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Comprehensive Testing Of Bitcoin Payment Gateway Built On Blockchain Technology. Project Details Customer Size: Small OrganizationCountry: Switzerland Domain: Finance (Crypto Payment Processing- Bitcoins)Technology: AngularJs, Java with SprintBoot, PostgreSQLTools: Docker, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Jira Methodology: Agile - Scrum Client Profile Our client is a Switzerland based registered financial intermediary which provides services related to AML-compliant digital cash transaction. They are committed to making digital cash ecosystem compliant and secure. Business Scenario Our client has been providing collection and exchange services to e-commerce merchants, multinational corporations and financial intermediaries while focusing on regulated businesses with a need for effective compliance procedures. While Banking and financial sectors were still struggling with security and various implementation issues, our client wished to pioneer Bitcoin Payment Gateway based on Blockchain technology.

Cygnet’s testing services to help solve the security issues involved: x Thank You. Simplified Operation Management for US based Security and Investigation Firm. Project Details Customer Size: Mid-size OrganizationCountry: US Domain: Security and InvestigationsTechnology: JavaDevelopment Framework: Spring Boot, HibernateApplication Design Structure: WebDatabase: Postgre SQLBrowser Comaptiblity: Latest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Mac SafariDevelopment Environment: Windows Client Profile Our client is focused on providing hyper-specialized enterprise security system design and integrations to government and enterprise clients of based in US. They are into offering integrated security that helps in intrusion protection, critical communications through video surveillance. Their full-time engineering team has designed over 500 security projects that is best fit for the Security Industry and has generated over $27 million in value.

Business Scenario Due to their growing list of government clienteles, it was a challenging task to address to demands and requirements coming in from multiple infrastructures by maintaining manual notes in excel sheets. X. Centralized Document Management Solution to Create, Secure, Control, Optimize and Collaborate. Project Details Customer Size: Mid-size OrganizationCountry: US Domain: Information Technology Platforms: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Server 2010, 2013 and 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 Data CenterDevelopment Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 & 2015, SharePoint Designer 2013 Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 & 2014, Microsoft Azure SQL ServicesWeb Technology: ASP.NET MVC 5.0, Web Services and Web APIs, Office 365 Add-insDesktop Applications: WPF, VSTO Add-ins, Install Shield based installers (MSI & EXE)Programming Languages: C#, .NET Framework 4.5, Entity Framework 5.0, Multi-threading Client-side Scripting: JavaScript, jQuery, Telerik Kendo UI Source Code Control: Atlassian BitBucket Server and Tortoise SVN Project Management Tools: Atlassian JIRA & Confluence and HRINNOVAReporting Tools: Microsoft Power BI and Web-based ReportingSecurity Implementation: Windows/Forms based auth., OWIN, OAuth 2.0, SSL Certificates Client Profile Business Scenario Cygnet's Solution.

NopCommerce - ASP.NET Open-source Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution. Empowering Fortune 500 US Telecom Giant with Multisite and Multilingual Functionalities. Project Details Customer: Large Enterprise Country: US Domain: TelecommunicationDevelopment Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2012 Management StudioFramework and Technology: Sitefinity 8.2+, .Net framework 4.5, C# .Net, ASP.Net 4.0, ASP.Net MVC 4.0, Entity Framework 5.0, Web APIs, Salesforce, Marketo, MultiSite, HTML5, BootstrapVersion Control: Microsoft Visual Studio TFSProject Management: Jira, ConfluenceAutomation Test: Selenium Client Profile A Telecom Giant- listed in the Forbes provides wide range of products and services within the framework of Business Cloud Services and Digital Media for clients who are looking for an array of unified messaging and communication services. With over 1600 employees in more than 49 countries across 6 continents, they serve more than 3.1 million customers globally.

Business Scenario Resolved Performance IssuesSolved Inconsistencies in Services and Sign-up ProcessDecreased Website Load Time Cygnet's Solution x Thank You. 3 Trends that Holds the Key to the Future of Medical Billing Solutions. Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death in USA! (source) A small error in the diagnosis chart can prove lethal. Well thank god, the errors in the medical bill are not lethal but, they can certainly affect the cash flow of a hospital ultimately by being a roadblock in providing optimal care. And it is logical to say that higher the human interaction, higher the chances of error. Now, the general scenario says that a medical bill of a patient admitted in a hospital consist of inputs from approx. 300 people! So, do the math. Technology cannot help in avoiding Human Errors, but it can definitely help in identifying the common errors with detailed reports and analysis.

