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DJM is the trusted partner for B2B Organizations, providing the best services in sales & marketing. Our services include inbound lead management, customer development, demand creation, appointment setting, and much more.

Hiring or Subcontract During the Coronavirus Nightmare? - DJM Sales & Marketing. You’ve got to grow, but how hiring is qualified staff and training them is nearly impossible during good times, and virtually impossible over the phone or Zoom.

Hiring or Subcontract During the Coronavirus Nightmare? - DJM Sales & Marketing

Temporary contracting for growth positions is a solid way to fill the spot while everyone is sitting on their hands waiting to go back into the office and start hiring, rehiring, and reviewing strategies. DJM has been partnering with firms looking to instantly augment their current SDR or BDR teams during this time of unknowns, and is doing so at reduced rates to help the bottom line. Whether it’s inbound lead triage, outbound cold calling, or LinkedIn messaging services; DJM is able to provide “instant-on” service capabilities. You’ve got to grow, but how hiring is qualified staff and training them is nearly impossible during good times, and virtually impossible over the phone or Zoom. SDR's, Appointment Setting, and Coronavirus - DJM Sales & Marketing. We have been following the spread of Coronavirus and how this may impact the health and well-being of our staff.

SDR's, Appointment Setting, and Coronavirus - DJM Sales & Marketing

So, while we’re ready to have our team work from home without any hiccups, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted as changes might occur. We find that SDR’s do much better in a group environment and while we’ve structured our team to enable ‘at home work’, we believe working from home prevents ‘osmosis’ in the office – the good kind! Why? It’s simple, we all learn from each other; any individual working from home has diminished performance in comparison to their colleagues working in our office – they aren’t able to over-hear pitches and more important, objection handling.

That’s just part of the equation, having management listen in gives us the chance to continuously train the team! Our employees are the core of our culture and company, and their well-being will always be a top priority. We will provide additional updates as needed. Global B2B Lead Marketing Agency. Demand Lead Generation & Appointment Setting. DJM’s experience and proprietary Demand Generation and Appointment Setting service have been engineered to increase the quality, quantity, and velocity of leads forecasted pipeline and closed business.

Demand Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Our best-of-breed demand generation processes and custom tools are based on 20+ years in B2B technology sales service. These processes include countless refinements based on projects that have driven hundreds of millions of dollars in sales pipeline for our clients. We perform the research, identification and nurturing of prospects, always while engaging in meaningful business conversations with high opportunity business and technical decisions makers. The result is your salespeople getting in front of the unreachable decision maker before the competition. Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid On Your LinkedIn Profile – DJM Sales & Marketing.

LinkedIn is one of the top platforms that business professionals and corporate people use to communicate and connect with each other.

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid On Your LinkedIn Profile – DJM Sales & Marketing

It is a very helpful platform when it comes to linking professionals with each other. The connection could be of an employer and an employee or between two employees, etc. However, the problem that is very commonly seen is that not everyone knows how to fully avail the benefits of such platforms, and it is a common practice for people to make mistakes when it comes to their LinkedIn profile. Let’s have a look at the 7 most common mistakes to avoid on your LinkedIn profile: Not using a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile: Firstly, always keep a profile picture. B2B Demand Generation Agency - Inbound Lead Management. Marketing and B2B Lead Generation Agency Austin Texas. Best B2B Lead Generation Service Agency Austin, Texas. Inbound Lead Management & Customer Engagement Centre. Are you up close and personal with declining customer satisfaction?

Inbound Lead Management & Customer Engagement Centre

Perhaps your offshore vendor has a major disconnect with your customer’s service expectations? Or maybe your tradeshow, web form and media-driven leads are still awaiting follow-up? It might be that your website conversion rates just are not doing a good job of filling the top of the funnel? Effective Steps to Set an SMB Sales Call Follow-Up. If you want to convert prospects into revenue, then you need to keep in mind that prospects rely on sales people to usher them throughout the entire sales process.

Effective Steps to Set an SMB Sales Call Follow-Up

It’s just how it is. However, being equipped with a CRM is just not enough. Many sales professionals do not have a clear framework regarding what actually needs to be done after the introductory call has finished. Reseller Programs and Opportunities. Developing a successful partnership for a large ISV or IHV is a challenging business proposition.

Reseller Programs and Opportunities

Limited funds for investment are required for training and skills enablement for all parts of your business (technical, marketing, sales, and infrastructure). This is a juggling act that requires you to meet the dual objectives of building your bottom-line and achieving the incremental revenue requirements of the partnership. DJM Data Services Sales Programs. Customer Development Demand Generation Programs. Event Recruitment Services. Learn Lead Generation with Sales & Marketing with Our Leadership. President & Chief Executive Officer Todd Rumaner With more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience in the technology field, has enabled various companies launch and grow sales and marketing success in Saas applications, consumer products, semiconductors, advanced imaging, web and physical and cyber security markets; on a global basis.

