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Can These iPad Apps Teach Your Kid to Code? - Lauren Goode - Product Reviews. The pillars of elementary education in the U.S. — reading, writing, math — have remained the same for a long time.

Can These iPad Apps Teach Your Kid to Code? - Lauren Goode - Product Reviews

Now another skill set is increasingly coming into focus: Computer programming. This week, I tested two new mobile apps, Kodable and Hopscotch, that are aimed at teaching young children the basic skills necessary for computer programming. Both are for iOS — specifically, for iPad — although Kodable plans to introduce an Android version of the app. And both are free to download, but Kodable does include advanced levels that cost $1.99 to access. iPad Games - ABCya! Note-Taking with iPads. I vividly remember how I first learned to take notes.

Note-Taking with iPads

My sixth grade geography teacher lectured in outline style: "Roman Numeral one - China. A - Qin Dynasty. 1 - Rulers . . . " We wrote down precisely what he said, and to this day, I still take notes in outline form. However, consider Sunni Brown's TED Talk, "Doodlers Unite. " She argues that engaging in sketching while listening to complex ideas further supports learning. While outlining may work for me, what about those who value taking notes in the margins?

When students learn to hand-write their notes, they focus on content and organization within a single medium -- paper. Cameras and Microphones One of the most valuable features of iPad to support note-taking may be the camera. In addition to incorporating photos, many note-taking apps also include audio recording. Detailed Guide for setting up building iOS apps without a Mac. I just did a successful build and run using this workflow - it has been described in summary as a response to this question: This is a more detailed step-by-step guide of the process. 1.

Detailed Guide for setting up building iOS apps without a Mac

Download and Install OpenSSL. Usability of iPad Apps and Websites: Research Findings. Learn how iPad users interact with apps and websites on their devices, and whether usability improves with time as people practice and learn new interfaces.

Usability of iPad Apps and Websites: Research Findings

The design guidelines are based on 2 rounds of usability studies, conducted one year apart. We observed participants working on their own iPads to accomplish a broad variety of tasks. Articles on research findings: iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing iPad Usability: Year One What’s different between the 1st and 2nd Edition? 1st Edition: The study was conducted in 2010, immediately after the first iPad tablet became available to the public. My Favorite iPad Apps of 2014. This year, just like the other years, I have had the chance to try out different apps in my App Class with my students.

My Favorite iPad Apps of 2014

And here is my list of my favorite Apple apps that really works in an 1:1 iPad class! Adobe Voice is the very first app on this list. It is free and it gives the chance to children to use their pictures or their text and record their voices with music at the background. I have used this app many times for so many different activities in my classes. Tellagami is certainly sharing the first place with Adobe Voice. Here’s How You Might Be Able To Watch Live TV, For Free, On Your iPad – AllThingsD.

Your iPad can do lots of things, but live TV generally isn’t one of them.

Here’s How You Might Be Able To Watch Live TV, For Free, On Your iPad – AllThingsD

With a few exceptions, the TV networks don’t want their programming going out live anywhere but your big screen, under their supervision. Here’s a start-up that wants to change that: Bamboom says it will let you watch live broadcast TV anywhere you can get a Web connection, on whatever device you want. We’ve seen versions of this before. FilmOn and Ivi both offered something similar last year, and both tried to argue that they had the same right to distribute broadcast TV signals that cable companies did. And both have been slapped down by the courts. But Bamboom has a Rube Goldberg-like approach that might hold up to the inevitable legal challenge: The company will assign a tiny broadcast antenna to each customer, and will move the TV signal from the antenna to the cloud, where it can move it to any device with a browser. The iPad Oath: 10 Rules For iPad Use In The Classroom. The iPad Oath: 10 Rules For iPad Use In The Classroom.

The iPad Oath: 10 Rules For iPad Use In The Classroom

Custom UI Controls for iOS and Mac OS X. iPhone, iOS 5, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips. Viewport scale on iPhone, iPad. This article started with a simple question.

Viewport scale on iPhone, iPad.

How do I get the current viewport scale in a website or web app? While focused on the iPhone/iPad, the following JavaScript solution is as generic as possible and provides access to the current viewport scale if available. 103 iPad uses.pptx. Tutorials for iPhone / iOS Developers and Gamers.

iOS: Links zu nativen Apps aus dem Browser heraus. In mobilen Websites oder Web-Apps kann es vorkommen, dass man gerne auf native Apps verlinken möchte.

iOS: Links zu nativen Apps aus dem Browser heraus

Cool iPhone 5 cases are already on their way. Are you surprised? at Cool Mom Tech. No sooner than the new iPhone 5 announcement came out did we start getting tips about the new cases that will go with the phone.

Cool iPhone 5 cases are already on their way. Are you surprised? at Cool Mom Tech

Yes, a new phone in this case means new accessories, new cords and adaptors (sigh), and of course, new cases, unlike the jump from 4 to 4S. Because the phone is thinner and longer, and the screen now larger than the iPhone 4, unfortunately you can’t get away with an old case. 4000 iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Cracked (.ipa) EmailEmail Yesterday you could find on FSMdotCOM a post called Top 3 Sites To Download Cracked .ipa Files for iPhone and iPod Touch.

You came up with some other wicked sites for cracked apps in the comments, like “filestube” which i use all the time to search rapidshare. Wicked. But i wasn’t aware that there was something in Cydia , that offers us 4000 apps already cracked and ready to install.The programm “Mega” allows you to download ANY of more than 4000 applications (total cost at about $12.000) absolutely for free (read the list of apps available here ) .At first look , this was amazing. The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big. It’s only been a few months, but I’ve already noticed some drastic changes in our classroom when the iPads roll in…. I’ve labeled these Top-10 phenomena as being The iPad Effect, as they seem to occur every Tuesday and Thursday…. 1. Ten reasons the iPad is an awesome tool for classrooms and education.

The ability to work with iPads right on the desks of students makes them a powerful classroom tool. Over the past couple of years, I have had the awesome opportunity as a principal and teacher to be part of a school that adopted iPads on a 1:1 device to student ratio. I went into the program unsure if iPads would be as effective of a classroom device as traditional laptops, but have become convinced that the iPad offers more for classrooms than traditional desktop or laptop computers. Here are the ten reasons I why I have found iPads to be the perfect classroom tool.

8 iPad apps to Teach Coding and Programming. iPad App Evaluation. iPhone & iPad UX Reviews. Top 3 Sites To Download Cracked .ipa Files for iPhone and iPod Touch. Hire iPad Developer, iPad Web App Programmer, Hire iPad Game Developer.

80 Apps to Learn a New Language. You’ve been telling yourself for years that you’ll learn a new language or at least dust off those high school Spanish skills. How about starting when you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting for the bus? Having language lessons on your iPhone means you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you have the time. Below you’ll find 80 apps for learning a number of different languages: everything from Chinese to sign language!

A few of the apps come in multiple language variations so if you find one you like in a given language, keep scrolling to see if there are other versions. Spanish Spanish! Spanish! iStart Spanish! FREE Spanish Tutor – 24/7 Tutor Spanish goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language.