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Alarming Ring by Meng Fandi. Alarming Ring Ring is a vibrating alarm designed for people who hate the loud blaring sounds of a typical alarm.

Alarming Ring by Meng Fandi

The charging cradle is where you set what time you want each ring to go off. The ring fits over the tip of your finger and when that opportune time arrives, it vibrates. Putting the ring back on the dock shuts off the alarm. Take a Seat with Sway. Inspiration Pad on the Behance Network. Water Shade by Yitu Wang ? Yanko Design. This project is completely apolitical.

Water Shade by Yitu Wang ? Yanko Design

It IS literally a gate of water. This project goes by the name of “Water Shade” and keeps a shield of H2O around the fruit it is sworn to protect. It’s both a dish and a cover, working with water to keep freshness in and everything larger than Oxygen OUT! Designer Yitu Wang doesn’t want to keep you from your delicious apples though, so there’s a built in detector that sees your hand in approach, and thus is does desist. Moisture is locked in.