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Dissertation Complete Coaching

Dr. Cara helps doctoral and masters students successfully finish their dissertations, graduate and move on to the next fabulous phase of their lives. Individualized dissertation coaching that works!

Dissertation Coach in Canada. Choosing a Dissertation Coach: Finding the Right Fit. A Fresh Approach to Goals in 2021. “Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind.

A Fresh Approach to Goals in 2021

When those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them.” – Jack CanfieldIt It comes as no surprise: most New Year resolutions fail. The reasons are numerous but include a lack of specificity (“I want to be rich!”) , internal resistance (“I want to finish my dissertation but can’t seem to open the draft document” ) and negative framing (“I need to stop eating junk food” vs “I choose to eat healthier”). Yet with renewed energy, every January, we set goals. Dissertation Coach in Canada - Dissertation Complete Coaching. Conquering Writer's Block - Dissertation Complete Coaching. Get Your Writing Flowing Again Hi there grad student!

Conquering Writer's Block - Dissertation Complete Coaching

Picture this: You are sitting at your desk, notes neatly organized, outline in hand, your mind nicely overflowing with all the relevant knowledge you need right now, fingers posed on the keyboard and ….nothing comes. You write not a word. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, perhaps ad infinitum. It’s a terrifying thought. The Symptoms That fresh, virginal page on your computer screen remains stubbornly fresh and virginal.

The Power of a Well-Constructed Paragraph. Ah, the oft-misunderstood paragraph.

The Power of a Well-Constructed Paragraph

Most of us learned the basics of standard paragraph construction during our elementary school years and beyond. The first sentence should contain your main point and the following sentences should substantiate that point. Simple, right? As straightforward as paragraph development seems, I often see dissertation writers struggling with this construct. The result is sprawling paragraphs with main points that shift several times throughout or underwritten paragraphs with a substantial idea never fully supported. Do You Feel Like an Imposter? You're in Good Company. If you’ve experienced imposter syndrome, take heart.

Do You Feel Like an Imposter? You're in Good Company

You are not alone. Some of the world’s most successful people have famously suffered from this often debilitating emotional malady. “F Is For Fake” is the title of an acclaimed documentary by Orson Welles. The film is about an art forger, a literary fraudster, and himself, Orson Welles, as a magician dedicated to pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. The Gratification of Completion and Why We Need It Now More Than Ever. We live in a rainbow of chaos – Paul Cezanne A editor friend of mine frequently does a total desk clean-up before starting a writing project.

The Gratification of Completion and Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

Papers cleared, files organized, surface sparkling. PhD Tutoring by Dr. Cara Weston. Getting Into the Writing State of Mind: Invoking the Muse. Imagine the perfect romantic evening.

Getting Into the Writing State of Mind: Invoking the Muse

Candles burning, dreamy music playing and the fire crackling quietly in the background. Two glasses clink as an amazing meal cooks in the oven. Romance is so much easier when the mood is set, right? Yet we rarely attempt to create an ideal “mood” when we write. Instead we often sit down in front of a cold screen and expect magic to flow from our fingertips. Dissertation Coaching - A Student's Secret Weapon.

Over the years that I have been coaching students and colleagues working on their doctoral dissertations, I’ve noticed several key reasons why they reached out for support in the first place.

Dissertation Coaching - A Student's Secret Weapon

I also experienced those very same obstacles as I navigated my own tumultuous hills and valleys during the dissertation journey. These causes are definitely interrelated and are very common with many, if not most, students in doctoral programs. At the time, though, it may feel as though the myriad of issues are yours – and yours alone. There are always those very few students who breeze through a program and dissertation in record time, but rest assured they are not the norm. If that was the case, the completion rate for doctoral degrees would be higher than the current average of 50%. Three Counter-Intuitive Methods to Keep Writing Your Dissertation. Writing a Thesis or dissertation. Literature Reviews. Dissertation Writing Help. Dissertation Guides and Strategies. Best dissertation writing services. PhD and Academic Coach. Your Ph.D. Dissertation: Unsure Whether to Persevere or Give Up the Good Fight? - Dissertation Complete Coaching.

“The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.” – Victor Hugo It’s embedded in many of us: Never Give Up.

Your Ph.D. Dissertation: Unsure Whether to Persevere or Give Up the Good Fight? - Dissertation Complete Coaching

Nobody likes a quitter, after all. But the reality is that our lives consist of a series of choices and experiences that involve both “sticking with” and “giving up”. These may include decisions around projects, jobs, relationships, habits and places. PhD and Academic Coach. Complete Your Ph.D.? Use these Key Strategies for Working with your Dissertation Supervisor. When it comes to successfully reaching the highly anticipated Ph.D.

Complete Your Ph.D.? Use these Key Strategies for Working with your Dissertation Supervisor

Finish Line, so much depends on the working relationship you have with one person: your dissertation chair. It’s true that completing the degree largely depends on your own dedication, focus and ability, but it’s also a direct result of how effectively you engage with the faculty member directly supervising your dissertation project. While your dissertation may seem like a largely solo endeavour, it is actually a deeply collaborative process between you and your chair.

It’s critical you are able to move the project forward together efficiently and effectively. 6 Ways to Boost Your Writing Productivity Now. Even though many of us are currently self-isolating with some spare time on our hands, let’s admit it: It can be a challenge to get things done, particularly complex writing tasks.

6 Ways to Boost Your Writing Productivity Now

This isn’t a lofty sabbatical in a sunny clime after all. It’s essentially a global quarantine, with multiple layers of uncertainty filtering down to each and every one of us. It’s all too easy to spend too many hours focusing on news updates or binging on Netflix. But the beauty of writing productivity is this: even sitting down to generate one new page adds some much needed accomplishment and structure to the day. And structure matters. Dissertation Coach. How to Break Through and Write Anyway. “Start writing, no matter what. The Bright Side of Dissertation Procrastination (How Being Stalled Helps) - Dissertation Complete Coaching. “Such a good morning’s writing I’d planned and wasted the cream of my brain on the telephone.” – Virginia Woolff Procrastination generally gets a bad rap, especially when you’re trying to finish something deemed important, like your dissertation…or taxes.

But interestingly, there are aspects of dissertation procrastination – percolating just under the surface – that can help you get the job done, even though it doesn’t necessarily feel like that at the time.