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Pixel Crochet Squares - Repeat Crafter Me. If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have noticed my newest obsession with pixel crochet.

Pixel Crochet Squares - Repeat Crafter Me

I haven’t actually made a pixel blanket of my own but I was inspired to start one, err, two of them last week! Basically a pixel crochet blanket is made up of a series of granny squares where each square represents one pixel of the picture. When joined together, the squares (pixels) make a large image as in the blanket below. The blankets I am working on are made up of over 500 squares so while I’m working to get the finished piece complete, I thought I would show you how to make a quick and easy pixel crochet square.

Each one of my squares is much smaller than a standard 6×6 granny squares. Now lets get to the pattern! Materials: – Worsted weight yarn – Size H Crochet Hook – Tapestry needle Abbreviations:Magic Ring Tutorial Ch = Chain SC = Single Crochet DC = Double Crochet. Cheat Sheets for Crocheters. Life Goes On. Banalities and Sociabilities of Crisis Greece. “By contrast, a no vote would at least open the possibility that Greece, with its strong democratic tradition, might grasp its destiny in its own hands.

Life Goes On. Banalities and Sociabilities of Crisis Greece

Greeks might gain the opportunity to shape a future that, though perhaps not as prosperous as the past, is far more hopeful than the unconscionable torture of the present. I know how I would vote.” (Joseph Stieglitz, Τhe Guardian, June 29, 2015) Pótágyat a babának! What the Pythagorean Theorem is really trying to show you. Különleges beltéri növénydekorációk - Bernikert. Crochet Elephants - Jam MadeJam Made.

I made three versions of this pattern, especially for everyone disappointed to find that there is no pattern for this stripey elephant, made by the clever Dina of Dina’s nest on Flickr.

Crochet Elephants - Jam MadeJam Made

All credit for the original idea must go to Dina, and I am in no way trying to take that away from her. 14 Incredible Photos That Prove Snails Live In A Magical World. Free Pattern - Thrummed Mitts! Big news today, there will be an Etsy update very soon!!!

Free Pattern - Thrummed Mitts!

I haven't had a break from life to spend some fun time experimenting in months (the last update was July, ouch!) BLOGGER DIY: How to make a bandage dress. Do we all remember "ratpack’s": infamous/ ridiculously rad do-it-yourself bandage dress?

BLOGGER DIY: How to make a bandage dress

I know I do. I think if you search the comments you can find me delighting “make me one! Make me one!” Like I was at an NSYNC concert or something. And I was 12. Rat_pack herself was super kind enough to provide us with Chictopia’s first official Blogger DIY (hopefully more in the future). Free Prepper eBook Downloads » Ready4itAll. Blog. When the shelves go bare, the supply systems shutdown, and chaos hits the populated areas, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be frequenting your favorite restaurant for some time.


If you’ve been a reader of my blog for even a short time, you know how much importance I put on setting aside a years supply of food storage; but the reality is, food maybe taken from you or it may have to be left behind… However, knowledge and skill will always be with you. It’s during times like these that the skill of hunting will come in real handy. After all, the more skills in self-sufficiency you can develop for obtaining food through either growing or harvesting (a.k.a. hunting/trapping) the less dependence you’ll have upon either commercial food sources or your own food storage.

Craftgawker - page 6. Groundhog Day Forever T-Shirt  Gyerek és tini ágynemű anyagok. Riley Blake textilek - 5 - Textilek - Kell-me - Kell-me textil webáruház. Joel Dewberry Heirloom. Kapanyél - Sünlak a kertben. Basic stitches. Stitching or sewing has a history dating back to the prehistoric times.

basic stitches

It is believed, with archaeological evidences, that sewing must have come into being since the stone ages, when people had begun to sew to attach pieces of animal skin using needles made of bones, antlers and ivory. They probably must have used threads made of animal parts like veins. As the times progressed and sewing started to become an integral part of life, not only newer methods of sewing styles developed, but many other materials were tried as needles and threads.

For many thousands of years, sewing or stitching was done exclusively by hands. Later, machines which helped to assist sewing and weaving were developed. Although sewing or stitching is commonly associated with clothing and fabrics, it must not be forgotten that this skill is used in many other craft areas like making shoes, bags, sporting goods and all those things associated with attaching pieces of fabric. 80 Comments » — understanding and mastering our brains to do cool stuff. Will Write For Chocolate - via @inkyelbows. 5 Timeless Books of Insight on Fear and the Creative Process. By Maria Popova From Monet to Tiger Woods, or why creating rituals and breaking routines don’t have to be conflicting notions.

5 Timeless Books of Insight on Fear and the Creative Process

“Creativity is like chasing chickens,” Christoph Niemann once said. But sometimes it can feel like being chased by chickens — giant, angry, menacing chickens. Whether you’re a writer, designer, artist or maker of anything in any medium, you know the creative process can be plagued by fear, often so paralyzing it makes it hard to actually create. Today, we turn to insights on fear and creativity from five favorite books on the creative process and the artist’s way. Despite our best-argued cases for incremental innovation and creativity via hard work, the myth of the genius and the muse perseveres in how we think about great artists.


Régimódi dizájn, lehengerlő Rollware: holland diákok fa tésztamintázói. About. Make an origami cat bookmark.