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A Vain Woman. Petite Kitchenesse. 엣지있는 그녀의 쇼핑공간 애플콕. 애정결핍 불량주부. Photo 6- New Workout Wear For Spring: Who Needs An Upgrade? 네이버 블로그. 빠쑝, ffashion. Rocaille. I'm back, lovelies!


Our Christmas trip was amazing, on top of stuffing ourselves silly with all kinds of Polish deliciousness we had some fantastic time with our families, hiked, snowboarded and even played tennis. Obviously, I had this grand scheme about posting throughout our visit, but an awful cold, family obligations and sheer laziness kept me from actually making it happen (as always, ekhm). Anyways, I'm back with a short but image-packed review of a little Christmas present I got myself: Fresh Mini Sugar Kissing Trio, which comes with Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment mini balmy things in Honey, Passion and Plum. I will confess that I took a lot more photos of that cardboard box, but refrained from posting. Happy? 벼머리 땋는 법 [ 지네머리 예쁘게 땋기 ]


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