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Buying Villa Versus Apartment - Indian Business. Whether one should buy an apartment or a villa or home is a personal choice.

Buying Villa Versus Apartment - Indian Business

There are several advantages in each case. Similarly, there are disadvantages in case of both villas and apartments. If price is not an issue, one will do well to buy a villa rather than an apartment, generally speaking. Space: A house gives you much more space than you would get in an apartment. Privacy: One of the biggest advantages of a villa is that of privacy, basically a spin off from space mentioned above. Parties: Greater space also implies that you can have your own parties, something that is just not possible inside apartments. Economics: 17 Magento Extensions For Your Store To Consider - Indian Business. Magento extensiosn are considered the best for e-commerce CMS.

17 Magento Extensions For Your Store To Consider - Indian Business

Yes, it is a little tough to implement but provides stunning e-commerce solution. One can customize it with some extraordinary extensions that can make it awesome. These extensions let you enhance the functionalities of your website without any need for coding or programming from any magento development company and provides great features for your website. 1. Creare SEO Creare SEO is a great extension that provides features and settings to enhance the performance of Magento e-commerce websites.

Workplace Bullying- How Bad Can It Actually Get? - Indian Business. Bullying is not just limited to school yards or the cyber world.

Workplace Bullying- How Bad Can It Actually Get? - Indian Business

It can take place anywhere and at any time, in any context. In the workplace there are frequently occurring bullying cases, you can occasionally find. While the context maybe a little changed, the mistreatment is usually very common across all forms of bullying. This could include, humiliation, verbal, physical, psychological and even emotional abuse. But the effects of workplace bullying are usually two fold. Decreased productivity. How To Boost Up Your Small Business With Technology - Indian Business.

These days, many small business owners are seeking brand-building solutions that will keep their organizations in a state of growth.

How To Boost Up Your Small Business With Technology - Indian Business

Why You Must Travel By Train In India! - Indian Business. Have you ever try to travel by train to reach abroad?

Why You Must Travel By Train In India! - Indian Business

Always in a hurry to reach your destination? You always end up booking flight tickets no matter how expensive they turn out to be? Just this once, give yourself a break and take a different route! Hop aboard in an Indian train, and be enchanted by all that you pick up along the way. Why you ask? Where else can you come across such a wide array of cultures, languages and people? Food Food Food… Well enough said. Best Ecommerce Platform For Online Store - Indian Business.

Ecommerce platform refers to the trading, purchasing or selling of products and services over the Internet.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Online Store - Indian Business

With the ever-growing number of Internet users all over the world, the people and companies that start making their transactions online also continuously grow in number. Some run their e-commerce stores while still managing their brick and mortar, while others solely offer their business online. 2017's Top Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know. Being a new age marketer, you always have to keep up with every evolving trends in traditional as well as in social media marketing.

2017's Top Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know

From past few years digital media has been a just a part contributing to your digital presence via social media marketing but now it’s has emerged as one of the powerful marketing channel. If ever the history of new age marketing is written there will be two era, one emergence of communal media as a popular marketing tool, and the second marketing trends post social media and beyond. The combined power of communal media with other digital marketing tools like email, phone, video, television, direct mail and others, has evolved social marketing as an unavoidable marketing channel of modern age.

How To Use Customer Data For Ecommerce Marketing? - Indian Business. Every business needs the support of marketing activities to stay in competition in this ruthless eCommerce environment.

How To Use Customer Data For Ecommerce Marketing? - Indian Business

The importance and ever expanding scope of the eCommerce marketing can be understood from the fact. “Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015” as per the report of Hosting Facts, an eCommerce web hosting company. Easy Youtube Video Downloader - Indian Business. YouTube is undoubtedly the leading video streaming site.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader - Indian Business

It is famous, it has a massive database, it has the best community, and it offers everything that you need except one little thing. If there is one thing that is not available with YouTube, it is the ability to download videos. Downloading videos from YouTube is not possible without the help of a YouTube video downloader. It is obvious, YouTube wants to keep people hooked to the website.

Wooqer: Your Go-to Platform For Efficient Retail Management. Digital Media has increasingly shifted our interest from conventional modes of communication due to the ease of getting our work done.

Wooqer: Your Go-to Platform For Efficient Retail Management

One of the work fields that are highly influenced by digital media like mobile and web application is retail management operations. With such platform one can manage complex operations related to retail right from opening stores, discussing management & work flow, access multiple files and everything else related. With such web or mobile application the complete procedure of managing work flow, collaboration and communication in retail field has become easy and accurate. Digital platform is easy to use, reduces error and requires no paper or other files to analyze and track things. Want To Be A Website Design Expert? Follow Us - Indian Business. Website building is one of the expertise’s the developer should possess. Each and every company in this world searches and desires to hire a developer with amazing web design techniques.

Website design is all about building responsive and interactive websites. If you wish to make a lot of money in this relevant field so you need to learn how to design websites in a more efficient manner so the company can hire you without doubting your technical skills in this field at least. Building a website is not hard, but building the correct one with all perfect contents, pictures, layouts, videos and everything is the major task.

Developers need to know that building an interactive and responsive website is vital to attract the clients who wish for a website for their company and the customers using it. Need To Know About Windows Application Development Process - Indian Business. As we all know Microsoft is very popular in the enterprise with its desktop offerings. As the current era is turning towards mobile usage, Microsoft finds itself inclination angle into the mobile world. In this article, the goal is to provide information on windows application development process. Till now people habituate to use Windows on desktops or PCs, but hardly think about it for mobile phone. After the invention of Android users become habituate to use this OS on phones, so it will be quiet difficult for Microsoft to make its own stand in mobile market.

No doubt they have bunch of experts who are ready to upgrade themselves quickly and thus they invented this mobile operating system within very short duration. Cost Of Building A WordPress Website - Indian Business. If you are any business owner and have no website or use out dated website format, then you must lose potential buyers of your product or service. It may harm your selling process. How can you come out from this situation? Here we give you solution on that. Yes, we recommend you some basic updating tips and it will rely on you that how you want to grow and manage your business with present and future internet world. At present, most of the people use smart phone and use internet to search things and places. “Don’t work hard, be Smart” Follow this famous line and give your business website a new look using WordPress. Total cost of ownership analysis : Use this free blogging software as legitimate business acquisition. Com,Self-hostedManaged WordPress hosting Let’s check the above all options criteria.

Host you site with : If you have already purchased domain name from any other provider, then Personal hosting plan will cost $5.25 per month. Self-hosted website :