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Custom Designed Facebook Pages, no FBML, HTML or Static FBML coding. 20 Top Well Designed Facebook Pages Design. Advertisement Facebook, one of the most visited site around the world, is a rage among people of all age group.

20 Top Well Designed Facebook Pages Design

For some, its as toggling through facebook friends windows is as natural as breathing. Facebook is loved not only buy individuals but by Corporates as well. Facebook pages are becoming an integral part of any business online strategy. Here creative Facebook Design comes handy to get more fan followers than competitors. Today we are showcasing Facebook Pages Designs that will make you say wow. Creative Design is the new Mantra of success, which you can see in some of our previous posts too, Catalog Designs, Cool Laptop Sleeves, Creative Billboard Designs to name a few.

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Everyday more and more businesses around the world are creating presences on Facebook.

The Art of the Facebook Page Design

Some companies opt to bring users directly to the page wall or other tabs (e.g. info, photos, RSS/blog, discussions and links) and use product images or company logos instead of more elaborate landing pages. Regardless of where a user lands when they first arrive, something needs to capture their attention. As we’ll see in the examples of pages from the 50 Top Facebook Pages of Brand’s Worldwide represented below, some pages may come right out and ask for the “like”, some may have a variation on the call to action with a contest, gift, upload, sign-up now, or shop now type message. Some may appeal to emotions. Some will be memorable. In truth, Facebook is about more than the ongoing interaction between businesses and users via status updates. Coca-Cola Total Fans 22, 113, 350 | Food and Drink | United States Starbucks Total Fans 19, 386, 229 | Restaurant | United States Oreo Red Bull Skittles Converse All Star.