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WOMEN. Le avec AFP et Reuters | • Mis à jour le Le prix Nobel de la paix 2011 a été conjointement attribué, vendredi 7 octobre, à trois femmes : Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, présidente du Liberia, Leymah Gbowee, elle aussi libérienne, et à la Yéménite Tawakkul Karman pour leur lutte non violente pour la sécurité et les droits des femmes.


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf est la première femme à avoir été élue présidente d'un Etat africain. Celle qui briguera un second mandat lors de la présidentielle du 11 octobre au Liberia, est entrée dans l'histoire en devenant en 2005 la première femme élue chef de l'Etat sur le continent africain, à la tête d'un pays de quatre millions d'habitants traumatisé par des guerres civiles qui, de 1989 à 2003, ont fait quelque 250 000 morts, détruit ses infrastructures et son économie.

Leymah Gbowee est une militante pacifiste qui a contribué à mettre fin aux guerres civiles ayant ravagé son pays jusqu'en 2003. Leymah Gbowee "est plus que courageuse. PRO GAMES _ This dictionary began as a conversation between a colleague (Quoc Tran) and myself, discussing stories we've heard from various colleagues in our industry.


He mentioned the concept of "managing upwards" with regards to the phenomenon where a manager spends more time managing people outside the studio than inside. I had never heard that phrase before, and once he taught me what that meant, I found myself more aware of this occurrence when talking to friends in and outside of the games industry about their own management structures. It was shortly after that conversation that I posted a status update on my Facebook account: "Learned a new phrase today: 'Managing Upwards'". Flow, Gamers and Superusers. According to Csikszentmihalyi, flow is an optimal state that can be attained when the challenges we encounter are matched to our ability.

Flow, Gamers and Superusers

When the task is slightly too easy (or too hard) we fall out of flow and go into a state where we feel in control (or aroused if the task is slightly too hard). When the task difficulty greatly exceeds our skills, we are likely to experience anxiety. And if the task challenges do not come close to our ability, we will often experience boredom (see figure). Health Data Innovation. As you will have noticed, this blog just changed its name to Health Data Innovation; this reflects a shift in this blog's focus that started a few months ago.

Health Data Innovation

The coverage of data development topics will continue, but the new focus is on health data and innovation with special attention to developing countries. My presentation at the Wolfram Data Summit gave a preview of some of the topics I cover. The blog also changed its URL to While the old URL will still take you here, you may want to update your bookmark (of course you bookmarked the blog, right?).

The image below shows the details of what I define as "Health Data Innovation". Nike’s new FuelBand tracks your calories and movement. If you’re tired of guestimating how many calories you burned walking around the living room, check out Nike’s new wristband gadget that tracks calories and movement.

Nike’s new FuelBand tracks your calories and movement

The new Nike+ FuelBand, announced Thursday, is a direct competitor to Jawbone’s similar UP wristband. Jawbone suspended production of the UP in December and issued full refunds to customers after complaints of battery and synching issues. Like the Jawbone UP, the FuelBand is worn around your wrist and can be synched to an iPhone or PC to upload activity data.

“The NIKE+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds,” said NIKE, Inc. President and Chief Executive Mark Parker, in a statement. Designed to measure your movement throughout the entire day, from walking and running to biking and ballet, the waterproof band also allows you to set daily goals. So, what makes the $150 FuelBand different from the $100 Jawbone UP? Sony intéressé par une manette biométrique ? The Top 20 Most Popular EMR Software Solutions. 5 companies using big data to solve healthcare problems. “Big data” won’t do much to improve healthcare without big analytics.

5 companies using big data to solve healthcare problems

Thanks in part to billions in federal subsidies for electronic medical records (EMRs), it won’t be long before the U.S. is awash in vast, almost incomprehensible amounts of health data. It follows that developing the analytics to draw meaningful conclusions out of those mountains of data will become an increasingly important — and lucrative — area for companies in the health IT industry. Quantified Self Europe. Quantified Self Europe I spent the weekend in Amsterdam for the first Quantified Self Europe conference which follows on from an event in Silicon Valley earlier this year (written up by the FT here).

Quantified Self Europe

I learned a lot and thought I’d pop some notes up so you can see what’s been going on. First presentation of the weekend was Rain Ashford talking about wearable computing. She showed how McLaren are using sensors inside the suits of Formula One drivers to try to monitor the drivers as well as they monitor the cars. \\\ SQUARE GARDEN ///

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