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Numerous studies from the past few decades verify that children the ages of three and four benefit significantly from receiving prekindergarten education.

Such advantages result in a variety of aspects, such as improved mathematical abilities, strong language skills, and higher literacy rates. One long-term study from Chicago even demonstrated that children who participated in the program from preschool through third grade were less likely to be involved in or commit a crime and they were more likely to receive a full education than those who did not participate in the program. Learn more about ECE Careers at.

Become a Teacher’s Aide

Become a Special Education Teacher: Degrees and Careers. Become a Preschool Teacher. Become a Kindergarten Teacher. Become an Elementary School Teacher. Become a Childcare Worker. Teaching Assistant - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties. Of course, a teacher’s assistant won’t make as much as a lead certified teacher, but they can look forward to a good job outlook.

Teaching Assistant - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties

According to 2016 data, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the average teacher’s assistant’s annual salary nationally was $27,129 with 1,263,820 teacher’s assistants employed. Teacher’s assistants who worked in childcare type schools made the least wages by far with an annual average of $21,190 while the assistants who worked in public local elementary schools and high schools made an average annual salary of $26,140. Through 2024, these professionals can expect even more in job growth at a rising rate of 6%. According to the Huffington Post, school administrators get paid more in Charter schools than the educators. Childcare Worker - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties. Requirements for child care workers differ by state and facility.

Childcare Worker - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties

In most states, licensure or certification is required. However, there are many entry-level daycare worker positions which require only a high school diploma. To advance in any aspect of child care education, secondary education will be required. A Child Care Professional (CCP) certification is offered by the National Child Care Association for daycare workers. Hands-on classroom experience, as well as continuing education courses, are required to obtain and renew a certificate.

A Bachelor's Degree is the minimum educational requirement for kindergarten, elementary, and high school teachers. In all U.S. Meet Education RequirementsPass State Competency TestAcquire the State Board of Education Teacher’s License or CertificationIn all situations, anyone working in child care requires a working-with-children background check, to make sure the children’s safety will not be at risk with that person.

Elementary School Teacher - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties. What will you do as an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teacher - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties

It is important to note that not everyone can be a good teacher. You must like kids. If you do not, this is not the right career for you. You should also possess a number of characteristics that will help you to be successful, such as creating caring relationships, advanced listening skills, approachability, friendliness, superior communication skills, passion for teaching, and the ability to prepare and be organized. Patience and creativity are also essential characteristics. Each day will be different. How to Become a Special Education Teacher - Requirements & Job Duties. If you have a lot of patience, compassion, and a love for children, you might make an excellent special education teacher.

How to Become a Special Education Teacher - Requirements & Job Duties

Only a small percent of all teachers become special education teachers. However, many remarkable early childhood education or elementary education degree programs require classes in working with children who require additional assistance with emotional, physical, and intellectual development. The level of developmental severity will vary from student to student. Kindergarten Teacher - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties. What Will You Do as a Kindergarten Teacher?

Kindergarten Teacher - Requirements, Careers, Salary and Job Duties

Kindergarten teachers need to be patient but exuberant. They will work to advance children in their care to full knowledge of letter and word concepts and knowledge of the alphabet in terms of reading and writing. They will read to their students daily and help students learn to read and write on their own as well. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for creating lessons that teach the students hands-on, applied, real world science and create a space for inquiry as well as learning through the use of engaging informational texts. Become a Preschool Teacher - Degree Requirements and Duties. Career Outlook As of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported there were around 438,200 preschool teachers in the United States.

Become a Preschool Teacher - Degree Requirements and Duties

By 2020, the BLS expects this number to rise to over 514,000 teachers. It is possible for this figure to increase even further if legislation, such as that proposed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders passes, which would make preschool education free for all children age three to five. Other politicians have made such proposals in the past. Even if such a proposal is not passed into law, the upward trend of demand for preschool teachers in the coming years is 10% percent, which is well above the level of most jobs. The problem is that there still exists in most places around the country a huge pay disparity in the average pay for preschool teachers and for teachers in K-12 education, even though preschool teachers in many settings are required to have as much education as their K-12 counterparts.