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This is How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Looks Like In Microscope - DiseaseFix. What Does Novel Coronavirus Look Like?

This is How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Looks Like In Microscope - DiseaseFix

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' (NIAID) Rocky Mountains Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana, produced images of the novel coronavirus (CPVID-19) on its scanning and transmission electron microscopes on Feb. 11, 2020. RML investigator Emmie de Wit, Ph.D., provided the virus samples as part of her studies. Microscopist Elizabeth Fischer produced these images, and the RML visual medical arts office digitally colorized the images. This is how the novel coronavirus looks like under scanning electron microscope The image above shows a scanning electron microscope image in false colour, showing the COVID-19 virus from a patient in the US. This is how COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) appears on a transmission electron microscope The second image above, taken with a transmission electron microscope, shows spikes on the surface of the virus (hence the coronavirus given its name, meaning 'crown').

Coronavirus Cold and Coronavirus Dry Cough Symptoms – DiseaseFix. There is a lot of news around about the novel coronavirus disease and its symptoms.

Coronavirus Cold and Coronavirus Dry Cough Symptoms – DiseaseFix

The fear of dying with the disease is creating a panic like situation among people around the globe. The flu season is still in full force, affecting millions of people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu activity is high right now and will continue for few more weeks of March and April. Here is some information to help you remain vigilant about seasonal flu symptoms, coronavirus symptoms, and understand how the normal flu or common cold differs from coronavirus disease. You can then consider appropriate prevention strategies to protect your health.

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms in Females. Thyroid Cancer: Common in Females Thyroid cancer is a type of cancer that affects the thyroid gland, a small gland at the base of the neck that produces hormones.

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms in Females

It is very common in people who are in their 30s and also over the age of 60. Females are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop it than men. Thyroid disorders are common in females due to the roles of hormones involved which are different in females than in males. Can you survive from a Colon Cancer? Colon Cancer Lifestyle changes have increased the risk of cancer development in adults and their future generations.

Can you survive from a Colon Cancer?

One of the common cancers which have affected the digestive system is colon cancer. The abnormal growth of cancerous cells in the lower parts of the colon signifies the presence of colon cancer. In most cases, cancer in colon and rectum region occurs together, which is medically referred to as colorectal cancer. The exact causes of colon cancer are not known, but researchers indicate that smoking, consumption of high-fiber diet, family history, age above 50 years and inflammatory bowel disease increase the chances of colon cancer.

The major symptoms of colon cancer include bleeding from the rectum region, shortness of breath, fatigue, weight loss, bowel obstruction, and small diameter stools. Prognosis of Colon Cancer Colon cancer is considered to be the fourth most widespread cancer diagnosed in the United States. Cyst Aspiration Procedure. What is cyst aspiration?

Cyst Aspiration Procedure

Aspiration techniques help to remove fluid-filled lumps, masses or solid lumps or enlarged lymph nodes. Treatment of Kidney Failure. How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed? Colon Cancer.

How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed?

Root Canal Treatment: Risks, Merits and Demerits. Root Canal Therapy Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy.

Root Canal Treatment: Risks, Merits and Demerits

During a root canal infection, an inflamed nerve and pulp chamber of the tooth are infected due to harmful bacteria. Sometimes, root canal treatment is carried due to deep tooth decay, or chipping of tooth, or trauma to the tooth. Bone Cancer and its Types. Bone Cancer Bone cancer is not a very frequently found type of cancer.

Bone Cancer and its Types

The cancer is malignant and spreads from bone to other parts of the body. Bone cancer is more commonly observed in long bones of arms and legs. Common signs associated with bone cancer are persistent bone pain which worsens with time, swelling and redness (inflammation) over a bone which makes movement difficult, lump might be observed over the bone, fractures more frequent than normal due to weak bones, etc. Is consumption of sugar good or bad for your health? Sugar and its requirement in the bodySugar is a carbohydrate that provides a sweet taste to the food.

Is consumption of sugar good or bad for your health?

Added sugar is generally found in all processed foods such as sugary drinks, sodas, candy, baked goods, and sweetened dairy and also in breads, tomato sauce, protein bars, etc. Added sugars add up to a minimum of 10% of the calories of the total sugar consumed. The most positive effect of sugar is that it provides instant energy to the body. The body requires sugar in any form to maintain strength. People who suffer from low blood pressure are often recommended to keep sugar bars to avoid black-outs anytime. Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and Its Utility in Kidney Disease Diagnosis. Glomerular Filtration RateOur body’s main filtration system is through kidneys.

