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Aptoide - Own Your Android Market. Android Apps,Games, launchers Direct Download. Android iPhone Smartphone. Comment activer le mode développeur sur Android ? Une question revient souvent chez les développeurs et amateurs qui souhaitent avoir un peu plus la main mise sur Android.

Comment activer le mode développeur sur Android ?

Elle n’est autre que : « Comment activer le mode développeur sur Android ? ». À proprement parler, les « Options pour les développeurs » ont été cachées, ou devrais-je dire camouflées par Google depuis Android 4.0. Concrètement, cela évite que les utilisateurs peu ou pas expérimentés trifouillent cette partie sensible du système qui peut entraîner des dysfonctionnements plus ou moins importants, modifiant certaines de ces options. Ce mode caché vous permettra de débloquer des options avancées du système d’Android par le biais d’une manipulation toute simple. Note : Avant de commencer, sachez que nous ne pouvons être tenus responsables d’une mauvaise manipulation de votre part. Pour l’activer, rendez-vous dans les Paramètres généraux de l’onglet Système, pour ensuite ouvrir le volet À propos de l’appareil. Lycanbd - Android Games, Apps, Ringtones, Wallpapers. GameBoid GBA Emulator Android Download, GBA Bios and Best GBA ROMs for Android. VitebMobileApps: Android Application Development Company.

Dossier Google Agenda : Découvrir les fonctionnalités. L’application Google Agenda est, depuis décembre, accessible pour tous les appareils incorporant Ice Cream Sandwich ou une version ultérieure de l’OS.

Dossier Google Agenda : Découvrir les fonctionnalités

Comment bien calibrer sa batterie (Android) Bonjour à tous, Voilà pour mon premier tuto sur easytutoriel Je viens avec une astuce pour calibrer la batterie de votre smartphone Android.

Comment bien calibrer sa batterie (Android)

Comme vous le savez… le premier souci que recontre les utilisateurs de smartphones sous android c’est l’autonomie de la batterie surtout avec l’utilisation du Wifi, de la connexion 3G et vidéos ! Y en a qui n’arrive même pas à tenir une demi journée ce qui les amène a recharger leur Smartphone fréquemment et cela devient très agaçant à un moment ! Avant de commencer… Pour calibrer votre batterie 2 méthodes s’offrent à vous : JakeWharton/Android-ViewPagerIndicator. Asynchronous Server Socket Example. Comment activer l'assitant vocale hors ligne sur Android. Keyboardsurfer/Crouton. Test your application - Make Me Droid, free online Android application builder. Test your application When your application is ready and generated, you have the following choices: Publish the application directly on the Android Market (Google Play), if you have signed it.Test the application on your Android phone, if you have one.Test the application on the simulator that we provide you.

Test your application - Make Me Droid, free online Android application builder.

The following chapters focus on using the simulator in a few easy steps: Simulator download.Launching the simulator from your PC.Connect to Make me Droid mobile website.Download and install your application. Alternatively, you can also use your own mobile phone to test your app. In this case, you can skip the simulator topics and directly read the Connect to Make me Droid mobile website paragraph. Simulator download Download the Android simulator using the link below. Launching the simulator Uncompress the ZIP simulator file using your favourite unzipper. Connect to Make me Droid mobile website. TechnoTalkative. Butter Knife. Introduction Annotate fields with @Bind and a view ID for Butter Knife to find and automatically cast the corresponding view in your layout. class ExampleActivity extends Activity { @Bind( TextView title; @Bind( TextView subtitle; @Bind( TextView footer; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.simple_activity); ButterKnife.bind(this); // TODO Use fields... }} Instead of slow reflection, code is generated to perform the view look-ups.

Butter Knife

Calling bind delegates to this generated code that you can see and debug. The generated code for the above example is roughly equivalent to the following: Greenrobot/EventBus. Android Police - Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets. Android Development Tutorial. 1.1.

Android Development Tutorial

The Android operating system Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. The project responsible for developing the Android system is called the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and is lead by Google. The Android system supports background processing, provides a rich user interface library, supports 2-D and 3-D graphics using the OpenGL-ES (short OpenGL) standard and grants access to the file system as well as an embedded SQLite database. Android Cracked Games - Crack APK HVGA QVGA HD Games.

Magazine for software developers, programmers and designers - Software Developer's Journal. Android 1.2 studio sneaks in unit testing support. Android application development is one of the greatest developments of the 21st century.

Android 1.2 studio sneaks in unit testing support

This achievement is now graded in all over the world which is considered as time wastage for some person at the time of starting. There are various version have developed in the market which are developed by the android application developers. There are experimental settings which enable the testing units. This version for the smart phones is currently in beta. There is no need to work around for the third party by hacker of the customers. This is new but everyone depends on it for the introduction and groundwork is also existed. Users need a database which is fast as well as efficiently work. So to remove the risk of these mis working ability of the apps and de for devices, testing units are created by the android app developers. 13 Best Android Music Player Applications of 2015 That Worth Checking Out. With the advent of smart-phones, the way of listening to music has been changed as music fans are also adopting this new way of listening to their favorite music.

13 Best Android Music Player Applications of 2015 That Worth Checking Out

A lot of music player applications are obtainable on the web that can be easily downloaded in the smart-phone. Now, the one device that we carry with us becomes our primary media player. If you have an android based smart-phone, you are very fortunate as there is a very big community of developers that is well-known for developing applications allowing users to have a great experience. Today, you can find a lot of music player applications at Google Play Store, but it is important for you to choose carefully for your needs. However, it is not possible to look at all of them that are obtainable, so below you can find 13 best apps of 2015 that are worth checking out for you:

Candy Crush Saga Hack Unlimited Free Lives, Moves, and all Boosters. Memory Analysis for Android Applications. [This post is by Patrick Dubroy, an Android engineer who writes about programming, usability, and interaction on his personal blog. — Tim Bray] The Dalvik runtime may be garbage-collected, but that doesn't mean you can ignore memory management.

Memory Analysis for Android Applications

You should be especially mindful of memory usage on mobile devices, where memory is more constrained. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the memory profiling tools in the Android SDK that can help you trim your application's memory usage. Some memory usage problems are obvious. For example, if your app leaks memory every time the user touches the screen, it will probably trigger an OutOfMemoryError eventually and crash your app. Tools of the trade The Android SDK provides two main ways of profiling the memory usage of an app: the Allocation Tracker tab in DDMS, and heap dumps.

A heap dump is a snapshot of an application's heap, which is stored in a binary format called HPROF. Create Android and iPhone App, Free, No Coding Required. Android - how to get distance between two places in kilometer in google map v2 using LatLng.