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MBA Entrance Exams at BML. MBA Specializations at BML. Know About MBA Specializations at BML. B.Tech in Computer Science. Civil Engineering Courses at BML. Electronics and Communication Engineering Courses. What are the Attributes of Electronics and Communication Engineering? – Engineering. When you enroll for an engineering program, offered by a renowned tech college in India, you will have to select a particular specialization.

What are the Attributes of Electronics and Communication Engineering? – Engineering

This specialization or discipline will be the subject areas that you major in, during your engineering. Most colleges offer various specializations like Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. Electronics and Communication Engineering Branch in B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering - BML Munjal University. B Com Syllabus - Helps You to Prepare Well for The Exam. The Best Enginnering Colleges in Gurgaon. Electronics and Communication Engineering in Gurgaon. BTech in Civil Engineering Gurgaon. Why Should You Choose Finance as Your MBA Specializations? If you dream yourself as a senior manager in a premium business organisation, then it is essential that you attain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Why Should You Choose Finance as Your MBA Specializations?

The MBA degree can help you embark on a career as a successful business manager. Irrespective of whether you have been working in a company or if you have just completed your graduation studies, you can always pursue MBA studies. In other words, there are very minimal restrictions, when it comes to studying for an MBA degree. Enroll in a Good MBA College and Select the Right specializations It is advisable that you attain the MBA degree from a renowned institute as that will guarantee excellent job opportunities.

Tips to get Bachelor of Business Administration Admission in the BML Munjal University. In today’s world, it is very important that a professional is able to exhibit both character and competence.

Tips to get Bachelor of Business Administration Admission in the BML Munjal University

Competence is required to achieve the business objectives and character is required to make the correct ethical decisions during the process of achieving your business goals. It is very important that a reputed university is able to develop both these skills in an individual. The bachelor of business administration programme is one of the most popular programmes available in Indian universities. This programme prepares a student for the corporate world in the most effective way.

It is also important that students pursue this programme from a reputed university so that they are able to get practical knowledge and are able to provide high output in the workplace. So, if you are someone who is planning to pursue the bachelor of business administration programme and want to know about the BBA eligibility, then read below to know more: Waive Off Your Tuition Fee to a Great Extent by Availing Merit Scholarships.

Every year meritorious engineering students apply for merit scholarships given to students by respective universities for academic excellence.

Waive Off Your Tuition Fee to a Great Extent by Availing Merit Scholarships

Other than that, the University Grants Commission (UGC) also gives scholarships to eligible candidates. The scholarship for engineering students money that you get can help reduce your tuition fees. Students are motivated to attain a scholarship, not only because of the monetary aspect but also because it helps candidates evaluate their merit. The merit-based scholarships are granted to students, who have achieved certain benchmark scores or have achieved outstanding results in their intermediary examinations. Some of the essential features of scholarships have been discussed below. All about Scholarships The scholarship for engineering students is always merit based. A_Brief_Information_on_MBA_Programmes_Offered_at_BMU.pdf. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...


Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations. Scope of Studying Mechanical Engineering in India ~ Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education Information in India. It is a dream for many students to Study Mechanical Engineering, due to a variety of reasons.

Scope of Studying Mechanical Engineering in India ~ Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education Information in India

Every mechanical engineering aspirant chooses this field for the attractive salary package, challenging nature of work and vast exposure. There is a big scope for mechanical engineers, both in India and abroad. What is Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical Engineering involves the design, development, production, and use of mechanical tools to solve mechanical issues. MBA Specializations. Under the mentorship of Imperial College London, the programme has been designed keeping the ‘i-value’ principle in mind.

MBA Specializations

The entire curriculum has been formulated to ensure multi-pronged inputs to students, through the interactive process of ‘inquire-inspire-impact’. BMU’s MBA course is envisioned to develop innovative thought leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations and communities. It aims to transform students through an exciting journey of inquiry, curiosity and intellectual development, motivating and inspiring them to create sustainable impact on the communities they work with. MBA in Finance - Syllabus, Eligibilty and Career. An integral part of any economy and in many instances an overriding aspect of businesses as well as industries today, financial knowledge is ever evolving.

MBA in Finance - Syllabus, Eligibilty and Career

To that end, students who opt to pursue an MBA in Finance from BML Munjal University, stand to gain skills both in the fields of finance as well as business that are essential for a gainful career. Our MBA programmes breakdown and build foundations for both practical and theoretical knowledge that help understand investment strategies, local and global economics, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and corporate risk. Career Opportunities for an MBA Marketing Students. In this article, the advantages and the career options available for candidates having completed an MBA programme with specializations in Marketing, have been discussed at length.

Career Opportunities for an MBA Marketing Students

It also highlights the importance of enrolling in a good MBA college or institution, especially with regard to better campus placement on completing the programme. Best Career Option after Commerce Degree. Many companies across the world are facing a shortage of finance and accounting professionals.

Best Career Option after Commerce Degree

This means job prospects for graduates with a commerce degree are quite favourable. A Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com degree is intended to give students decision-making skills in commerce related disciplines such as finance, marketing, accounting, and advertising among others. The degree is structured to provide competence in business principles and organizational behavior by concentrating on main subjects such as accounting, statistics, law, finance, economics, marketing, etc. Career Options One Can Pursue After Commerce Graduation The commerce degree acts an excellent transition from the academic world to the competitive and highly flexible business world. 1. 2. 3. Main Subjects of electronics and communication engineering Course. Civil EngineeringComputer ScienceComputer Science and EngineeringElectronics and Communication EngineeringMechanical Engineering Electronics and Communications Engineering is the utilisation of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of electronics and communications.

Electronics and communications engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various systems. This branch mainly deals with analog transmission, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It also deals with the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communications equipment.

MBA Specialization Courses from BML Munjal University. Custom MBA syllabus to Give You a Better Tomorrow. MBA First Year Syllabus All students study common courses – the required curriculum – in the first year divided into four modules of 8 weeks duration. The first year MBA Syllabus comprises of 21 core, skill and perspective courses spanning all areas of management. Core Courses.

Best College for Mechanical Engineering - BML Munjal University

MBA in HR Vs MBA in Finance. Career Scope After MBA in Finance. Get a Degree of MBA in Marketing from BML Munjal University. MBA Admission & Selection Process - BML Munjal University, Gurgaon. MBA Courses - BML Munjal University. B Com Hons - Three Year Program - BML Munjal University. What You Should Know about Civil Engineering Degree Course.