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Your Elevator Pitch Needs an Elevator Pitch - H... 3 Tips For Writing A Successful Cover Letter. Jobs Of The Future: Where They Are, How To Get ... Changing Job Search Behavior and What It Means for Employers. Finding the right talent has become a game of chance for some organizations.

Changing Job Search Behavior and What It Means for Employers

All too often, employers simply post their open positions to any or all job boards and hope that the right candidates will apply. But as anyone involved in talent acquisition knows, this strategy will ultimately result in hundreds of applicants, few of whom actually have the skills needed for the position. While this approach may have worked 30 years ago, when newspaper classified ads were one of the only ways to connect with candidates, the current number of avenues for connecting with job seekers — and the speed with which they can apply — means that organizations must find a better way. For a more effective method of recruiting the right candidates, it is important to understand the many ways in which the behaviors of candidates have changed in recent years.

How to nail your next job (before you even appl... Almost everyone dreads that one question – the job interview staple so inexplicably routine it has become the biggest cliché in the entire hiring process (and the subject of hundreds of blog posts on how to best answer).

How to nail your next job (before you even appl...

“What is your greatest weakness?” Just for fun, we decided to take a little different look at this question… and the answer. Using two words only, and with tongue firmly in cheek, here might be the worst possible answers to the worst question ever asked in a job interview: Via Barb Jemmott. International Job Search: 5 Steps to Finding Work Abroad. As the current economic climate shifts, now may be the perfect time to look into jobs abroad.

International Job Search: 5 Steps to Finding Work Abroad

Working overseas not only improves your salary but can also boost your career in the long term especially if you’re aspiring to senior positions. More and more organisations are looking for professionals with international experience and a global perspective on top of excellent skills to help them compete. So how can you kick-start your international job search? 1) Find out where the jobs are: The Manpower Employment Outlook Data Explorer shows local labour market forecasts for 42 countries worldwide. 2) Compare countries: HSBC’s Expat Explorer provides information from expats about finances, quality of life and even what it’s like to raise children abroad. Apart from the league tables, the site also provides in-depth information and reports through the ‘Findings’ section as well as practical day-to-day tips from individuals living abroad. 3) Figure out tax and immigration rules:

Perceived as Overqualified—What Now? Some job seekers, especially those who’ve been in transition for an extended time, start undervaluing their worth, and as a result, they might begin applying for positions below the levels they had in past.

Perceived as Overqualified—What Now?

The hiring authorities then ask the obvious: why would an applicant take a lesser job than previously held, and why should the employer risk the employee’s leaving once a better-paying job turns up? Furthermore, they’re asking whether they could meet the candidate’s salary requirements or other job expectations. There are no fast rules about being labeled overqualified. So-called overqualification is just the perception or interpretation of the hiring manager who questions one’s fit for the position. Les 30 meilleurs employeurs romands 2014 - Entreprises.

Les 600 millions de CV d’une start-up suisse - Entreprises. How To Change Jobs With Little To No Experience. It’s not easy to transition into another industry, but the process isn’t complicated.

How To Change Jobs With Little To No Experience

The 5 Secrets to Job Search Success. 1.

The 5 Secrets to Job Search Success

Create a targeting strategy In order to make a job search effective it really helps to be clear about who you are targeting and what you are targeting. This means being clear about what type of business or company you are looking to join, what type of role you want, in what industry and sector and so on. Executive Job Search: You Don't Know What You Don't Know. 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Job Search. Using Twitter is not only a good way to find employment opportunities, but it’s also a good way to network with colleagues and build a better online presence.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Job Search

Since Twitter has a total of 500 million registered users recorded and counting as of March 2012, it would be in your best interest to make sure you’re using it in all of the right ways to improve your job search. Because of Twitter’s 140 character limitation, it’s sometimes tough to say what you need to say and get your tweets noticed by other Twitter users. But if you want to get noticed while simultaneously finding jobs that are in your industry, you have to think blue. What do I mean by that? Don’t be afraid to use hash tags, links, and Twitter users with everything you do on Twitter. 1.

Pathbrite Is Bringing Professional Stories To Life. LinkedIn or a printed resume gives a simple, bloodless recitation of names, dates, and places.

Pathbrite Is Bringing Professional Stories To Life

But when you walk into an office you get a rich, three-dimensional sense of someone as a person and professional: where they've been and where they're headed. There's framed diplomas and awards, photos of babies and dogs, maybe a "brag wall" featuring grip and grins with various luminaries. 6 Reasons You Should Say 'Yes' To Any Job Interview. You applied for a job and were just called in for a job interview.

6 Reasons You Should Say 'Yes' To Any Job Interview

The only problem? You’re having second thoughts about the position. Maybe the pay is low or the job function isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Or maybe the company culture is a bit dry for your taste. Whatever the cause of your cold feet, you should think twice before turning down any job interview. Comment trouver un job grâce au réseaux sociaux. The Top 10 Words To Not Have on Your LinkedIn Profile.

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The Top 10 Words To Not Have on Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s almost the end of 2012 (where has all the time gone?) – so the Top 10 lists of the year will be rolling in soon! LinkedIn have again compiled a list of the top 10 overused buzzwords on their profiles, and when compared to last year’s report - it shows some interesting results. At the end of 2011, LinkedIn was home to 135 million members. Now, this number has reached over 187 million worldwide (with over 10 million in the UK alone) and still, the number one buzzword used on profiles globally is ‘creative‘. The words on your LinkedIn profile have to be exactly right to ensure you attract the right people on LinkedIn.

Here is a look at the Top 10 overused buzzwords on profiles in the US and worldwide. The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles in the US and worldwide: The top 10 overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles in the United States in 2012 were: CreativeOrganizationalEffectiveMotivatedExtensive experienceTrack recordInnovativeResponsibleAnalyticalProblem solving. - Grösstes Stellenangebot für Fachspezialisten & Führungskräfte. Top Job, offene Jobs, Kaderstellen, Führungspositionen und Karriere. Elite Jobs Switzerland, Management and Professional Recruiting. Emploi,Job, offres d'emploi et annonces en suisse.Jobs en ligne. Emploi et job en Suisse à Genève, Lausanne, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Jura et Valais sur Jobup. - The leading Swiss jobportal with the largest selection of jobs.