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you can send us a mail at :) by amsika May 14

OK. looking forward to these. Is there a forums or a place for feature requests? by dkartuzinski May 11

HI, thanks for your comment.
Yes, you can creae a new pearltree from the pearler :) You can view the list of your pearltrees, but not of the pearls. INtegrations with more services will probably come at some points later :) by amsika May 11

Hi! Thanks. I am loving Pearltrees. I have a few things though, so far. Is there a way using the extension to create a new pearltree?Is there a way to look at my overall Pearltree in a list view? I mean I see the list view of the Pearltrees, but is there a way to then also see the links?I am manually importing all my Delicious Bookmarks because I haven't any idea what it will look like after the automatic import you provide? Is there a video about the results? Is there any plans to add Google+ integration? Stumble Upon would be pretty good. I know they are sort of a competitor, but it would be nice.Are there any plans to add a more in depth Profile Page? It would be nice to have the profile pages show up in the Search Engine Results as I am actually quite proud of my bookmarks and in Delicious I had some followers who appreciated my stacks.Is there a way to see my followers on Pearltrees?Thanks.-DK?? Why I am limited in how long this comment is? Argh... by dkartuzinski May 11