But still, there are certain issues like claim denial, slower amount receivable cycle, complex bill coding structure in medical billing procedure that still needs better solution. ICD-11 - Conqueror of Complex Bill Coding Structure: EHR- The March Towards the Future: Remote Care Enablers- The Need of The Hour: Networking Platform for Medical Practitioners | Cygnet Infotech.

Project Details Customer Size: Large- size Healthcare Facility Country: Switzerland Domain: Healthcare Solution: iOS 8.0, SQL Lite, iPhone, Objective C, MVP, Xcode 6, CodeIgnitor, MySQL, PHP, MVC, LAMP​ Client Profile The client is a Switzerland based healthcare provider providing more than 50 types of services for outpatient, inpatient and preventive care with about 1500 beds and more than 3000 affiliated medical practitioners. Business Scenario The client required a healthcare based social networking iPhone app development as well as web application for the medical practitioners to get connected. The Medical Practitioners’ Professional Networking Portal is a knowledge sharing portal which should be secure for the medical practitioners’ to communicate. They required an application which is: Secure and Scalable PlatformEngaging UIAllows integration of medical imagingIntegration of Online chattingVersion control provision for application. Healthcare IT Solution to Automate Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials.

Project Details Customer Size: Mid-size Organization Country: US Domain: Healthcare Solution: MVC views, jQuery, JavaScript, Telerik Kendo UI, Google Visualizations, BizTalk Server 2013 R2 Enterprise Edition FTP, SFTP, MSMQ, and HL7, HTTP and HTTPS, SQL Server, SSAS, SSRS Client Profile Client is a renowned Health IT organization based in the US delivering innovative technology solutions for health data monetization and value creation with specialization in clinical trials. They have a strong team of 120 employees and an expert healthcare advisory board developing various first-to-market products and solutions.

Their products have been revolutionizing the Healthcare industry since 2003 for which their CEO has won several awards and possesses a stellar track record when it comes to innovation. Business Scenario Client required a solution to automate complex and tedious manual process of Patient Enrollment and site selection for various Clinical Trials. Cygnet’s Solution x Thank You. Bi solution for retail industry cygnet infotech. Revenue and Billing solution for Telecom Giants. Business Intelligence (BI) solution for Retail Industry. Project Details Customer Size: Large Organization Country: US Domain: Retail Solution: SQL Server and MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) Client Profile US based Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing technology solutions for the retail industry to monetize their POS data.

They kicked off their business with data warehouse consultancy services for their retail clients eventually moving towards advanced data analytics solution for different domains of Retail industry such as Beauty/Cosmetic, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), DIY-Home-Hardware, Apparels/Fashion etc. Business Scenario While offering data warehousing services, client realized that their end-clients required an analytical solution which would accumulate and process the data from their data warehouses. That is how the idea of a BI based analytical solution came to the fore. Considering the above situation, client approached Cygnet with following BI and data management services requirements: Cygnet’s Solution x Thank You. Mobile Solution to Provide Real-time Traffic and Road Route Information.

Project Details Customer Size: Large Organization Country: UK Domain: Transportation Solution: Apple Xcode, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Microsoft Visual Studio Express, .NET Visual Studio Express, Balsamic, SVN, Improve, SQLite/CODATA, XML web services, Clustering Client Profile UK based ISV with profound expertise in Traffic and Public Transportation domain, catering hardware and software solutions to government bodies and private transport operators. Rigorously rendering real-time solutions befitting the demands of various counties of UK and Australia. Business Scenario With Cygnet as their technology service provider, Client has been serving various real-time transport solutions that empowers government authorities and private operators to establish ideal fleet management.

While catering a web solution, one of the Public Transport Management Authority raised a requirement of including commuters in the loop. Cygnet’s Solution Disruptions: Public Transport: Information Signs: x Thank You. Online and Accounting Hub for Optimal Management of Chain of Clubs. Project Details Customer Size: Large organization Country: Australia Domain: Accounting Solution: Technology: C#, MVC 4.0Web Service: Web API, WCF ServicesPlugins: Telerik Kendo UI, Accounting API IntegrationORM: Entity Framework Client Profile Our client is an Australia based business that has over 30 years’ experience of venturing into luxurious clubs. A corporate magnate with leading chain of over 450 clubs, delivers best-in class governance and accounting and invoice management assistance.

