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Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) Memorising poetry is an art of the heart. Project partners. PhD Scholarship in Climate Change Fiction. Applications are invited for a fully-funded PhD scholarship in the Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University, Belgium, tenable for a period of up to four years.

PhD Scholarship in Climate Change Fiction

The successful candidate will participate in the research project “Imagining Climate Change: Fiction, Memory, and the Anthropocene,” sponsored by a grant from the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO-Vlaanderen) and directed by Prof. Stef Craps. S/he will research Anglophone climate change fiction within the context of the project’s three interrelated strands. The first, formalist strand explores the literary innovations demanded by climate change, a phenomenon whose magnitude and complexity challenge conventional modes of representation. Cerrajería Roga El Rastro Madrid - Recibidores. Index2. Job Opportunities. Turning Maslow’s Hierarchy on Its Head — The Development Set. Turning Maslow’s Hierarchy on Its Head Most international development programs focus on base physiological needs like hunger and shelter.

Turning Maslow’s Hierarchy on Its Head — The Development Set

What if we appealed to higher-order desires? When tackling massive problems like poverty, it’s easy to take Abraham Maslow’s theory to heart. Basic physiological needs usually take priority over loftier ones like love, belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization, and everything else you’re more inclined to worry about once you’re fed, sheltered, and out of harm. Otthoni segédlet - Babajelnyelv. The Open Syllabus Project. Gerald Durrell: Rokonom, Rosy. Sede. La nueva sede de la Facultat de Geografía i Historia de la Universitat de Barcelona está situada en el barrio del Raval de Barcelona, en pleno corazón de la ciudad antigua, a un paso de las míticas Ramblas y a menos de quince minutos del mar.


Se construyó en 2008 colaborando en la conversión de uno de los barrios más agitados y convulsos de la Europa del siglo XX, en un polo cultural y educativo para las nuevas «clases creativas» mundiales. 815 Free Art Books from World Class Museums: The Met, the Guggenheim, the Getty & LACMA. Whatever else Banksy’s 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop suggests about the strange relationship between the worlds of gallery and street art, its title alone hints at a serious problem with the art establishment: museums are expensive!

815 Free Art Books from World Class Museums: The Met, the Guggenheim, the Getty & LACMA

Unless you are in Washington, DC, where most of the museums are free, you must not only pony up an entrance fee (or “suggested donation”), but you must also, well, exit through the gift shop, where you’ll inevitably be tempted to purchase some tchotchkes, swag, knick-knacks, or—more likely for art lovers—some beautiful, overpriced book with glossy, full-page reproductions of the works you rushed past with impatient family or stood on tiptoes to glimpse over the heads of tourist crowds. It’s true, you may sometime have the good fortune of getting to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty, the Guggenheim, or the LACMA on an off day, with all the time in the world to mill around and take it in. Sign into your Skype account. Szöged hírös város ... : Állandó néprajzi kiállítás (Szeged, 2013) CEEweb for Biodiversity. Food Hubs in Iowa.

Current | About | Iowa | Resources A January 2015 report to Congress by the USDA’s Economic Research Service shows that markets for local foods are shifting while sales continue to rise.

Food Hubs in Iowa

Local food sales in 2012 accounted for an estimated $6.1 billion in the U.S. economy. In the same year, local food sales peaked in direct-to-consumer markets such as farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSA). However, other markets for local food are expanding rapidly. This would include larger-volume mainstream markets such as grocery stores, institutions such as schools and hospitals, and food hubs. In some cases, food hubs are providing the product to these “intermediated” or institutional markets. What is a food hub? Food Hubs in Iowa. Biokert Ingyen Program - Biokert Ingyen Program.

Biokert Ingyen Program -

Battling the January blues? Try a Brighton Happy Café. Eat Me Chutneys – The Australian Family Tackling Food Wastage with Epic Chutneys from Ugly Produce! A few years ago, Ankit Chopra of Sydney, Australia left his full time IT job to spend time traveling abroad in Europe.

Eat Me Chutneys – The Australian Family Tackling Food Wastage with Epic Chutneys from Ugly Produce!

He became a chef in Paris (at Le Courdon Bleu and L’Astrance) and worked in Michellin 3 star restaurants. While in Europe, Ankit also volunteered for Oxfam and worked in community dining rooms (used to be called soup kitchens) while learning about the global food waste crisis. Employment - Eawag. The British Museum Is Now Open To Everyone: Take a Virtual Tour and See 4,634 Artifacts. “I met a girl at the British Museum once,” a fellow said to me at a party last weekend.

The British Museum Is Now Open To Everyone: Take a Virtual Tour and See 4,634 Artifacts

“Her name was Rosetta. Rosetta Stone.” A groaner indeed, but also a reminder of how far we’ve come: whereas you once really would have had to go all the way to the British Museum (in London) to run into good old Rosetta, now you can get acquainted with her, and 4,633 of the other fascinating artifacts of human civilization held there, without even stepping away from your computer. The British Museum charges nothing for admission, of course, but now the internet has freed it in the geographical sense as well. “The British Museum recently unveiled the results of its partnership with the Google Cultural Institute (GCI),” writes National Geographic‘s Kristin Romney, “the world’s largest Google Street View of an interior space, covering nine floors and 85 permanent galleries of the museum.”

Documentary about Migrant Farm Workers. Film Credits A Film by Laura Pacheco and Jackie Mow Edited by Rachel Clark Music by Joseph Julian Gonzalez Produced and Directed by Laura Pacheco and Jackie Mow Director of Photography Jackie Mow.

