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My Dashboard - Google Analytics. Globally Recognized Avatars. Authorize Direct Publishing. Get started with We'll send you an email to activate your account, so please triple-check that you've typed it correctly.

Your username should be a minimum of four characters and can only include lowercase letters and numbers. Great passwords use upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols like ! "£$%&. Generate strong password Choose an address for your blog. Thinking about upgrading? Choosing to upgrade on signup can save you some cash over buying upgrades at a later date. Beginner Premium Business Free Blog. WakeUp&Unite - Create Post. Dashboard ‹ wakeupandunite — WordPress. Research Project. Document Library and Sharing. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Document Library and Sharing

Curabitur non mauris in felis pulvinar malesuada. Aenean semper blandit nisl sed ornare. Nulla a nunc justo, eu scelerisque enim. Suspendisse consectetur est id ante porta id congue leo euismod. Maecenas rhoncus dictum orci molestie scelerisque. Donec venenatis nunc sed neque tempus posuere ut quis dui. Freedom of Information. Open/Future Solicitations. Search Options There are several categories such as “By Agency”, “By Year”, “By State” etc.

Open/Future Solicitations

Select a checkbox within a category to refine your search results. Each of your selections is listed in the “Narrow Search Filters” bar. You can uncheck these selections to remove them. Search for Either Criteria When you select multiple values within a category, the results will include values that match either of the selections. Narrowing the Search Results. Build a Website - How to Build a Website in 7 Steps. How to Build a Website Step 1 - Hosting: Hosting is where you put your website and all the Web pages.

Build a Website - How to Build a Website in 7 Steps

While it's possible to build a website on your personal computer and never move it online, it's somewhat pointless. No one but you will ever be able to see it. So the first thing you'll want to do is find a Web hosting provider. There are several types of Web hosting options you can choose from: Most people gravitate to free Web hosting without too much thought, but there can be drawbacks to free hosting. Find a Web Hosting Provider - links to other sites for help finding a good hostWeb Hosting Reviews - find out what other users thinkWeb Hosting Profiles - overviews of several hosting providers How to Build a Website Step 2 - Do You Need a Domain Name? How to Build a Website Step 3 - Plan Your Website: Once you've gotten a domain and decided on your URL, you can start planning your site. Type of site - Most websites are either news/information, product, or reference sites.

Tags, Attributes, and Elements. Tags The basic structure of an HTML document includes tags, which surround content and apply meaning to it.

Tags, Attributes, and Elements

Change your document so that it looks like this: <! DOCTYPE html><html><body> This is my first web page </body></html> Now save the document again, go back to the web browser and reload the page. The appearance of the page will not have changed at all, but the purpose of HTML is to apply meaning, not presentation, and this example has now defined some fundamental elements of a web page. The first line on the top, <! To get back to the point, <html> is the opening tag that kicks things off and tells the browser that everything between that and the </html> closing tag is an HTML document. Closing tags. Log In to Edit and Customize Your Site. Wix Blog. Claim your Wix Coupon on Google+!

Wix Blog

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