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Advanced Distributed Learning. The Mobile Learning Decision Path (MLDP) is a new tool for stakeholders who are considering a mobile learning development project. Adayana, Inc. created this guide for the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative to help instructional designers plan and implement mobile performance support and to repurpose existing learning content for the mobile platform. The DoD’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) funded the project. Design requirements for desktop e-learning applications are different than the design requirements for mobile learning applications. Three Ways to Improve E-Learning. If you find e-learning to be among the most efficient methods of learning delivery, you’re not alone.

Three Ways to Improve E-Learning

But these technology trends can take it a step further. Technological advances are challenging learning professionals to rethink how they approach more traditional methods of delivery, such as e-learning. Studies have shown that e-learning is one of the most effective methods of learning delivery, especially in safety and health care compliance. Studies also have shown that the method is cost-efficient and saves time over classroom training. 10 Common Mistakes In The Development Of An eLearning Course. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Tuesday, 09 July 2013 00:18.

Where are Learning and Training Headed in 2014 and Beyond? There’s a huge amount of change currently taking place in our industry.

Where are Learning and Training Headed in 2014 and Beyond?

As I sit here planning my trip to the 2013 DevLearn Conference and Expo taking place in Las Vegas next month, I’m looking forward to exploring some of the trends that are going to change how we look at “Training” and the work we do as Learning Professionals. This post shares four of the trends that I think are changing the way we look at our jobs. Mobile Learning In fairness, mobile isn’t really new anymore. eLearningInfographics: The Best Education Infographics. As founder of the eLearning Industry’s network I am super excited with our new user-generated infographics site.

eLearningInfographics: The Best Education Infographics

A few months ago, several members of the eLearning Industry network contacted me requesting a website that would be dedicated to the best education infographics. Having this in mind, we formed a team of creative, hard-working, and passionate online educators. As a consequence, we just released the At eLearning Infographics you can find the best education infographics based on a thriving community of 75,000+ online educators, teachers, instructional designers, professors, and in general, professionals that have a great passion about education. eLearningInfographics supports the following 16 education infographics categories to quickly narrow down the education infographics that you are looking for:

eBook January 2013 - Thank You Success Page. - Home. 4 Steps to Creating a Portfolio of your eLearning Projects. This post provides four quick steps on how to create a winning eLearning portfolio.

4 Steps to Creating a Portfolio of your eLearning Projects

If you already have a portfolio, use these steps to update it. Your next eLearning opportunity may hinge on an updated winning portfolio! 1. Online Training Software: Create Online Course & Training. The eLearning Coach - Instructional Design and eLearning: The eLearning Coach. Four Easy Tactics to Engage Your Passive Learners. MLDP-Report. Exploring #GoogleGlass: The Device and it's Functionality. Last week I was able to get early access to Google Glass, one of the most intriguing pieces of technology ever developed.

Exploring #GoogleGlass: The Device and it's Functionality

It’s one of the first pieces of technology that fall into the ‘wearable tech’ category, and the first (or at least the highest profile) to be worn like a standard pair of glasses. As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I’m writing a series of posts about Glass, and the implications and applications of the device on education, learning, and performance. Before we can truly explore the possibilities of the device, we must examine the device itself, and the technical functionality it provides. ELC 006: Creating Virtual Classrooms And Webinars. Sharebar Podcast: Play in new window | Download Are you wondering how to transform in-person training to a virtual classroom?

ELC 006: Creating Virtual Classrooms And Webinars

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your webinars? If so, you’ll want advice from online event expert and speaker coach, Karen Hyder. How To Write Better Analogies For Learning. Sharebar Analogies are a key component of human thinking and understanding.

How To Write Better Analogies For Learning

They’ve stimulated great feats of problem-solving and discovery. They are also a classic way to foster learning by applying prior knowledge to new concepts. Researchers say that a critical aspect of an effective analogy is that the two areas of comparison are superficially different. For example, comparing an atom to the solar system or a database to a filing cabinet. This is because analogies are non-literal comparisons. Analogy Format Analogies often take the format that “A is like B” where “A” is an unknown abstract concept and “B” is something known, which is often something concrete. Map Your Analogies. 21 Ways To Get Visual Ideas. Sharebar When you’re stuck, in a rut or brain drained, it’s hard to be creative on demand.

21 Ways To Get Visual Ideas

Trainers and Instructional Design. A few months ago, I got an opportunity to interact with learning professionals from behavioral and technical domains in a reputed company.

Trainers and Instructional Design

Given below are a few things I noticed: 1) All domains require instructional design to ensure that the sessions are interactive and engaging. Most of the technical training is handled in-house because it is vital to the business. When I spoke to the learning professionals in technical domain, I realized that they were plagued with concerns about boredom, dropouts, retention of information, design of presentations, and so on.