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and Its Utility in Kidney Disease Diagnosis

They remove waste products from your blood which is removed through the urine. A kidney contains large number of glomeruli, which are small filters to clean your blood. Treatment of Neck Cancer. By Disease Fix Largest Disease Information Center Mostly, neck cancers are squamous cell carcinoma i.e. a type of carcinoma which arises from cells which are present inside the lining of the nose, mouth and throat. Squamous cell cancers are generally associated with smoking or exposure to the human papilloma virus (HPV). Some other less common types of head and neck cancers include salivary gland tumors, lymphomas, and sarcomas.

The treatment for neck cancer depends on certain factors. They are: Child Growth and Development. A child’s growth and development is classified into four different periods, which are as follows: InfancyPreschool yearsMiddle childhood yearsAdolescence Once a child is 2 weeks old, he/she starts gaining weight and grows at a quick pace. At the age of 4-6 months, an infant’s weight should be about double of their birth weight and its growth is not as rapid as it occurred before. Between the ages 1-2 years, a toddler will gain only about 5 pounds. In the age group of 2 to 10 years, a child may grow at a steady pace. A child’s nutrient needs changes along with the growth. How to Cure Piles (Hemorrhoids)? Piles cure After bleeding occurs, the severity of piles should not at all be avoided. The pain in this condition becomes unbearable at times for patients.

Some conditions trigger piles pain such as obesity, chronic constipation or diarrhea, rectal cancer, consuming a low-fiber diet, other diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, etc. Medical treatment for piles Home remedies are the best cure to piles. Home Remedies for Tooth Infection. Articles by Disease Fix Largest Disease Information Center Tooth infection is also known as ‘Dental Abscess’. Infection can be pus filled area caused by bacteria. Early symptoms may include throbbing toothache that can radiate to the jawbone, neck or ear, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, sensitivity to the pressure of chewing or biting, fever may occur, swelling on face or cheek, swollen and tender lymph nodes under the jaw or in neck, sudden rush of foul-smelling and foul-tasting i.e. bad breath, salty fluid in mouth and pain relief if the abscess ruptures.

Dietary Changes to Cure Hard Stools. Hard stools or constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems in the world. It involves a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements or difficulty in passing stools. The most common symptoms of hard stools involve infrequent bowel movement, passing hard stools after excessive pressure, lower abdominal pain and gas and bloating. Dietary Changes for Hard StoolsHard Stools can be prevented by simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Improper dietary habits and unbalanced diet can be a major cause of hard stools.

Mostly, people get relieved by modifying their diet and do not require any medical assistance. Foods to be Avoided to Prevent Hard Stool Specific dietary habits and foods lead to production of hard stools. Consuming low-fiber diet such as white bread, white rice, pasta, meat, eggs, canned fruits and canned vegetables and fruits without pulp.Fatty foods harden the stool.

Hemorrhoids: Understanding their Pathophysiology. Diet for Enlarged Prostate. Overview of Chronic Kidney Disease. New Research on What Causes Migraine - Health Conditions & Diseases. Migraine A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation on one side of the head (such as with aura). One may experience other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound and smells along with the throbbing pain. Migraine attacks can cause significant pain for several hours or to many days. New Discovery on what Causes Migraine. A migraine can cause severe sharp pain or a pulsing sensation on one side of the head. One may experience nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound along with the sharp pain. What are Causes and Complications of Chronic Pericarditis? Blood in Urine - What are the Causes of Hematuria? Hematuria can be caused due to many reasons in males and females.

Blood in the urine may or may not be accompanied by pain. But it is never normal to see blood in the urine. You should consult a health care professional if you notice it irrespective of whether you feel pain or not. Treatment Insights Based on Recent Clinical Studies for Melanoma. Pain Processing in Migraines: An Evaluation through Current Research. Migraine A migraine can cause severe sharp pain or a pulsing sensation on one side of the head. Hematochezia as a Symptom of Cancer. Recent Research in Appendicitis Disease. Appendicitis is the inflammation of your appendix.

It is believed that appendicitis occurs when the opening from the appendix into the cecum gets blocked. Treatment Of Bone Cysts. Important Things You Should Know About Tooth Decay. Dental cavity is a hole or put in the tooth. Basics of Dental Caries (Tooth Decay and Dental Cavity) Dental caries is a scientific term used for tooth decay and cavities. It can be defined as the breakdown of teeth due to acids produced by bacteria. Around the world, about 2.3 billion populations have dental caries in their permanent teeth.

Dental Caries: Disease Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments. What You Should Know About Angina. Are You Anaemic? An Overview of the Disease Anaemia. Mechanics of Breast Cancer.