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Free Alternatives to Expensive Mac Os Applications | Software an
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If you’re a Mac user and a social media addict, what’s better than social apps for the Mac? Free social apps for the Mac, of course! In this post we’ll take a look at 10 gratis programs for connecting to your social world via OS X. From file sharing to instant messaging, from Twitter to social television, there is very likely something on this list for you. 10 Fabulous Free Mac Social Apps 10 Fabulous Free Mac Social Apps
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If you’ve just got yourself a new Mac and totally clueless what to install, this article is for you. If you are looking for alternatives for some applications you are currently using in your Mac, the following list might come in handy too. This week, we’d like to showcase you a list of useful yet free applications you can install for your Mac. 100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part I) | Tools

100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part I) | Tools

iSofa iSofa How it works You just have to download and install iSofa on your Mac. Once iSofa is installed, an administration page ( is available from your Mac. This page give you the address to use to access iSofa from your iPhone.
Posted 03/04/2009 at 5:01am | by Mac|Life Staff You probably didn’t know you could change these options, but you can. Apple tried its best to give us the most useful set of icons in various iPhone menus, but there are also more ways to customize them than you might think. In the case of the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen when you tap iPod from the Home screen, you can change the default icons (Playlists, Artists, Songs, Videos) if you want to. Tap More, then tap Edit. 50 Things Every Mac Geek Should Know 50 Things Every Mac Geek Should Know
Freeware Audio Software - DAWs / Wav editors MAC and PC - inthem on the same topic (pulled off another forum) ================================================== ====== A Free & Complete, Portable Software Studio ================================================== ====== The selected software balances excellent functionality, great sound quality and accessible graphics user interfaces. Freeware Audio Software - DAWs / Wav editors MAC and PC - inthem

100+ Free Applications for Mac OS X

Most of the time, Windows users are reluctant to switch to a Mac. One amongst many reasons is that they found it hard to search for free softwares/applications for the Mac. Some of them have already switched to a Mac, but they’re still running Windows OS on a Mac. It’s such an irony that actually there are mountains of free Mac applications available for us. After days of working on this, I’ve come out with list of free and useful Mac applications. 100+ Free Applications for Mac OS X
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This is a big page. It was designed to be, so that you could print it out and read it in bed at your leisure. I’ve personally used all of these applications and will testify to every single one’s usefulness and usability. (Almost all, if not all, of the applications below are Universal Binaries, so they’ll run at full speed goodness on your shiny new Intel Mac.) Free Stuff - Software - Software
Home NeoOffice is a complete office suite for Mac OS X. With NeoOffice, users can create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. NeoOffice can open OpenOffice documents.