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Stuff to be read, once I find time. Items here may be deleted or reorganized.

Is Your Language Making You Broke and Fat? How Language Can Shape Thinking and Behavior (and How It Can’t) | The Crux. Julie Sedivy is the lead author of Sold on Language: How Advertisers Talk to You And What This Says About You. She contributes regularly to Psychology Today and Language Log. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, and can be found at and on Twitter/soldonlanguage. Keith Chen, an economist from Yale, makes a startling claim in an unpublished working paper: people’s fiscal responsibility and healthy lifestyle choices depend in part on the grammar of their language. Here’s the idea: Languages differ in the devices they offer to speakers who want to talk about the future.

For some, like Spanish and Greek, you have to tack on a verb ending that explicitly marks future time—so, in Spanish, you would say escribo for the present tense (I write or I’m writing) and escribiré for the future tense (I will write). Chen’s paper has yet to be accepted for publication, but it’s already generated a lot of press of the sort that’s festooned with flashing lights. Top 12 Education Technology Blogs | Online Colleges Guide. The top twelve education technology blogs are packed full of thoughts from educators, health professionals, and technology experts dedicated to sharing information. These must-read blogs contain valuable insight into the tools and processes for technology in education. Yes Tech! Web: Yes Tech! Yes Tech! Is run by Pam Shoemaker. With the tagline “We are all teachers; we are all learners.” she has focused this blog about education technology and teacher leadership. “Do You Understand Creative Commons Licensing?”

SocialButterfly Web: SocialButterfly SocialButterfly by Alexandra Bornkessel, follows social marketing and the movement to change. Learning with E’s Web: Learning with E’s Steve Wheeler’s Learning with E’s brings together his thoughts on all things digital and learning technology. Gadgets on the Go Web: Gadgets on the Go Gadgets on the Go is run by Jimmie Geddes, Alan Grassia, and Jennifer Chappell. Cool Cat Teacher Blog Web: Cool Cat Teacher Blog A Student’s Thoughts Technology in the Arts.

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Stop Stealing Dreams (the entire manifesto on the web) - Stop Stealing Dreams. Feel free to read and share. But don’t edit or charge for it. If you’d like the other editions, including a handy PDF on-screen edition, click here. if you don’t underestimate me, I won’t underestimate you Bob Dylan Dedicated to every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and to every student brave enough to stand up and speak up. Specifically, for Ross Abrams, Jon Guillaume, Beth Rudd, Steve Greenberg, Benji Kanters, Patti Jo Wilson, Florian Kønig, and that one teacher who changed everything for you. 1. As I was finishing this manifesto, a friend invited me to visit the Harlem Village Academies, a network of charter schools in Manhattan. Harlem is a big place, bigger than most towns in the United States. A million movies have trained us about what to expect from a school in East Harlem. Hardly the place you’d go to discover a future of our education system.

In this manifesto, I’m going to argue that top-down industrialized schooling is just as threatened, and for very good reasons. Becoming Outstanding - Secondary. Daniel Willingham - Home. TEACHING TIPS. Shifted Learning. Learning Solutions Magazine: Home. Skills for Life Network. Articles.


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