Business Scenario The client required a powerful online accounting solution for accounts and book-keeping ensuring the club members to go cashless while enjoying club services and privileges. Login online anytime, anywhere feature for club usersGeneration of reportsScalable and Secure EnvironmentResponsive solutionVersion control provision Cygnet's Solution x Thank You. We will be in contact shortly. Beacon Mobile application for Museums- Case Study. Project Details Customer Size: Mid- size organization Country: India Domain: Non-Profit Organization Technology: iOS and Android App works in Mobile and Tablets, Angular 2, Node.JS with MySQL DB Client Profile Navjivan Trust is a renowned publication house which was founded by the great Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1929.

They have published 800 titles in multiple languages based on the Gandhism with a motive to keep the principles of Gandhi alive. Apart from publication, they also manage a museum to preserve and display Gandhi’s writings, photographs, paintings and voice-records. Business Scenario The Museum that Navjivan Trust runs is visited by around 7,00,000 visitors from across the world. Client wanted to enhance the experience of visitors and encourage the Gandhian learning amongst the youth of this generation. Cygnet’s Solution Following are the features of the solution developed by the team of 4 expert Mobile Application Engineers: x Thank You. We will be in contact shortly.

Predictive Analytics - a Genie of the Digital Era. “The Goal is to turn Data into Information and Information into Insight” ~ Carly Fiorina If you gaze in the past, the role of DATA has evolved from a tool for support to the tool for increasing profitability. The reason for the paradigm swing is the introduction of technologies that allows businesses to mine and process the data leading to data monetization. Traditional statistical techniques when shakes hands with predictive modeling, machine learning and data mining technologies, the merger can answer any question that leads to increased profitability.

Such application is called predictive analytics; a digital genie that grants your wish. But, this digital genie cannot be summoned with some cliché or by rubbing a lamp, you need to hire expert data scientists to curate and cleanse the data to get your wish granted. So, it all boils down to your knowledge about the solutions that prevails in the market and which solution will be suitable enough to provide your desired outset. 1. 2. 3. 4. Beacon Mobile application for Museums- Case Study. Understanding DevOps. From WCM to ECM - Why the move is important. Creating content and making data available has never been a challenge for any organization. But these are virtually useless unless they are analyzed and made actionable.

We as organizations need to be able to use the information at hand to move up the value chain and convert the knowledge we have, into realizing the organizations’ business goals. Marketing technologies have grown exponentially in the past few years, the rise and expansion of interactive marketing demands a better system that is adaptive in nature and facilitates an organization to make the most optimal use of their resources. Just as people are company’s valuable asset, data is its richest resource. Now, we have seen the term “web content marketing” gaining traction and its definition seems to be largely unclear. The process of creating and delivering content on various online marketing platforms including your company’s website is what we term as web content marketing. Create a Product Your Users Love. "Success is not a matter of chance but choice! " Creating a product that users love simply requires you to connect the dots and ensure that nothing in the product development process is overlooked.

At the outset, the way to great startup ideas is try not to think of start-up ideas! However ironic it may sound, you actually need to look for pain-points and problems of your core customer segment. There’s actually no hard and fast rule on how to create a great product but if you ask the right questions, follow important principles and use the right tools, you can very well be looking at a great product on your hands. So, whether you plan to create a digital product, a mobile or web application to make life easier for users, here’s a 9-point checklist to help you accelerate your product development and create a product that users love.

The checklist covers the entire stage, from ideation to creating an MVP and beta-testing, right up to executing the launch of the product. Start Early: Create a Product Your Users Love. Healthcare IoT for Smart Medical Revolution. If you visit a clinic or a hospital nowadays, you would feel that doctors and medical professionals have become a victim of split personality. On one hand, while medical professionals are treating and consulting patients, on the other, they are performing mundane tasks of updating data manually on their digital systems. This is happening because physicians and medical professionals are burdened with the plethora of data that not only hampers their productivity, but also triggers one of the biggest issues of Healthcare, manual errors. Though medical experts are updating all the data into their current systems, they are still facing a problem in improving the care and treatment of antenatal and chronic patients due to the crisis of transparent and simultaneous data.