It was essential for the employees to sit through these technical programs to prepare them for their roles. Lot of people assume that training-directly related to work will automatically have higher levels of motivation. 2) Most trainers have no clue what instructional design is and the role it plays in designing effective learning. 3) Trainers in the behavioral department identify training sessions based on their interests. Virtual Call Centers and Home Based Call Center Services. 5 Great eLearning Boredom Busters. 5 Great eLearning Boredom Busters A common refrain heard by eLearning program developers is that using eLearning software is boring.

5 Great eLearning Boredom Busters

Often, learners find using many eLearning programs to be dull and passive activity, making them unlikely to retain the information the programs offer. As developers clearly want to create successful eLearning programs, they incorporate features intended to make the program more interactive and less dull. The Pyramid Is the Tipping Point. Imagine you walk into a classroom to take a course and find the desks scattered all over the place, student manuals strewn all over the room, the instructor making no effort to facilitate the course effectively, the LCD projector pointing at the wall not the whiteboard, your fellow students wandering in and out sporadically throughout the period, and the course beginning randomly in chapter 5 for no apparent reason.

How well do you think this experience is going to go? How effective will the instruction be? 20 Things To Remember About Forgetting: The eLearning Coach. Sharebar Even though it’s used all day and night, we are usually not aware of our memory’s processes until they fail. Yet remembering and forgetting are crucial phenomena underlying learning. Here are some key facts about the forgetting process that relate to learning and instruction.

The Basics Forgetting is the inability to recall or recognize information that we think should reside in long-term memory. Trainers and Instructional Design. The Ultimate eLearning Design and Development Checklist. 100+ Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark (Updated for 2012) August 8th, 2012. A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links. Game Based Learning - Why Does it Work? The information in this post is covered in a brand new infographic from The Knowledge Guru (learn about The Knowledge Guru in the video below). Click Here to see the infographic! Tin Can: A New and Better Way to Track eLearning : Online Events Archive.

Online Forums 2012 - October 12, 2012. HTML5 and eLearning: What Managers and Practitioners Must Know : Research Library. October 18, 2012 The increasing use of tablets and mobile devices and the move away from Flash development is bringing HTML5 to the forefront of eLearning. The eLearning Guild: A community of practice for eLearning designers, developers, and managers.

Stock Photography: Download Free Stock Photos & Royalty Free Images. Isdmap.jpg (JPEG Image, 718 × 457 pixels) Become a partner or supplier. Welcome to My Resource Cloud. YouTube, Sal Khan, Now Searching For The 10 Best Online Educators. What Is Interactive Learning? A Quick Guide For Everyone. The classrooms of today are far from what most of us would consider traditional. In addition to the lack of chalkboards and the abundance of high-tech devices, many classrooms even conduct their lesson plans entirely online–giving whole new meaning and accessibility to education at several different levels.

Students Who Challenge Us:Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do. Among the many challenges teachers face, often the most difficult is how to engage students who seem unreachable, who resist learning activities, or who disrupt them for others. Share My Lesson - Free K-12 Resources By Teachers, For Teachers.

YouTube, Sal Khan, Now Searching For The 10 Best Online Educators. MOOCs, Online Learning and Educating Abraham Lincoln. By Vince Kellen, Cutter Blog As we all know, Abraham Lincoln was largely self-taught in the midst of meager means and living on the frontier in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, far from centers of learning and culture east of the Appalachians. For him, the book represented the path, and he sought them with great effort. As president he sought books on military matters during the Civil War in order to educate himself. Storyboard That - A Good Storyboarding Tool.

Action Learning is extremely popular, yet so widely misunderstood. 5 Tips to Help Leaders Use Empathy in Interactions. If you were planning to adapt your e-learning courses for multiple languages, what would be the first steps you would take? eLearning Art - training photos, training images, e-learning images, characters, and templates. How Your Workplace Can Support Learning Transfer. Students Who Challenge Us:Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do.

Story Map - An Interactive Story Planner. Defining Competence, Proficiency, Expertise, and Mastery. User Research: Look & Listen. The Place For Nonprofits And Libraries. Adobe ExportPDF. Rapid Instructional Design. Does Performance Support Always Have to Be a Post-Training Solution? Senior Instructional Designer Jobs.

Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions by News Editor. Learning Solutions Magazine: Home. Online learning provides students with valuable skills. MOOCs, Online Learning and Educating Abraham Lincoln. Two Can Do It: Learning by Mentoring or Being Mentored. Storyboard That - A Good Storyboarding Tool. Performance Improvement Without Assessments. Understanding ROI in 60 Minutes: Part I. Fundamental Considerations For Designing M-Learning Solutions (Part 1) What Is Interactive Learning? A Quick Guide For Everyone.