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The Fastest Bike in the World. JIVE ELECTRIC BIKE. This is another available soon that is following the trend away from bicycle frames as we have known them.


Jive say that this bike will be available to the first 100 people who sign up and take delivery in London about end of March. This is another crowd sourced project. Crowd sourcing for innovative designs is becoming more common. (the FlyKly wheel was another). The design is more a work of art than a typical bike frame. The design is all the more neat for there being just the cable to the motor and no other electric wires showing. Maxwell EP0 might be one of the lightest e-bikes you can buy – if it reaches production. There's a certain irony to most e-bikes.

Maxwell EP0 might be one of the lightest e-bikes you can buy – if it reaches production

Their motors and batteries make them easier to pedal, yet those same components also make them much heavier than regular bikes – weights of 50 to 60 lb (23 to 27 kg) aren't uncommon. Additionally, some "bike snobs" think they're kind of dorky-looking. E-bike enthusiast Troy Rank and his team, however, have set out to address the weight and appearance issues. ROTWILD Bikes - THE NEW ROTWILD GT S INSPIRED BY AMG. Lightweight construction, dynamics, design and comfort – that’s what the ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG stands for.


The efficient thoroughbred special edition racer is limited to 100 models and perfectly combines high performance materials with refined chassis technology and a unique design. Development has incorporated the professional feedback of the AMG ROTWILD MTB Racing Team, preparing the bike for the most challenging mountain bike race circuits. Already during the early stages of development, the ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG proved its exceptional qualities by winning a Junior’s World Championship title.

World's first 3D-printed titanium bicycle frame could lead to cheaper, lighter bikes. The MX-6 Evo mountain bike, sporting its 3D-printed titanium frame Image Gallery (3 images) When it comes to a high strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is just about the best material out there for manufacturing bicycle frames.

World's first 3D-printed titanium bicycle frame could lead to cheaper, lighter bikes

Unfortunately, those frames are also quite expensive. They could be about to come down in price, however – two British companies recently teamed up to create the world's first 3D-printed titanium bike frame. Renishaw, an additive manufacturing firm, joined forces with Empire Cycles to build the one-off titanium MX-6 Evo mountain bike. The frame was built using an AM250 laser melting machine manufactured by Renishaw. Because titanium has a higher density than aluminum, less of it had to be used if Empire wanted a finished bike that was lighter than the stock model. As a result, at a total of 1,400 grams (3 lb), the finished Evo frame weighs 33 percent less than its aluminum counterpart. Its not an e-bike its an e-motorbike. Greyp bikes - Rimac Automobili. Sondors Ebike Demo Day in Santa Monica, CA. Its not an e-bike its an e-motorbike. L'homme moderne continue de plier des vélos.

Les designers ne cessent de réinventer les mille et une manières de plier un vélo destiné à la circulation urbaine, en attendant que celle-ci devienne un peu moins dangereuse pour être vraiment pratiquable.

L'homme moderne continue de plier des vélos

Et maintenant, ils savent même plier les roues: Tout ceci semble très convaincant, mais vous n’aurez peut-être pas envie que cette image vous revienne au moment où vous serez en train de pédaler comme un dératé entre un bus et un taxi à une intersection encombrée. Car elle vous rappellerait la réalité: ces quelques kilogrammes de métal, de plastique et de caoutchouc sont la seule chose qui vous distingue du bitume sur lequel vous roulez. [Treehugger via DVICE] Optibike 1100 and SIMBB Electric Bikes at Interbike 2013. Introduction of Vector e-bike. Home - Merida Bikes International. Merida Bikes. MC2 wants to be 8 bikes in 1. Well, another day, and another oddball transforming bicycle from Eurobike 2014.

MC2 wants to be 8 bikes in 1

Yesterday, we took a look at the telescoping lever-drive Hank from Korea’s Bygen. Today, it’s the MC2 from Singapore-based IDSG Engineering and Trading. Designed by IDSG’s Jing Che and Quoc Bao Dang, its hinged frame allows it to be set into eight different configurations. View all In most of the supplied photos, the MC2 is in its penny farthing/child’s tricycle-like Cruiser mode.

As you can see in the early renderings below, though, it can also be set into seven other modes, some of which require a different seat to be swapped in. Visiobike might just be the world's techiest e-bike. As the recent Charged Up e-bike event showed us, the new generation of electric bikes is apparently here to stay.

Visiobike might just be the world's techiest e-bike

While many of them simply feature a motor that augments the rider's pedaling power, some really take the whole "electronics" thing and run (or roll) with it. The upcoming Visiobike is just such a machine. With a little help from the user's smartphone, it not only provides a power boost but also lets them navigate, deter thieves, see what's behind them via a video feed, and avoid having to shift gears. Sonar Solo - ebike. The Smartest E-Bikes. In pictures: Wonders and oddities from Interbike 2014 - Images. What is the exchange rate for euros to dollars. The London Bike Show. Whether you’re looking for a new mountain bike or information on the latest routes, the chance to watch incredible stunt riders or quiz them for tips – there’s lots to see and do for every type of Mountain Biker at the Show.

The London Bike Show

Slick Rock Camp Cycle. Riding the Marrs M1, the hot rod of electric bikes. Kacy Marrs was working at a Chick-fil-A when he first met Brad Fanshaw three years ago.