The consumerization of healthcare has firmly put all stakeholders on top in terms of data. Recently, WHO raised a concern that the world will be short of 12.9 million health-care workers/professionals by 2035. Mobile Apps: Blockchain- for Secure and Interoperable Health IT. Testing Tips to Get Your E-Commerce Store Ready for Holiday. Digitization- Masterstroke to Checkmate all the Patient Enrollment Challenges in Clinical Trials. DevOps is Product Manager’s Best Friend. PaaS & Web Content Management in ‘Digital’ world. The ‘Square One’ to Re-engineering of Mobile Application Development. The ‘Square One’ to Re-engineering of Mobile Application Development. Healthcare Challenges for ISVs and CIOs. Healthcare emr case study cygnet infotech. REAL-TIME PAYMENT TRACKING SYSTEM FOR A DIGITAL PRACTICE. AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH for Healthcare CIOs. 360 degrees to Product Engineering with Java. Undermining these integration challenges could cost you your product! An Advanced Sitefinity Test Automation Process.

An Advanced Sitefinity Test Automation Process. Break through the Box with Ideation and Innovation. REST- An Ideal Web Service to Integrate Applications/Product. Backend Software Product Development Partner. Overview of Product Engineering life-cycle. CMS Partners: Sales Pit or Solution Providers. Cygnet re-engineered a thriving social networking app. Collaboration Platform for construction industry-Infographic. Cheat Sheet to Successfully Pitching Content Management Serv. Cheat Sheet to Successfully Pitching Content Management Serv. How HRIMS Can Intelligently Boost Human Resource Management.

In-App Gestures: Enabling Entrepreneurs to Better Monetize. Ultimate Stratagems to Test your Mobile App. PaaS & Web Content Management in ‘Digital’ world. ePub-Hub – Featured in India's no. 1 media platform. Roadmap to Define One In-App Gesture. Mobile app development approach. PaaS & Web Content Management in ‘Digital’ world. The GST Turmoil- To Ring IT or Not? 12 Mobile App Design Fundamentals to Enhance User Experience. Analyze and select a CMS that fits your Strategies. Legacy System to Grails - Crafting Sustainable Growth. Pace UP with ‘Mobility First Approach’ A Day in the life of VP Sales.

The How and Why of GST and Complete Digitization. Backend Software Product Development Partner. Mobile app development & Agile methodology, a symbiotic rela. Agile Mobile Application Development by Cygnet Infotech. Agile Mobile Application Development by Cygnet Infotech. A roadmap to understand digital transformation. Anatomy of a Cash-rich eCommerce Website. DevOps. Goods and Service Tax. Anatomy of a Cash-rich eCommerce Website. 17 Reason Why You Must Migrate to Multi-site Management CMS. 2-Minute Guide for Choosing the Best .NET-based CMS. ePUB-Hub, powered by Cygnet Infotech, participated in the New Delhi World Book Fair-2017. The Science of Marketing. From WCM to ECM - Why the move is important. 5 Ways to Cut the development cost & manage multiple sites.

How digital transformation is going to emerge in 2017. Product Re-engineering. 8 Awesome CMS for Developing Ecommerce Websites. 5 Ways to Cut the development cost & manage multiple sites. Cygnet Infotech - The Corporate Journey. A real time Mobile Solution for the public transport. Digital Transformation. Analyze and select a CMS that fits your Strategies. Enhance your Document Management Capabilities with SP. Guide on Choosing a Precise Application Development Platform. Build a Foundation for a Product that Truly Empowers Users. Seven security must-haves for the enterprise mobile strategy. 5 Recommendations by World Quality Report for Every QA. Cygnet guided a thriving social networking application.

Testing Tips to Get Your E-Commerce Store Ready for Holiday. Cross Platform Mobile App Development for Inventory. How to Effectively Manage a SharePoint Migration. SharePoint 2016: There’s Some Good News for Business Users. How HRIMS Can Intelligently Boost Human Resource Management. Advanced Marketing Strategies for Mobile Application Success. Simple Guidelines on Advanced Web Application Development. Ways to Keep Users Hooked to Your App.