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Free Sound Effects! These are Glitch Sounds in mp3 format. Contact: This website and its contents are copyright © 2009 Michael Oster, all rights reserved.

Free Sound Effects! These are Glitch Sounds in mp3 format.

F7 Sound and Vision 17732 Nathan's Drive Tampa, FL 33647 Free Glitch Sound Effects! These are some glitchy "extras" that I made, so I figured that you could benefit from them. What do they sound like? Here's the deal.... Here's all the sounds "zipped" into a single file for faster download... I created all of these sounds (using my laptop) and I have all the rights to do with them what I want so.... You can download them (remember to 'save to disc") and use them "Royalty-free". Here's some suggestions: - web site 'buttons' - flash animations - radio imaging / IDs - ringtones - computer games - your music - video production - sweepers - multimedia production - more.... But, you can NOT EVER - create a sound effects library which include ANY of these sounds and sell or give away that library..... Good. Here's the stats: These are 192 kbps stereo mp3 format sounds. License Music Online. Triple Scoop Music : Award-winning music licensing for photographers, videographers and creative professionals!

Royalty-Free Music for use as Production Music, Hold Music and More. BeatPick: Music licensing for Film, Tv and Advertising use (license pre-cleared music) Music & Sound FX by Digital Juice. Royalty Free Music for Wedding, Photographers, licensing - The Music Bed. Royalty Free Music Library from Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects - UniqueTracks Inc. Music Store.

Audiosocket Audiosocket is a music, media and technology company that delivers today's hot, up and coming talent to the marketplace.

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We have 33,000 songs in our catalog that come from more than 1900 emerging bands, composers and record labels from around the world. We're a next-generation content provider that thrives at the intersection of music and technology. Audiosocket has developed an innovative music search and licensing technology that we call "MaaS™" - Music as a Service. Fundamentally designed for integration into video and photo sharing platforms, virtual worlds, online games and social networks, MaaS is changing the way the music is licensed in digital media.

Audiosocket was founded in 2007 and has offices in New Orleans, LA and Seattle, WA. Free Music Archive The Free Music Archive (FMA) is a noncommercial online library of high-quality mp3s that want to be shared. Read more: SmartSound The latest invention from SmartSound has put the Vimeo Music Store in overdrive! Music. Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Piano, Guitar, Rock, Vocals HipHop and Electronica Beats and Loops...


Mozart and Schubert, Chamber Music, Symphonic, Choral... Alternative Country, Christian, Bluegrass, Country Rock... Freestyle, New School, Spoken Word, Battles/Disses Flamenco, Merengue, Cuban, Pop/Balada, Salsa... Free Music Archive. Free Music : Download & Streaming : Live Music Archive : Internet Archive.

Free love, free music. Browse music by composer, performer, instrument, period or form. Royalty Free music downloads. Royalty Free Music.