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Become a Tax Preparer

Become a Tax Consultant. Become a Tax Attorney. Become a Tax Accountant. Become a Public Accountant. Become a Payroll Accountant. Become a Management Accountant. Become an IRS Accountant. Become an Internal Auditor. Become a Government Accountant. Become a Fund Accountant. Become a Forensic Accountant. Become a Financial Analyst. Become an Enrolled Agent. Become a Comptroller. Become a Cost Accountant. Become a Capital Accountant. Accounts Payable. Become an Actuarial Accountant. Become a Budget Analyst. Become a Bookkeeper. Become an Accounting Information Systems Specialist. Become an Accountant. Become an Accounting Clerk. Tax Preparer Degree, Career and Salary Guide - Discover Accounting.

Tax preparation is one of the most critical aspects of running a business.

Tax Preparer Degree, Career and Salary Guide - Discover Accounting

It is also an important task that individual taxpayers must do each year. It is a federal and state law to file taxes promptly to avoid penalties and fees. It is also the right thing to do. If you have a knack for presenting information about taxes and understanding complicated tax forms, you may have what is needed to work as a tax preparer.

Many people are confused by new tax regulations and other aspects of tax filing. Salaries of Tax Preparers Tax preparers make an average of $44,000-$47,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but they can make much more, depending on who their clientele is and how much work they do during a year. Tax Consulting - Tax Consultant Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. Informal Education (work experience and apprenticeship) While most tax accountants have at least one college degrees and most have advanced degrees, you can obtain the experience and knowledge needed for tax consultation from life and work experience.

Tax Consulting - Tax Consultant Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting

For example, people that work in the tax field for many years and at the right levels can acquire the knowledge and experience to perform tax consultation. Employees of the IRS or in a tax department of a major financial institution can get exposure, training, and knowledge to handle complex tax matters. They can pass required tests and get the needed certifications. As a rule of thumb, many employers consider three years’ experience to be a significant level. Typical major fields of study for tax consultants include law, accounting, business, and economics. Tax Attorney Degree, Career and Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. Choosing your career is an important step.

Tax Attorney Degree, Career and Salary Guide - Discover Accounting

You need to choose a career that utilizes the skills and talents that you have while taking a practical approach to your path to your goals. Tax attorneys have a J.D. (Juris Doctorate) degree and can make up to $124,000 per year if they are successful. If you aspire to become a licensed tax attorney, there is a specific set of steps you need to take to achieve this. As with any profession, there are particular standards, and that is required to show that you have met the criteria that this profession demands.

Tax Accounting - Tax Accountant Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. Business Tax Accounting: Corporate and Small Business Depending on the size of the business, small business accountants often operate as independent accountants with multiple business clients.

Tax Accounting - Tax Accountant Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting

They help their clients prepare income tax documents and also help them with payroll taxes. Tax accountants that work with larger corporations usually do so as employees. In this capacity, a tax accountant will help her employer find deductions, prepare property tax documents, and work with both federal and state returns. They might also consult with management or the C-level executives on how to create opportunities for deductions or to otherwise reduce the overall corporate tax burden.

In a corporation, there may be many employees who need annual income tax statements. Public Accounting - Public Accountant Salary, Career & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting. What Is Public Accounting?

Public Accounting - Public Accountant Salary, Career & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting

Are you good with figures, numbers, and statistics? Do you like figuring out difficult money or accounting questions and keeping up with financial statements and ledgers? Public Accountants (CPAs) serve an essential role in the public service sector. Thousands of people all over the world trust CPAs (certified public accountants) to help them to keep track of their bookkeeping and get advice regarding their taxes and other accounting needs. Many business owners report that their CPAs kept them out of trouble in both the tax and legal department, as well as having helped them to avoid the pitfalls that many businesses encounter as they build their business.

The more a business grows, the more money they have coming and going to their accounts. Salary Ranges for CPAs. Payroll Accounting - Payroll Accountant Salary, Career & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting. What is Payroll Accounting?

Payroll Accounting - Payroll Accountant Salary, Career & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting

Whether it’s a big company or a small boutique, most businesses have some form of payroll department, or at the very least, a payroll accountant whose key role is overseeing the correct compensation of the employees. Payroll accountants are often tasked with compiling information about workers' salaries and/or the number of hours worked, and issue paychecks. Prior to handing out paychecks, they verify accuracy and make any adjustments. In addition, payroll accountants make sure checks are given according to the rules formed by the company. Management Accounting Degree, Salary & Career Guide - Discover Accounting.

