures

It Read more is important to keep the public toilets organized in order to make it hygienic for people of all ages. The tissue roll holder, restroom partitions, hook-like knobs, and privacy covers are basic necessities that will upgrade the facilities you provide. At DK Hardware, we take care of all your architectural hardware needs and thus offer you a wide range of hardware products and accessories. In this section, we stock commercial restroom hardware and fixtures manufactured by Appeal, Bobrick, Essary, CR Laurence, etc.

Glass Shower Door Hardware For Sale. These shower enclosure accessories range from glass clips to brackets to help in adding strength and anchoring to your shower Read more stalls.

Glass Shower Door Hardware For Sale

Tubular Pull Handles. Pull handles are amongst the most used bathroom shower door accessories.

Tubular Pull Handles

Your shower door will be difficult to operate effectively Read more without this essential bathroom hardware accessory. If you are aware of tubular pull handles, then you may be knowing how their beautiful designs add more to the aesthetics of bathroom settings in luxurious hotels and private properties. Astragals, Weatherstripping, Glazing Vinyls and Accent Tape. Auto Glass Channels. When it comes to automotive repair parts, window glass is of utmost importance because it protects the vehicle from dust, Read more storm, rainwater, and what not.

Auto Glass Channels

Most of the vehicle owners face an issue of weatherstripping where the gasket becomes loose and water seeps inside the car or van. Actually, this problem is associated with glass channels and if you have a proper glass channel, you will not face this issue frequently. The glass channel is responsible for sealing the glass installation effectively because they are made of rubber. After this the weatherstrips are applied around them to add further protection. Shop For Auto Glass Tools and Replacement Components Online. Windshields in our vehicles are the very sensitive yet very firm element that experiences different types of wear and tear.

Shop For Auto Glass Tools and Replacement Components Online

Read more The quick polishing prevents scratches while parking or replacing window run channels from time to time, enhancing the life of the windshield. Glass gets affected by getting exposed directly to the sunlight and an ultraviolet adhesive or proper clamp keeps it safe from cracking. Auto Glass Weatherstrips, Moldings, and Tools. Protecting the interior of your vehicle is very important when you are the owner of a luxury car and cannot Read more risk the quality of seats and interior panels.

Auto Glass Weatherstrips, Moldings, and Tools

Also, a number of additional installations like bluetooth, music system, tablets, and speakers demand proper maintenance for them to function properly. With a change in weather, you will see the car's environment changing and just like homes there are chances of development of fungus on your car seat. Similarly, dust entering the installations may disrupt their function and it might be an additional expenditure for you to repair them.

To get rid of all this, there is one simple solution called weatherstripping. Not just proper weatherstrips but also tools that make weatherproofing intact are needed. We have a number of products on our portal ranging from simple end stick tool to universal channel and suction clamps to assist you with weatherproofing. BM Single-Sided Towel Bars with Metal Washers. The Single-Sided Towel Bars come handy for hanging towels and other clothes in the bathroom area depending on their length.

BM Single-Sided Towel Bars with Metal Washers

Read more The bathroom accessories available here are suitable for any bathroom space. The section comprises several designs of Towel Bars that offer a great variety of options for choosing the right design for your bathroom space. The Single Mount Towel Bar with Style Washers from the U.S. Horizon brand comes in a decorous and attractive Satin Brass finish. The Single Mount Tubular Towel Bars w/Washers come in an uncomplicated design that makes them suitable for everyday usage with ease. BM Single-Sided Towel Bars without Metal Washers. The hardware pieces in this section might seem to be small and additional hardware for your bathroom space, but however, Read more they are highly effective when it comes to organizing clothes in the bathrooms and that too with a hint of style.

BM Single-Sided Towel Bars without Metal Washers

The Towel Bars available here come without metal washers and are designed by CRL for mounting on glass panels and doors of residential and commercial bathrooms. To protect the hardware against glass-to-metal contact, the Handle/Towel Bar Combinations come with long-lasting plastic washers. Extrusion and Moldings. Now, no more second thoughts about designing the interior with shelves, showcase frames, and mirror racks because of the different Read more moldings and extrusions that are listed to help you with.

Extrusion and Moldings

U channels, H channels, and J extrusions are exclusively made to support the heavy-duty wooden frames. Both top and bottom railings can be curated from the same to ensure a firm glass slider over these frames. Frameless Windscreen Clamp Systems. Frameless Glass Windscreen Clamp Systems are used to create a clean look on the screen of windscreens, or pool deck.

Frameless Windscreen Clamp Systems

Read more It is done to reduces any kind of distraction from the frame structures. Great for pool fencing, balcony, and deck applications, the One-Piece Surface Mount Clamps provide a break from the wind using an almost invisible frameless glass. This Glass fabrication needs only two holes per clamp, which makes it convenient to install. With four styles designed in a way that when inserted in core-drilled holes in concrete and filled with the expanding cement, provide a rigid and robust foundation. The Two-Piece Side Mount Frameless Windscreen Clamp is designed to be installed on the front side of walls structures. Glass Handling Protective Wear and Safety Equipment.