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Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture. BILL MOYERS: Welcome.

Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture

People I meet on the left, on the right and in the middle agree on one thing: our country is in a mess, and our politics are not making it better. The problems seem insurmountable, three times last year congress came close to shutting down the government. In August, we almost defaulted on our more than $14 trillion debt, which could skyrocket even further if the Bush tax cuts are continued and spending is untouched at year’s end. But as the ship of state is sinking, the crew is at each other’s throats, too busy fighting to plug the holes and pump out the water.

And everything’s been made rotten by the toxic rancor and demonizing that have shredded civil discourse and devastated our ability to govern ourselves. On that cheery note, listen to this fellow. JONATHAN HAIDT: Suppose that two American friends are traveling together in Italy. If you know about this trait you can understand a lot of puzzles about human behavior.

Welcome. JONATHAN HAIDT: Thank you, Bill. Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 1 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 09/16/10. Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 09/16/10. Convener in Chief. The Crisis of Credit Visualized. Why Do Americans Keep Getting Suckered By Right-Wing Lies? November 21, 2010 | Like this article?

Why Do Americans Keep Getting Suckered By Right-Wing Lies?

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Ideas don’t happen on their own. Throughout history ideas need patrons.” Almost half of the public is either misinformed or subject to unanswered right wing narratives. Unless and until progressives change the mind sets of the tens of millions of people who believe right-wing mythology, who never read the New York Times or listen to NPR, who never watch any TV news other than Fox, future elections will have disappointing results for progressives regardless of who is in the White House. Even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have limits to their ability to de-program those who have been indoctrinated by conservative orthodoxy.

Changing minds is more of an art than a science. The impulse to reconnect with American identity through the Constitution is not inherently right wing. The gay rights movement stands as a contemporary role model on how to change public opinion. Jon Stewart on The Rachel Maddow Show. America Is a Joke. Read a Writers’ Room Transcript That Shows How Daily Show Segments Get Made. Every weeknight, Jon Stewart gets behind the desk of The Daily Show and tells jokes.

Read a Writers’ Room Transcript That Shows How Daily Show Segments Get Made

Cutting, hysterical, relevant jokes that Stewart and his staff have spent hours working over, and then rewriting up until the last minute before air. While reporting the cover story on Stewart and The Daily Show for this week’s magazine, Chris Smith sat in the post-run-through rewrite room for the show's August 12 episode, listening in while Stewart and staffers tightened, massaged, and riffed on a segment of "Indecision 2010" about the primary defeat of Karen Handel, a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia.

Read the transcript of the meeting below as Stewart and some of his writers work to perfect part of the segment, and then watch the clip that resulted from all that brainstorming. Now you know how your Daily Show sausage — and gay monsters — get made. In the rewrite room, Stewart sits with head writer Steve Bodow, and co-executive producers Rory Albanese and Josh Lieb. Lieb: I am so confused …