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Id Verification service. Online Identity verification. International Change of Address (NCOA) International Change of Address (NCOA) Maximize your marketing campaigns and reduce mailing costs when you use International National Change of Address (NCOA) services to keep your marking data current with mover information.

International Change of Address (NCOA)

Improve mail deliverability and delivery time Reduce mailing costs and waste associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail Ensure you reach your target audience for better response and ROI Countries Covered Melissa offers NCOA services for a number of countries, listed below in alphabetical order. Simply request a quote, upload or email your file to us for fast, secure and accurate update processing. Austria Belgium Denmark France Germany Finland Norway Ireland Poland Switzerland The Netherlands UK Sweden.

Real time Address Verification. This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. Account Hub Sign In My Account Buy Credits. International address validation -to improve our business. Email Campaign Management Service. What Our Customers Say “Business has been booming ever since I started advertising with Melissa.

Email Campaign Management Service

Hanna’s is the busiest it has ever been and I see new faces in my restaurant day after day. . ” - Hanna’s Restaurant and Bar “Since advertising with Melissa Email Marketing, we see and continue to see new customers every day. Address Verification -verify & standardize with customers. Consumer Mailing Lists & Sales Leads. Validate email Addresses in real time. Data Quality Tools - ensure quality data. The Best Data Quality Tools. Address Verification Service to improve our business. Address Verification & CASS Processing. Online address verification. Intl NCOA - Address List Management Service.

Email verification - Verify mailing address online. DMA Do-Not-Mail Suppression Service. Real time Address Verification. Email Append - Premium Service. Premium Consumer & Business Email Append Service You know your customers and prospects want to hear from you by email, and you want to keep them informed with news about your products and services.

Email Append - Premium Service

But sometimes, email addresses are missing from your contact records or they get stale and outdated. We can help. Give us your list and our Service Bureau will match it against a comprehensive, constantly updated database of 250+ million records. With industry-high match rates of 15-30%, we’ll add as many business or consumer email addresses as possible using our Premium Email Append service. Phone number verification. The Best Data Quality Services. Address Verification Service to improve our business. Email Verification Service for Clean Data. Phone number verification. Data quality solutions. Best Practices for a Better Email Sender Reputation.

Studies have proved that one of the best ways for brands to reach out to their customers and engage with them is through email marketing.

Best Practices for a Better Email Sender Reputation

This holds true for a mature audience as well as a young, tech-savvy audience. That said, no email campaign can be successful if your emails do not reach the intended recipients. This is where your reputation as a sender becomes important. If you don’t have a good sender reputation, email service providers may divert your emails to the spam inbox. You may even be subject to fines. What Gives You A Poor Sender Reputation? The key reasons why you may get a low sender reputation score are: Recipients often mark your emails as spamNot enough recipients open your emailsHigh bounce rate or a high number of emails sent to invalid email accounts consistentlyHigh un-subscription rates At the crux of these factors lies a reliance on bad data. Simple Steps To Improve Sender Reputation Verify email addresses before they enter the system Keep the database clean. The Best Data Quality Tools. Real time Address Verification. Postal Address Verification. Want to Improve Deliverability to India Addresses?

The Best Data Quality Tools. Phone validation service - verifying phone numbers. Deceased Suppression Service - Direct Mail. Customer Data Platform. The Best Data Quality Services. Global identity Verification - verify Id and checks. Global Address Verification Service. Global Address Verification Service 20 percent of addresses entered online contain errors: spelling mistakes, wrong house numbers, incorrect postal codes, and sometimes, formatting errors that don’t conform to a country’s postal regulations.

Global Address Verification Service

This can be a big, costly concern for companies shipping across borders. Send us your file and our Service Bureau will verify, correct and standardize address data for 240+ countries. It’s a great way to reduce returns and postage expenses, while keeping customers happy with accurate, timely deliveries. Real time Email Address Validation - verify email address online. MatchUp®Easy Dedupe Software -dentify Multiple Records at the Same Address. MatchUp MatchUp is the all-in-one tool to cleanse your database by removing duplicate contact records with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

MatchUp®Easy Dedupe Software -dentify Multiple Records at the Same Address

Dedupe your files in different formats and with different name, address, and city/state/ZIP structures. Use the MatchCode Editor to find duplicates fast with sixteen pre-built filters, or create your own. Remove duplicate records to reduce costs and get a clearer picture of your contacts Identify multiple records at the same address – also called householding Merge files with different field structures easily Prebuilt filters or easily create your own CASS option – dedupe and CASS process your file in one pass CASS™ Processing – Optional MatchUp’s CASS option provides the ability to eliminate duplicate records plus correcting and verifying addresses – all in one pass.

Address verification -International Verification for Websites. Global identity verification - verify identities. Deceased Suppression Service - Direct Mail. AML Verification service - verify kyc checks. Email Append service. Postal Address Validation - verify postal addresses. CASS Processing - Matching addresses.

Identity document verification - online id checks. Email Verification Service for Clean Data. Address Verification Software. Consumer Mailing Lists & Sales Leads. Global Address Validation - Verify Addresses. Customer Data Deduplication Service. Duplicate Elimination Service Up to 10% of the average list contains duplicate records – causing wasted printing, postage and production costs and hurting your brand when recipients receive multiple mail pieces.

Customer Data Deduplication Service

Our Service Bureau will identify and remove duplicates from your list or multiple lists. Reduce waste associated with duplicate mailings Achieve an accurate, single view of the customer for sales intelligence Protect the integrity of your list and brand image How Duplicate Elimination Works Our Duplicate Elimination service identifies and removes duplicates from your file or files, providing you with a more accurate view of your customers. Duplicate Elimination Pricing. Address Verification service - verify address.

MAILERS+4 Postal Automation Software. MAILERS+4 Postal Automation Software Take the hassle out of direct mail with MAILERS+4 postal automation software.

MAILERS+4 Postal Automation Software

MAILERS+4 does it all to get your bulk mail pieces ready for the Post Office. MAILERS corrects, verifies, and standardizes U.S. and Canadian addresses to postal standards; removes duplicates, performs NCOA change of address processing, and presorts your mail so you get the best discount every time you mail! Ensure timely delivery – add missing data like ZIP+4 codes, carrier routes, delivery points, suite/apt numbers and standardize to USPS specs for fast processing Reduce costs – update your list with current addresses and remove duplicate records to reduce costs associated with undeliverable mail Presort your mailings to qualify for First Class and Marketing (Standard) Mail discounts CASS and SERP Certified Address Verification Engine MAILERS+4 is also one of a handful of software products that is Canada Post SERP Certified to verify and standardize Canadian addresses.

Postal Address Validation. Address Verification & CASS Processing. Address Validation software – US/International. Gartner Names Melissa to Data Quality Solutions Magic Quadrant. The world’s leading research and advisory company’s evaluation recognizes vendors for completeness of vision and ability to execute Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – September 23, 2020 – Melissa Data, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner as a Niche Player in the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions1.

Gartner Names Melissa to Data Quality Solutions Magic Quadrant

Melissa Data was one of 16 vendors evaluated in the report. This is the first year Melissa Data has been recognized in the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions and we believe our designation speaks to the special role we play in the market,” said Ray Melissa, president and founder of Melissa Data. “While data quality is a broad category, we take a nuanced approach, going above and beyond to ensure customer data not only ‘looks’ right, in terms of format, but is actually valid and functional. It is this unique tack that delivers extensive value and utility to Melissa Data customers. Media contacts. Global Address Verification Service. Data Cleansing, Data Quality Solutions. Customer Data Deduplication Service. Online Identity Verification. Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding Service, Geocode Finder.