IRS Jobs Degree and Career Information - Discover Accounting. The Internal Revenue Service is also known as the IRS.

IRS Jobs Degree and Career Information - Discover Accounting

This name and its initials aren’t very fondly thought of, unless you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and want to work there. As long as you have your degree or it’s in progress, you’re likely to find a job with the IRS. But, you’ll also need your certified public accountant certificate if you want to work as an accountant. Within the mission of the IRS, it works to help taxpayers who comply with the law, answering their questions and taking care of any issues they may have. The agency also targets those taxpayers who try to cheat on their taxes owed, ensuring that they will eventually pay what they owe. What is the IRS?

The IRS is the Internal Revenue Service, a government bureau contained within the federal Department of the Treasury. Internal Auditing - Internal Auditor Career, Salary & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting. Certified Internal Auditor Certification A CIA certification provides students with a high level of comprehension in the specific area of internal auditing.

Internal Auditing - Internal Auditor Career, Salary & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting

It doesn’t cover as many topics as the CPA certification, but requires less time and work before achieving the end goal. The CIA certificate is offered by the IIA and is considered the standard in auditing accounting degrees. To qualify for the CIA, students must complete an associate’s degree or higher, and must be able to provide a character reference from a CIA, a specialized auditor, or the candidate’s supervisor. Upon completing the education requirement, graduates may be eligible to sit for the CIA exam. Work requirements will vary based on the education each individual candidate holds upon taking the exam. The IIA also offers the following specialty certifications outside of the regular CIA: These are single part exams that require less experience than the more comprehensive CIA.

Government Accounting - Government Accountant Career, Salary & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting. State Level At the state level, auditors and accountants are responsible for working with financial records.

Government Accounting - Government Accountant Career, Salary & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting

They examine the records of the agencies within their state; they also accurately prepare financial records. Accountants in a state government office verify that taxes have been paid correctly and in a timely manner. Fund Accounting - Fund Accountant Degree, Career & Salary - Discover Accounting. Forensic Accountant - Career, Salary and Licensing Guide - Discover Accounting. Governmental departments (FBI, CIA, IRS) Build financial profiles of suspectsInvestigate financial history of spies, criminals, and terroristsTrack sources of illicit fundingGather evidenceAssist in the execution of search warrants pertaining to financialsTake part in financial interrogationsCompile financial investigative reportsMeet with prosecutors to discuss testimony and strategyTestify as expert witness Although there is no typical workday for a forensic accountant because the responsibilities are so wide ranging it's important to point out that being a forensic accountant doesn't resemble a television investigator who finds all vital information within minutes.

Forensic Accountant - Career, Salary and Licensing Guide - Discover Accounting

As with other CPA positions most days will be spent behind a desk working with numbers. The main difference is that in civilian firms instead of balancing books and tax returns you'll be investigating for signs of wrongdoing such as fraud and embezzlement. The FBI also uses forensic accountants in: Financial Analyst Degree, Career, Salary and Certification Guide - Discover Accounting.

Discover What is a Financial Analyst? Committing to becoming a chartered financial analyst is a serious professional decision that requires dedicating substantial time into your education before realizing success. Completing the process of becoming a CFA, however, can yield high compensation, professional respect, and secure employment.

To learn whether becoming a CFA is the right strategy for taking your career to the next level, you should start by researching the best path forward. Financial Analyst Job Description Individuals who become financial analysts enjoy unlimited career options, but most CFAs choose to work in the corporate environment. Although large financial institutions are the primary employers of CFAs, you are not limited to work in the corporate environment when you become a financial analyst. Environmental Accounting - Career, Salary and Degree Guide - Discover Accounting. The goal of environmental accounting is to assist in creating sustainable development through the pursuit of more efficient environmental conservation practices.