Documentary about Migrant Farm Workers

Capsule wardrobe 101. These are my favorite to posts write.

capsule wardrobe 101

They always bring me back to my core. They remind me that this is all one grand experiment. Matthew Hayes: Háztáji Bio-kertészeti oktatási anyag - Zöldbolt - Az Online Ökoáruház. Rucola. Paying for a College Education through Agriculutral Training - American Community Garden Association. A Debt Free Road to “New York City” Charles Magee, PhD, Professor Biological and Agricultural Systems Engineering (BASE) Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) New York City, one of the world’s greatest metropolis, and a city where one can find love, joy, happiness, sadness, and all the material things the world has to offer.

At some point every man, woman, or child would like to visit New York City. It is a fact that financial aid will not cover all the expenses of a college education, and only a hand full of students are able to travel the interstate (full scholarships) route to a debt free college education. Research Fellowships - Job-ID 121005 - academics. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition. As part of the "LMU Academic Career Program", LMU Munich will award The program aims to attract out­standing postdoctoral researchers from all over the world.

Saturday Meditation Class. Artist Tattoos Tools Of People’s Professions On Their Skin. Oozy, a tattoo artist in South Korea, creates beautiful, detailed tattoos depicting the tools that some of his clients use to make a living. Whether they’re chefs or craftspeople, the tools are a simple, elegant and beautiful testament to their work and (presumably) their passion.

IAMO Research Fellows. - Call for applications - IAMO aims at strengthening its scientific portfolio through awarding two-year research fellowships to excellent scientists. Candidates are expected to develop innovative new research ideas, advance existing research or work on a specific issue of high societal relevance in collaboration with IAMO scientists. Career. IAMO Forum 2016 - ConfTool Pro - Login. Is it just me or? Confessions of a PhD-student : Amsterdam Social Science. By Leonie Heres This piece was presented at the Fresh Perspectives 4.0 ‘Future Prospects’ conference held by VU social science graduate students in September 2012. Conference participants addressed the questions “Have you ever wondered what your life will be like after your PhD? What is the future of research in your field, as well as what are your personal prospects? And how do the current budget cuts affect the research community and the position of young scientists?”

PEER: Professor in Environmental Geography. The selected candidate is expected to:• Take a leading role in the establishment and consolidation of a strong externally funded research programme within environmental geography• Develop and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration within the department, and bridge with other departments at the faculty as well as relevant national and international research communities• Take part in a team work on advisory activities of relevant regulatory authorities (national and EU) and private organizations• Take a leading role in the talent development within environmental geography by supervising graduate (Master and PhD level) students and post docs• Contribute to the development of a new education in environmental science The Department The Department of Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary department under the Faculty of Science & Technology at Aarhus University.

Contact. Vacancies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Our post-doctoral offers. Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem Jog- és Államtudományi Kar. Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem Jog- és Államtudományi Kar. Kiútprogram Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. - Folytatódik a Kiútprogram. Aidenvironment. G03247: Innovaciones Organizacionales de Pequeños Productores de Vegetales para Participar en Canales de Comercialización Dinámicos. Según sus vínculos preponderantes con el mercado y el nivel de organización, en Honduras se encuentran tres tipologías de pequeños productores de vegetales: Tipo I, pequeños productores sin organización y sin comprador exclusivo, Tipo II, pequeños productores organizados que comercializan a través de empresas asociativas, y Tipo III, pequeños productores dedicados a abastecer a un suplidor especializado, supermercado o feria. - Consortium. How to eat for $4 a day, or close to it.

REC. Alternatív kvalitatív kutatási kézikönyv. Young People for a Healthy & Compassionate Society. How to Eat to Live: Black Nationalism and the Post-1964 Culinary Turn - Study the South Journal. Felhívás Gobális migrációs folyamatok és Magyarország - Kihívások és válaszok című konferencián való részvételre. What Happiness Is, Around The World: Let Us Know And We’ll Illustrate It (15+ pics)

Ebcsont Masszázs Odú - TERÁPIÁS KUTYAMASSZÁZS. Index2. Jóvenes que lo dejan todo para plantar tomates que sepan a tomate. Why academia needs emotional, passionate women. Are you holding your own daughter back? Here are 5 ways to raise girls to be leaders. Las 20 frases de amor que todo romántico desearía escuchar. Significant Objects: How Stories Confer Value Upon the Vacant. Our Personal Stories Matter for Our Mental Health » Character and Context.

“You Should Date An Illiterate Girl,” by Charles Warnke & “You Should Date A Girl Who Reads,” by Rosemarie Urquico. What It Feels Like When You’re Always An Option And Never A Priority. Saving the world, one room at a time. Magyarország 25 leghangulatosabb falusi szálláshelye. A Project That Uses a Markov Chain Process to Create Surreal ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Remixes. IUAES2016 - IUAES - Inter Congress. Díaz Aguilar, Antonio Luis. Who is the social entrepreneur? United Nations Girls' Education Initiative - News and Events - People are finally talking about the thing nobody wants to talk about. Why I’m Setting Myself Back In My Career In Favor Of A Happier Life. FUNDING: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Urban Policy and Planning, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School (deadline May 26)

The Danger of “Just Meditate!” – Ep19. 9 Harsh Truths of Life (and How They Can Help You Live Better) Miért ilyen rohadt nehéz az elengedés, ha igazából alig volt közünk egymáshoz?! 12 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block For PhD Students. Better than Before: A Psychological Field Guide to Harnessing the Transformative Power of Habit. European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme. Postdoctoral positions - RMIT University Europe. UC Berkeley Webcasts. Fellowships - Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society - LMU Munich. Rescued Farm Animals Bring Joy to Nursing Home Residents (PHOTOS)