Learn Lead Generation with Sales & Marketing with Our Leadership

This broad background across myriad industries, products, and services creates an environment for an experienced and very hands-on approach to client engagement and success. Combined with his experience in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, angel funding, and work through the IPO process helps to round out Todd’s management skill set. Demand Generation & Lead Generation Services. Silicon Valley Companies Prefer Austin For Sales Lead Generation. Many California-based companies are choosing to bypass in-house solutions and local firms, instead opting for appointment setting and lead generation services in Austin.

Silicon Valley Companies Prefer Austin For Sales Lead Generation

There are several factors that make this decision quite simple and appealing: Total Cost of OwnershipROI timingStaff AvailabilityManagement Team ExperienceTools of the Trade Below, we’ll review each of these areas in some detail, giving thought or pause to any active program within your company. Overall total cost of ownership (TCO) Overwhelmingly, the total cost of ownership from an outsourced resource to a US-based agency located outside California can be quite large for a firm looking to hire 1 to 10 new sales employees. Lead Generation Services in Austin, TX. 6 Effective Steps to Set an SMB Sales Call Follow-Up. The Best Times for Sales Calls - DJM Sales & Marketing. Sales people are always eager to find out the best times that can be utilized to call their prospective clients.

The Best Times for Sales Calls - DJM Sales & Marketing

For the purpose of sales calling, it is always important not to wait for any special events or sending out personalized messages, as it is necessary to research the buyer and choose the best time of the day to call them. The simple difference between knowing when the phone will be picked up and going to voicemail can land you a meeting! The Best Days of the Week for Sales Calls Research suggests that the best days to make calls are right in the middle of the week! I.e. The Importance of a Lead Generation Agency - DJM Sales & Marketing.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, at some point in the business cycle you need to find new potential clients. Many companies spend lots of time and money in different areas trying to increase their sales, but the ones who put those efforts toward lead generation, see better results than those who spend elsewhere. If you are considering investing in the services of a lead generation agency in the Austin, TX area or beyond, here is why it is so important and such a good idea. Sales Start with Leads Maybe your business is flush with people seeking you out, knocking down your door and demanding the product or service you offer. A lead generation agency can help to improve this process by putting the information about the potential clients you are looking for, and who are looking for you, at the fingertips of you and your salespeople.

What Matters About Leads. Inbound Lead Management Services - DJM Sales & Marketing. The Importance of a Clean Workspace for Sales People - DJM Sales & Marketing. Workspace cleanliness truly matters. The state of the workplace significantly influences employee well-being, performance and productivity. The sales people approach their job different when they are happy to come to work. If they feel that the space is safe and healthy, the sales team is more comfortable in the workplace. This leads to better performance. Obviously! Whereas, an unclean office has the opposite effect, whether consists of dirty carpets, is full of dust, has unclean bathrooms, piled up trash, unsightly kitchens, bad odors and a dirty lunch room. Linkedin B2b Lead Generation - DJM Global Sales & Marketing. Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid On Your LinkedIn Profile – DJM Sales & Marketing. Solutions - DJM Sales & Marketing. DJM understands the myriad challenges faced by leadership in growing a business.

Demand Generation & Lead Generation Services. A Few Areas Critical To Sales Success - DJM Sales & Marketing. Being in sales can be a tough job but it is often exhilarating too. There are many who love their job in sales and thrive on the competition, every new day for them brings a new challenge for them. It is not because they’re naturally better than everyone else, although some people have that edge, it is because of the lessons they’ve learned in sales over the course of their lifetime and implementing these lessons in making new sales is what makes the job a satisfying one and takes the edge off them. One of the most important things in sales is setting appointments with potential clients. It can be a difficult thing but there are some tricks which, when applied properly, can definitely give you an edge over your competitors, and help you achieve sales success. Quantity This point cannot be stressed enough. Quality. Lead Generation Companies Boston - DJM Global Sales & Marketing.

Top Inside Sales Tricks - DJM GLOBAL. Sales is a very tricky department to be in. You have the burden of generating income for the company and make it happen every single day. Top 10 Mistakes When Outsourcing Lead Generation Services - DJM Sales & marketing. B2B Sales Lead Generation - DJM Global Sales & Marketing. Managing a high performing sales team is like being a coach in the NFL. Your team needs to put points on the board before the ticking clock of the quarter is over.

Top 5 Benefits of B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing - DJM Global Sales & marketing. Seeking third party service provider in B2B lead generation can prove to be highly beneficial, especially because managing this in-house can be a difficult task. To start off, as you outsource lead generation services in the USA, it can be highly cost-efficient and as the third party specializes at this task, it can be more effective as well.

B2B Demand Generation Marketing – DJM Global Sales & Marketing.