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Crochet. How to Crochet a Bath Puff: 7 steps (with pictures) Cotton Yarn Experiment. By Rachel Choi – 37 Comments I’m no expert, so I figured I’ll do some experimenting of my own to see what’s so great about cotton yarn and what’s not.

Cotton Yarn Experiment

I started my adventure off with some simple kitchen and bath accessories. Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak! If you’re just arriving at our Blog Spa, make sure you check out:My tutorial for a Spa Headband and an Oatmeal FacialFantastic Tutorial and Tips at Twelve Crafts for a soothing Hot/Cold Eye Mask Does it feel like you don’t ever have any “Me” time?

Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak!

Sometimes it can get a bit crazy feeling like I’m going in a million different directions – and even when I’m alone I feel like there is so much to get done. One of my favorite ways to relax is with a nice, long, super hot bath. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as filling a bath with something yummy smelling, grabbing a book, and having some time to just . . . . rest. (Apparently I also have a number of books that like to take baths also, because they seem to just jump right in the water. Bath Pouf and Heart Facial Scrubbie Crochet Pattern PDF by jewlzs.