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Health Insurance Clone Page For Form Test. LIC Jeevan Arogya - Benefits, Reviews, Features - 2020. LIC Jeevan Arogya is a health insurance policy offered by LIC India.

LIC Jeevan Arogya - Benefits, Reviews, Features - 2020

It is a non-participating, non-linked health plan which provides health cover for medical emergencies. While life insurance gained its huge popularity, health insurance has also become a household name. Life insurance gives financial protection to your family member after you leave them, but who will support you when you yourself are hospitalized? With this idea germination of health insurance happened. Health insurance gives you financial protection in times of hospitalization.

While we are over-flooded with the health insurance plans that offer us reimbursement of the actual medical expenditures incurred up to the sum assured we opt with certain sub-limits, LIC is offering us a non-linked non-participating health insurance plan that gives a lump sum pre-defined financial help in times of hospitalizations of different degree irrespective of the amount of expenditure actually incurred.

Jeevan Arogya gives you Child. Traditional Decor Ideas for Your Home. Nothing beats the beauty of Indian style decor.

Traditional Decor Ideas for Your Home

Not just it has many variants to it, Indian home decor is much lively and can add to the beauty of your place. With a country rich in history, ethnicity and culture, a plethora of options are available to choose from and design your abode just the way you like. Use bright colours, incorporate Indian motifs or tribal paintings, bring some Indianness to your kingdom because why not? Give Your Home a Dash of Colour and Love With Safomasi. The journey of making a house into a home is surreal.

Give Your Home a Dash of Colour and Love With Safomasi

After all, it’s all about making it feel beautiful, comfortable and cosy. How often have you felt that you have been missing out on quirky and lively vibes? Solving your dilemma, Safomasi comes to your rescue. While the beige, and greys are always a part of the discussion, Safomasi is breaking all stereotypes with their home decor accessories which are full of colours and vibrancy. And the best part? Bright Yellow Quilt. Tea Escapes To Awaken Your Mind Body & Soul! There are some unique tea plantations in India where you can not only sip a hot cuppa tea but also stay amidst nature and rejuvenate!

Tea Escapes To Awaken Your Mind Body & Soul!

There can be nothing more tranquil than sitting amidst a tea plantation, savouring a cup of chai and being grateful about life. If this image is what comes to your mind every time you sit by the balcony to have a cuppa a tea, then let us tell you, your dream can be a reality! While all of us are in self-quarantine, we can always use our time to do things that make us feel good, be it meditating, writing, painting or for that matter making a list of places where we wish to travel and while you do that, we suggest the best of tea escapes in India.

India is blessed with beautiful tea plantations that produce the finest quality of tea around the world. Six Products to Pamper Your Skin While You are Self Quarantined. Save The World While Being On A Vacation At Soneva Fushi in Maldives. Chill at the hotel's private villa, taste some delectable food and sip on some choicest wines while you are at Soneva Fushi Eco-friendly everything is the mantra in 2020 and trust us, it has gone well beyond building homes and food!

Save The World While Being On A Vacation At Soneva Fushi in Maldives

The eco-friendly travel moment came in the forefront when ace Indian designer Rahul Mishra spoke about his recent trip to the Maldives and how it inspired him to launch his collection, which was later showcased at the Paris Haute Couture Week 2020. The designer was holidaying in the earth-friendly resort- Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, when building a collection inspired by flora and fauna came to his mind.

Photo Credit: Soneva Fushi From refusing to burn island waste in the open to building sustainable resources, the 59 villa resort has been the first of its kind to embrace environment-friendly approaches. Best Oscar 2020 Beauty Looks That Will Leave You Shook! From Penelope Cruz's ultra Hollywood glam to Camilla Morrone monotone makeup, we have compiled the best from Oscars 2020 It was Bong Joon-Ho's moment at the Oscars but few were not far behind.

Best Oscar 2020 Beauty Looks That Will Leave You Shook!