Riding the Marrs M1, the hot rod of electric bikes

Fanshaw is a hot-rodder through and through, an entrepreneur who partnered with Boyd Coddington and turned that name into custom-car superstardom. Fanshaw had run the American Bicycle Association and rode professional BMX before joining a skateboard and clothing company called Vision. Kacy had moved to Southern California from Alabama, devouring every motocross track once he got here; as the general manager of his Chick-fil-A, he was on his way to opening his own franchise when the two paths crossed over cheap chicken sandwiches. Brad knew a good idea when he heard one. Kacy had designed the Marrs M1 electric bicycle in his spare time, then taught himself to weld and built two prototypes.

Kacy's result looks like an Indian board track racer, a Triumph bobber from the Nixon administration and possibly a Schwinn Stingray. Fanshaw and the author agree to race for pinks. Jetson Bike Video Review - Scooter Style Electric Bike With 500 Watt Motor. In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013 - Images. The busy trade show floor at Interbike 2013 Image Gallery (41 images) If you've visited Gizmag at all within the past several days, then you're likely aware that we attended the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas last week.

In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013 - Images

Retrospective Archives - Page 2 of 5 - LEZYNE Blog. The Ultimate Compact and Sexy Performance Light Steady 1000 lumens from a CNC-machined aluminum body, with MOR Optics, plus hard mount included. Race Mode and Intelligent Power Indicator. The Lezyne Mega Drive is here. Now available in Black, the Lezyne CNC Floor Drive is CNC machined, completely rebuildable, and ABS Flip Thread Chuck equipped. Strong Cages. The lightweight FCT carbon fiber Lezyne Carbon Cage SL (35g) has a design optimized for loading a bottle from either side. “Getting to design my very own tool with Lezyne is awesome. Cedric Gracia, Wade Simmons, and Geoff Kabush love Lezyne’s engineered design. Some of the Shop Tools caught in an unexpected rain storm at Outdoor Demo 2011.

The ultimate lightweight travel floor pump, with all parts engineered to beautiful, custom CNC-machined aluminium. The 100% CNC-machined aluminum parts guarantee precise construction, while Frame Pump Replacement Inflates to riding pressure with 30% fewer strokes compared to conventional hand pumps. Instant e-bike: electric bike conversion kits. Angle Tech Cycles - Cycle Different - Crank Forward Bicycles. Cargobike costruzione triciclo da carico.avi. Noke padlock trades in keys and combos for Bluetooth.

There are already door locks and bicycle U-locks that are activated by Bluetooth, but Utah-based FŪZ Designs claims that its Noke is the world's first Bluetooth padlock. Like its house- and bike-specific counterparts, the Noke forgoes a physical key or combination dial, and instead unlocks when it detects the Bluetooth signal from an approved user's smartphone. View all To unlock the Noke (pronounced "no key"), you just press down on its shackle once. Intelligent Blinker bracelet automatically gives cyclists flashing turn signals. A mock-up of what the finished Intelligent Blinker may look like As any serious bicycle commuter will tell you, it's important to let drivers know what you're doing by signaling your intention to turn.

Needless to say, the more visible your hand signals are, the safer you should be. That's why a group of doctoral students at Switzerland's EPFL research institute created the Intelligent Blinker. It's a wrist bracelet that automatically starts flashing when the wearer raises their arm to signal. The device (which would presumably be worn as a set of two) contains an accelerometer and a magnetometer, to detect changes in the orientation of the bracelet.

The bracelet can be charged by USB, although it also has a built-in photovoltaic panel. Not surprisingly, other people have already taken their own shots at flashing hand signals for cyclists. Source: EPFL via Damn Geeky Share. The Bike Design Project seeks the ultimate urban commuter - Images. Although many people may think of commuter bicycles as being the boring frumpy cousins to fancier road and mountain bikes, lately we've been seeing more and more models featuring all sorts of intriguing innovations for life on the streets.

Recently, non-profit group Oregon Manifest invited five design firm/bike-builder teams representing five US cities to create prototypes of the ultimate such bike. Members of the public are being invited to vote for their favorite, with the winning bike getting produced commercially by Fuji Bicycles. Yamaha celebrates 20 years of pedal-electric bicycles with YPJ-01 concept - Images. The YPJ-01 on display at the Tokyo Motor Show Image Gallery (13 images) While most of us know Yamaha for its motorcycles or snowmobiles, the company has also been working on pedal-electric bicycles for the past 20 years, as part of its PAS project. EBIKE 72v - X5404 Genesis Farfle build Pt1.

Innovative Bike Suspension System. Why Optibike is the best. Qoros introduces an exotic high performance E-bike. Qoros has revealed a new high-performance electric bike, and if it looks vaguely similar to the GreyP G-12, there is a reason for that. We haven’t had a chance to write about the GreyP E-bike yet, but the eBIQE is breaking news right now (that is related to the GreyP), so we will tell you about the eBIQE first. We wrote about the Greyborg Warp Builder’s frame kit a few months ago, and during that research, we became familiar with the new electric car company Rimac Automobili.

It was started by a brilliant young man from Croatia named Mate Rimac. At one point, they hired a mechanical engineer who was a passionate enthusiast about electric bikes…Zvonimir Sučić. The many similarities between the GreyP and the Qoros eBIQE are fairly easy to see. Qoros is a joint business venture between two companies, with one in China and the other from Israel. L'homme moderne continue de plier des vélos. Greyp Bikes. Riide e-bike weighs 35 pounds and is priced under $2,000 - Images. Specialized Turbo X Video Review. Stealthy E-bikes; For the Discreet and the Cheaters.

In the name of discretion, for those who do not want to stick out when you ride your E-bike, here are the motor kit set ups that are least likely to make you a sore toe while you are among your pedaling counterparts.