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Equilateral triangle dissected by equilateral triangles. Mrs. Perkins's Quilt. A Mrs. Perkins's quilt is a dissection of a square of side into a number of smaller squares. The name "Mrs. Perkins's Quilt" comes from a problem in one of Dudeney's books, where he gives a solution for. Squared Squares; Perfect Simples, Perfect Compounds and Imperfect Simples. There are 4 main kinds of squared squares which have been of sufficient interest to be searched for, counted and recorded; That is, the three types depicted below, and the fourth type, Mrs Perkin's Quilts, which can include those three types and in addition, squared squares which are 'imperfect' and 'compound' as well.

Squared Squares; Perfect Simples, Perfect Compounds and Imperfect Simples

All four kinds of squared square have the squares in the dissection (the 'elements') reduced by any common factor so their GCD = 1. A chronology of the significant square dissection discoveries and the people who made them; How to make a magically appearing square. How round is your circle? Giving half an ellipse constant width Circular arcs are not necessary either, although they are much easier to draw.

How round is your circle?

In a square of width w draw a convex curve from top to bottom touching the left hand side, and which is tangent to the top and bottom of the square. At no point should the curvature be less than the curvature of a circle with radius w. Solid Objects Representing "Impossible Objects" NEW!

Solid Objects Representing "Impossible Objects"

Impossible Motion Got the First Prize. I am happy to announce that this illusion won the first prize at the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2010 held on May 10th, 2010 in Naples, Florida. Thank you very much for warm encouragement. Zoetrope. A modern replica of a Victorian zoetrope A zoetrope is a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures.


The term zoetrope is from the Greek words ζωή zoe, "life" and τρόπος tropos, "turn". It may be taken to mean "live turning" or "animation". The zoetrope consists of a cylinder with slits cut vertically in the sides. Rolling discs. Mendocino motor. The Mendocino motor is a solar-powered magnetically levitated electric motor.

Mendocino motor

Description[edit] The motor consists of a four-, five-, six- or eight-sided rotor block in the middle of a shaft. The rotor block has two sets of windings and a solar cell attached to each side. Anagyre. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Tiling by Squares. A square or rectangle is said to be 'squared' into n squares if it is tiled into n squares of sizes s1,s2,s3,

Tiling by Squares

A rectangle can be squared if its sides are commensurable (in rational proportion, both being integral mutiples of the same quantity) The sizes of the squares si are shown as integers and the number of squares n is called the order. Squared squares and squared rectangles are called simple if they do not contain a smaller squared square or rectangle, and compound if they do. Squared squares and squared rectangles are called perfect if the squares in the tiling are all of different sizes and imperfect if they are not.

Most of the square tilings we are familiar with in our everyday lives use repeating squares of the same size, such as fly screens, square floor tiles, square umbrella base or stands square graph paper and the like. These repeating grid square tilings can be described using this terminology as 'imperfect' and 'compound'. Kokichi Sugihara's English Homepage. SUGIHARA Kokichi Specially Appointed Professor, Dr. of Engineering Welcome to my Homepage.

Kokichi Sugihara's English Homepage

(to my Japanese homepage) Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Property Meiji University 1-1-1 Higasimita, Tamaku, Kawasaki 214-8571, Japan E-Mail :kokichis(a) Recent Talks Geometric Software Impossible Solids and Impossible Motions PDF file of "Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings" (released in September 2006) Personal Data. Dissections - Construction de Dudeney. Constructions Régle - Compas - Conique. Le découpage de Dudeney.