Think about Eminem's shocking performance that left everyone shook or Janelle Monáe's dress that was covered with 1,68,000 Swarovski crystals. The Oscars night was filled with joy, excitement and happy faces devoid of OTT makeup. It is true, the night was young and the no-makeup-makeup face triumphed on the red carpet. We are talking about slick faces, illuminated cheeks and glossy lipsticks that not only accentuated the actresses' features but let the dress do all the talking! Of Bohemian Dream & Woven Charms: Sabyasachi's Neo Bohemian Collection Is Out! Sabyasachi Mukherjee Just Dropped His New S/S 2020 Collection On Instagram & The World Will Not Be The Same It was a cold winter afternoon when Sabyasachi took to Instagram to announce his new collection titled 'Neo Bohemians' with the public.

Of Bohemian Dream & Woven Charms: Sabyasachi's Neo Bohemian Collection Is Out!

There were no references given, just a black and white video featuring mixed prints and his signature logo. 4 Influencers Who Are Shaking Up The Travel Industry! Because let's not differentiate between male and female travel influencers.

4 Influencers Who Are Shaking Up The Travel Industry!

These are just four powerful women who are changing the status quo of society! Modern Sofas you should invest in right now. This is not a decision we make quite often.

Modern Sofas you should invest in right now

Deciding a new sofa can be exhausting and involves a great amount of thought and consideration. This is one piece of furniture that must seamlessly gel with the interiors and ensure comfort and durability. Summer 2020 Sandals That Will Not Pass You By! If you are feeling the heat and the sweat trickle down your cheeks, then this is real.

Summer 2020 Sandals That Will Not Pass You By!

You have officially entered into the unbearably hot summer months in India and it is about time you acknowledge it. Weather transitions are not new but it is better if you keep yourself updated with the latest trends to stay on top of the fashion game. Summer 2020 Sandals That Will Not Pass You By! Five Real Brides Who Wore White Lehengas Right. Carla Hall Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration. Cookbooks are a plenty; but ones that thoroughly entertain you while teaching you a few cool recipes are a rarity – add to it the fact that all the recipes have an essence of utterly joyous festivity to them and you get a complete stunner. Such is Carla Hall’s Soul Food, a recently released cookbook by the star chef who focuses on authentic African-American cuisine with her own unique touch.

Photo credits: Georgia’s Restaurant What is soul food | A beautiful paradox, the delectable cuisine of soul food comes from one of the darkest chapters of human history. It was shaped by African slaves who worked on South American plantations. Paramountcy of Blue in Every Form at The Milan Fashion Week. From Moschino’s painting like clothes to Etro’s Haute-hippie heritage – ‘Blue’ is the muse After the New York Fashion Week reigned fire with flame scarlet as the dominating hue, for street and runway alike, the Milan Fashion Week wrapped up with a different say. We saw a cooler shade toning down the fashion colour forecast for Spring Summer 2020 – is it blue? Know the Indian Charm Who Is Ruling the Fashion World: Dipti Sharma. From Rudrapur to London Fashion Week, her journey talks of everything 'extra' in ordinary 24-year-old Dipti Sharma, a model from India, now seen strutting down the runways of New York and London Fashion Week for legendary brands like Oscar De La Renta, Emilia Wickstead, and Julien Macdonald have had a long journey before becoming a well-recognised face in the fashion industry.

Dipti who was born and brought up in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand in a joint family initially faced apprehensions towards her career choice from her parents, as she mentioned in her recent interview with Elle. Skin Fasting - A Miraculous Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin. New Material Trending in Kitchens. The founder of Arttd’inox talks about stainless steel, the new material trending in kitchens Arttd’inox, meaning “art of stainless steel,” is known for its excellent forms in stainless steel table ware and home décor products in India. The brand is known for redefining the dimensions of traditional stainless steel in India by creatively combining it with various other materials. Ritzy Fanny-Pack Bags to Mix and Match With Your Fall Outfits. Longing for Victorian Luxury? Book Your Stay at London’s Templeton House. Live in an 18th-century house that has been generously restored to its original splendour. Best Facial Treatments at New York City Studios. Find out the best of facial studios where New York girls go to for their facial treatments The Big Apple, aka, New York City is known for an array of things, the Statue of Liberty, the Times Square, the Central Park, and for being one of the busiest cities in the world, but the city doesn’t hold back when it comes to beauty and has the best of facial experts and world-class beauty studios.

70s Fashion Is not Just Trending - Its Profoundly Inspiring!