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Rectangle World – HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Tutorials and Experiments Making the Paper Snowflake Web App, Part 1 – Layering canvases Published on December 31, 2013 My first blog post explaining some of the code behind my Paper Snowflake web app. In this installment, we look at how multiple canvases are used together to handle drawing and interactivity tasks. Read more… Rectangle World – HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Tutorials and Experiments
Create cool stitched effects with CSS3 Ryan Boudreaux illustrates how to create a stitched effect using the CSS3 dash border property and with and without background images. The stitched effect has been replicated in numerous creative designs using Photoshop techniques with great effect; in fact, the implementation used by Elegant Themes as the background for the left sidebar in their Memoir WordPress theme, utilizes three segments of the image which are cut for the top, middle, and bottom sections as shown in Figure B (viewed in Chrome v 21.01). But this blog post is about using CSS3 to create a similar cool stitched effect, some incorporated with background texture images and others without. Create cool stitched effects with CSS3
Ryan Boudreaux shares some styling tips that will help rescue your boring horizontal rules. Your typical horizontal rule is just a boring line shape that slides across the page, unassuming, thoroughly bland and insignificant, as shown in Figure A below. Horizontal rules are the emphatic break between sections of content, and it has been given a bad reputation, so it's time we spruce up the element just a bit. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add unique styles to your horizontal rules . Customize horizontal rules to add some flair Customize horizontal rules to add some flair
Grunge Fusion: Creating Stunning Textures with Blending Modes and Filters Grunge Fusion: Creating Stunning Textures with Blending Modes and Filters Back around Christmas time, I released a pack of really bold, gungy textures that I had created specifically for Echo Enduring readers. One of the comments that I received suggested that it might be a good idea to provide a tutorial on the process I used. So, while each texture was actually a bit different, I have decided to write a generalized overview of some of the techniques that I used to create those textures. Kicking it Grade School Style I don’t know about you, but back when I was in grade school, I remember having a few different projects where I had to do something “creative”.
Study -- WebDev - jQuery Deconstructed

Study -- WebDev - jQuery Deconstructed

if ( isTag ) { part = part.toLowerCase(); } for ( var i = 0, l = checkSet.length, elem; i < l; i++ ) { if ( (elem = checkSet[i]) ) { while ( (elem = elem.previousSibling) && elem.nodeType !== 1 ) {} checkSet[i] = isPartStrNotTag || elem && elem.nodeName.toLowerCase() === part ?
Binpress Binpress Open-Source projects that solve real-world problems, Manually curated and professionally supported. See how Binpress works Popular Projects View More PDFTouch SDK for iOS
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New 1.0 Release! Read more » Gestalt is a way to write Ruby, Python & XAML code in your (X)HTML pages. It enables you to build richer and more powerful web applications by marrying the benefits of expressive languages, modern compilers, AJAX & RIAs with the write » save » refresh development model of the web. MIX Online's Gestalt: Write Ruby, Python and XAML in your HTML pages. MIX Online's Gestalt: Write Ruby, Python and XAML in your HTML pages.
Getting Started with CouchDB NoSQL has been one of the most talked about topics over the past couple of months. This tutorial will introduce you to CouchDB, a NoSQL implementation and teach you how to get started with the platform. What is NoSQL? NoSQL is schema free -- you don't need to decide the structure up front. NoSQL [not only SQL] is a movement towards document stores that do not make use of the relational model. The fundamental paradigm shift is in the way they store data. Getting Started with CouchDB
Christoph Dorn Christoph Dorn 100% Open Source since 2007 FirePHP 1.0 Constantly Evolving

I would like to dedicate this post to explaining why you might want to consider using a video background in your next site design project. There are a few different reasons for including a video background, including to have a cool design or to show off your newly launched product. I will show you some currently awesome examples of websites that do background videos very well so that you have an idea of what it is you should strive for when including video backgrounds in your own websites.

Desizn Tech: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Tech Blog

Desizn Tech: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Tech Blog


Freebie Friday: 4 Snowburst Brushes Read More… Free Texture Tuesday: Icy Textures Read More…
In my effort to keep up with my resolution this month, here is another list of some goodies. CSS3 is already a hit and still many designers/developers haven’t tried their hands on it. Well, CSSJockey to their rescue. Worry no more, Resources are galore!!! 1. CSS3 Tutorials and Resources: From the Web, For the Web | CSSJockey.com
Interactive Labs | Web Development Partners for Creative Agencies, A Division of Sierra Bravo Corporation LEARN / Grow from good to great by learning from brilliant nerds, and teaching them. Nerds say they learn more in their first month here than elsewhere their whole career. We encourage people to pursue new challenges and growth opportunities in building diverse portfolios of highly visible interactive work any nerd would be proud of – projects of every shape and size, in wide variety. Developer advocates make sure nerds are happy, challenged and having the career they want – with a chance to try any technology, or, become the guru of whatever they know best. Deployed Nerds take field-trips to work directly with clients and come home with lessons from the road.
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