This type of accountant is primarily responsible for finding financially responsible ways to limit or completely eliminate a company’s environmental impact, as well as develop a restoration plan if an environmental disaster does occur. The work performed by environmental accountants allows companies to identify how expensive their conservation procedures are, as well as the financial and non-fiscal benefits gained from establishing or continuing them. Additionally, environmental accountants are responsible for continually measuring and reporting on the environmental and financial results of these practices. Areas of Specialty While specific environmental accounting positions may vary greatly, they generally fall into one of the three following categories: Enrolled Agent - Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional who just might be able to save you from terrible financial trouble.

They are licensed professionals who go to bat for taxpayers who face asset forfeiture, are undergoing audits, or who are appealing various decisions of the Internal Revenue Service. The EA profession has a long history that dates back to the end of the Civil War. Since then, it has become a bona fide career that includes federal licensure and governmental oversight. Though not quite at the level of a CPA or a lawyer, EAs are able to offer a broad scope of services to their clients. As an EA, you'll even be able to offer client confidentiality. Cost Accounting - Cost Accountant Career, Salary and Degree Guide - Discover Accounting.

As with other professions, accountants specialize in particular fields. Cost accounting is a field where the opportunities for advancement are especially ripe. What is Cost Accounting? If you enjoy collecting and studying data, consider becoming a cost accountant. Businesses and government agencies need employees who can analyze and improve cost control and efficiency. Cost accountants are problem solvers by nature, because no matter the industry, that’s a basic part of their job. Unlike general financial accounting, which focuses on preparing information for outside investors on a company’s condition, cost accounting concentrates on the internal processes within an entity with the aim of aiding decision making. Comptroller Accounting - Comptroller Accountant Degree, Career & Salary - Discover Accounting. What is Comptroller Accounting? The comptroller (which is slightly different from the controller) works as a high-level executive in a private company or government agency.

Someone working in this accounting position has at least a bachelor’s in accounting, although a master’s degree will take them much farther. In some organizations, as the comptroller, you’re so high in the hierarchy that you’re just below executives in the C-suite. You are a manager who has been handed the considerable responsibility of overseeing the accounting processes within your organization. You are responsible for preparing different types of financial statements. Become a Capital Accountant - Capital Accounting Degree Requirements and Career - Discover Accounting. Budget Analyst - Degree, Career and Salary - Discover Accounting. Budget analysts provide important expertise on planning and managing finances for a wide range of organizations including educational institutions, health systems, government, and businesses. Budget analysts prepare data on resources, obligations, and programs. They provide management information that connects resources to organizational goals. The work of the budget analyst supports executive decisions on funding levels and allocation of resources.

Budget analysts play an important role in nearly every type of organization. Bookkeeping - Become a Bookkeeper Career and Degree Requirements - Discover Accounting. Actuarial Accounting - Actuary Accountant Degree, Career and Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. Accounts Payable Specialist Career, Salary & Degree Guide - Discover Accounting.

What is Accounts Payable? Job Description and Responsibilities It’s no secret that most companies need goods and services to operate daily, and processing payment for those essentials is the responsibility of the accounts payable specialist. As an account payable specialist, also referred to as a clerk, you will receive invoices from various vendors and supply companies and keep track of the information with the assistance of accounting software programs. Once the accuracy of an invoice has been completed, the accounts payable specialist issues payment and logs the details of the transaction. Some accounts payable specialists are asked to help in the human resources department with payroll duties from time to time. Accounts payable specialists also organize a company’s bills using spreadsheets and databases in addition to software programs to make records of invoices, contracts and payment due dates.

Skills Needed. Accounting Information Systems Degree, Career & Salary Guide - Discover Accounting. A reliable accounting information system (AIS) is one of the most important part of maintaining a company’s financial health. To make sure things continue to run smoothly, businesses may turn to an information system specialist. AIS is a career focus that’s increasingly in demand. Accounting Clerk - Degree, Career and Salary - Discover Accounting. Accounting careers are an excellent choice for people who love working with numbers and figures. Most business owners do not have the time to devote to dealing with their own accounting tasks, so they look to accounting clerks and other accounting professionals to do it for them. How to Become an Accountant - Career, Salary and Job Guide - Discover Accounting. If you consider yourself a master at numbers, balancing your checkbook, maintaining a budget, or you simply enjoy mathematics, you might want to consider a career as an accountant.

Accounting Careers Path and Goals - Discover Accounting. Resources - Richmond Paralegal Association. Paralegal Career Resources.