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Bulk email software - mass email software. TitaniumStresser - Stress in style! Five Best Services for Quick Image Sharing. Whois IP ZIP Extractor - Decompress ZIP Files to Google Drive. SUPER-LOOPER - Univers Labs. · Swatch you doing? NounProject Search. EtherShark™ Tap Aggregating Full Duplex Ethernet Tap from Tiny, Portable & Affordable...

EtherShark™ Tap Aggregating Full Duplex Ethernet Tap from

How Old Do I Look? [Excel] Trying to break down an IP address into it's octets in E - Microsoft. Said by DOStradamus: Some of Excel's functions have weird names, so I just go to VBA (Macro -> Visual Basic Editor) if A3 has in it=Octet(A3,2) in a cell yields 168.

[Excel] Trying to break down an IP address into it's octets in E - Microsoft

Backup, Data Protection & Recovery Software. Analyst Report - Mobile File Sharing: Balancing Productivity, Security and Control.

Backup, Data Protection & Recovery Software

Learn how to empower employees to be productive yet keep data protected. Free Book: Backup for Dummies provides an in-depth look at the intricacies of data backup and recovery in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Free Analyst Report: Global IDC Disaster Recovery Study reveals how small and medium-sized environments are addressing today’s challenges across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Free White Paper: Learn how Simplifying Server Workload Migrations can help you easily and safely migrate to new operating systems and hypervisors. Internet usage tracking for your home network with DU Meter and Internet data caps are a sad reality for many Internet users these days, and frankly we hate them as much as you do.

Internet usage tracking for your home network with DU Meter and

These pesky monthly limits are especially troublesome if you have several computers at home. Your Internet provider will of course let you know when you’re over your monthly cap, however they cannot tell you which computer is responsible. From the outside, all computers on your internal home network appear as just one computer, so even if your provider wanted to provide more detailed information, they can not.

One of the key features of our newly-released DU Meter 6.0 is ability to collect Internet usage statistics from several computers, aggregate that data, and present you with the complete view of your Internet usage, across all computers in your home. Find the Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps. Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps Internally, the tool uses the Geocoding features of Google Maps to find the address of a particular point.

Find the Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps

When you drag the marker, the geographic coordinates of that place are passed to the Geocoding API of Google Maps which then translates the location coordinates into a human-readable physical address. Type the city name, partial postal address or even the zip code in the search box and hit Enter to quickly jump to any particular region on the map.Put the latitude and longitude values into Google Earth to know the date when the satellite images were taken.Copy-paste the latitude and longitude values of a place from Google Maps into Bing Maps, switch to the Aerial views and compare the satellite imagery. - Secure Offsite Backups, Offsite Data Storage and Remote Encrypted Filesystems. Reseller Program has been providing cloud storage for offsite backup since 2001 and our state of the art platform is available to VARs and other resellers to deploy to their customers. - Secure Offsite Backups, Offsite Data Storage and Remote Encrypted Filesystems

Our reseller program allows you to immediately provide a state of the art, global storage network, fully branded as your own. CheckSecurity. Review: 3 new scanners store your documents in the cloud. Toolbox - Regular Expression Tester - Test and Learn Regex Search Syntax. v1.31, 2006.05.01 by Robert Giordano Regular Expression Syntax: [agk] matches any one a, g, or k [a-z] matches any one character from a to z [^z] matches any character other than z [\\(\\)] matches ( or ) (in javascript, the escape slash must be escaped!)

Toolbox - Regular Expression Tester - Test and Learn Regex Search Syntax

. any character except \n \w any word character, same as [a-zA-Z0-9_] \W any non-word character \s any whitespace character, same as [ \t\n\r\f\v] \S any non-whitespace character \d any digit \D any non-digit \/ literal / \\ literal \ \. literal . \* literal * \+ literal + \? Broadband Map - Technology - National Broadband Map. Unix Sed Tutorial: Advanced Sed Substitution Examples. This article is part of the on-going Unix Sed Tips and Tricks series.

Unix Sed Tutorial: Advanced Sed Substitution Examples

In our previous sed articles we learned — sed printing, sed deletion, sed substitute , sed file write, and sed multiple commands. In this article, let us review some interesting workarounds with the “s” substitute command in sed with several practical examples. Best Online JSON Viewer, Editor, Analyser, Beautifier/Formatter, Validator, Minifier, Converter,Json Viewer with Image. Best Online tool to Convert XML to CSV. How to Scrape Web Pages from the GNU/Linux Shell. You can quickly scrape Web pages in a rough manner with the Lynx Browser and grep (and other tools that will be explained in the near future).

