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Betteo's deviantART gallery. Noah Klocek's blog. TraditionalDanimatio on deviantART. Carlos Baena. Inspector Cleuzo. April 2008. Watercolor, gouache and pencil on watercolor board.

April 2008

Image links to a larger view. An Auction Piece. I tried many studies of what to do after Ted Mathot suggested I try a companion piece to the Crystal one I did for the Emergency auction at Maverix. I had two false starts and this one was a study I had come back to after the rather tepid first tries. John Hench, Mr. Toad and Kali. Kali has been putting up some great stuff lately: Some killer illustrations by John Hench from the Mr.

John Hench, Mr. Toad and Kali

Toad Golden Book. And her own really fun colorful cartoon sketches: She's obsessed with Wade's head. Amazing color technique! THE ART OF DAVE PIMENTEL. Jeff Turley. P A V E M E N T M O U S E. Desoluz. » Métier cinéma d’animation 2D 3D : animateur 2D 3D, story-boarder, monteur truquiste.