How to Scrape Web Pages from the GNU/Linux Shell

Lynx is able to dump the contents of Web pages in two ways: only the text of the page, or the entire HTML source of the page. Six of the Best Open Source Data Mining Tools. It is rightfully said that data is money in today’s world.

Six of the Best Open Source Data Mining Tools

Along with the transition to an app-based world comes the exponential growth of data. However, most of the data is unstructured and hence it takes a process and method to extract useful information from the data and transform it into understandable and usable form. This is where data mining comes into picture. Plenty of tools are available for data mining tasks using artificial intelligence, machine learning and other techniques to extract data. Here are six powerful open source data mining tools available: Generate List of Sequential Numbers. CSV To HTML Converter. How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail using Google Docs. You are Here: Home > Tips & Tricks > How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail using Google Docs Gmail is one of the most widely used web mail by people across the world. It certainly does provide amazing set of features that makes our digital life much easier.

But if you had noticed it does lag some basic and useful features that most of its competitors seem to provide. For example you cannot sort your messages by date, sender, etc. Shared Google Tasks: How to Share and Sync your Task List with Others. You are Here: Home > Web Apps > Introducing Shared Google Tasks: Share and Sync your Task List with Others Google Tasks is one handy tool which I use often to create a quick to-do list.

It’s simple, efficient and easy to use. What makes it even more powerful is that they are integrated with other Google services like Gmail, Calendar and iGoogle. It certainly does help me a lot in keeping things organized and with features like directly adding your Gmail emails to task list for follow ups (Press Shift + T) makes it one indispensable tool. 16 most addictive websites. Default Router Passwords - The internets most comprehensive router password database. Jing, Free Screenshot and Screencast Software. Jing Alternatives for Linux. Time Converter - Conversion at a Glance - Pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and phone calls.

Lesson 2: Actions - WinAutomation. Which Are The Best Anonymous VPN Providers? As detailed in yesterday’s article, if a VPN provider carries logs of their users’ activities the chances of them being able to live up to their claim of offering an anonymous service begins to decrease rapidly. There are dozens of VPN providers, many of which carry marketing on their web pages which suggests that the anonymity of their subscribers is a top priority. But is it really? Voice message. Merge songs online, combine mp3 - Audio Joiner. Free Website Information Directory: Fisrt page SEO marketingResponsive web site design Victoria, Vancouver, BCs - Walkinweb. Our history dates back to June 23rd, 1998 which saw the launch of Submit Plus under Konae Technologies, Inc. Submit Plus quickly became a 'must' destination for search engine optimization and online marketing.

Peek Inside a Professional Carding Shop. Phone evidence remotely wiped in police stations. Expert recommends putting phones in a microwave to prevent RF signals from activating ‘kill switch’ function. Free online voice recorder - SpeakPipe. Voice message. ASCII Codes - Table of ascii characters and symbols.

CrazyTalk Animator 2 - New Features Guide. API. How to Hide Files in JPEG Pictures. Private Communications. Open WhisperSystems >> Open WhisperSystems. Online File Sharing & Cloud Backup. Backup Never lose a file, folder or version again. Open WhisperSystems >> Open WhisperSystems. GitHub Guides. Embed videos and playlists - YouTube Help. Grâce à l'option d'intégration, vous pouvez ajouter des vidéos et des playlists YouTube à un site Web ou à un blog. Pour intégrer une vidéo, procédez comme suit : Cliquez sur le lien Partager sous la vidéo.

Cliquez sur le lien Intégrer. Copiez le code qui figure dans la zone développée. Collez-le sur votre site Web ou votre blog. Afficher la liste complète Cliquez sur le lien Partager sous la vidéo. Pour intégrer une playlist, procédez comme suit : For Websites. Articles. Google down? Realtime overview of Google status, issues and outages. Crypto cat.

Skype Logs Reader/Viewer (.dbb and main.db files) 95h39m. A Facebook application to reclaim your information. Free dashboard software - ClicData. Reality check For each marketer, the initial phase of research always involves sifting through a great deal of numbers and trends since assessing the potential of a target market typically involves many segmentation criteria (region, age, habits…). Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity! Landing Pages: Build Publish & Test Without I.T. Shrink and Crop Images online. Resize, Shrink, Crop, Sketch, Grayscale, Blur, and edit you digital photos, images or photos online. Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at

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