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RBP FINIVIS Private Limited

RBP Finivis is one of the best Direct API Provider companies in India. We deliver high-quality financial inclusion products and services such as AePS, mATM, BBPS, DMT, etc.

Micro ATM Brings Banking Everywhere And For Everyone. RBP Finivis Pvt.

Micro ATM Brings Banking Everywhere And For Everyone

Ltd. is one of the leading Micro ATM API Provider Company in India; also we are doing our best to bring transformative impact on digital financial sector and even brought opportunities for retailers to increase their income, through our Mego Pay application. As India is a developing country that supports rapid growth in technology, our government along with an organization i.e. NPCI put an initiative of digital banking by introducing Micro ATM. With this Micro ATM, one can get access to basic banking services without visiting any bank or traditional ATM. To make all that easy and simple, there are many FinTech companies in the market, developing Micro ATM API and SDK through which banks can remotely connect to their core banking system. RBP FINIVIS — Get white label portal and start your AePS. RBP FINIVIS — Now you can get AePS admin portal easily to start...

Build & Grow Your FinTech Network with AePS API Provider. RBP Finivis Pvt.

Build & Grow Your FinTech Network with AePS API Provider

Ltd. is among the aeps api provider in india which has been working to cater the financial needs of millions of low and moderate-income people residing in rural and semi-urban areas. We have come into the market as a FinTech industry to help other businesses to walk in as successful FinTech businesses. Here, FinTech refers to financial technology that is used to support or enable banking and financial services. And we are present with our various API-oriented services across the boundaries such as AePS, Micro ATM, Bharat Bill Payment System, and Domestic Money Transfer. Out of these, let us discuss one of our unique API & SDK i.e. No Need to Travel long, When Micro ATM Has Come Along. Micro ATM is the solution for the areas where large or traditional ATMs and bank branches are hard to reach.

No Need to Travel long, When Micro ATM Has Come Along

So, to solve the cash crunch in remote areas, RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd. has come forward as an API Provider in India with an extremely useful product. It offers Micro ATM API & SDK for the businesses to emerge and occupy space in the rapidly evolving FinTech industry. It is available 24/7 and 365 days to deliver various banking services such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini statement, and more. What is Micro ATM and how it works? RBP FINIVIS — AePS API Provider Company with High-Tech API AePS... AePS API Provider Company in India Led Safe and Fast Banking. Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) Simplest Way To Send Money Digitally. DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) API has made money transfer easy across 200+ banks all over India in just a minute.

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) Simplest Way To Send Money Digitally

RBP Finivis, being a DMT API Provider Company in India developed an API and SDK to make direct money transfer service accessible to everyone in the country effortlessly. Transactions performed under DMT are relatively safe, secure, and based on criteria to create a convenient user experience. Expand Your Business Digitally with AePS API. What is AePS?

Expand Your Business Digitally with AePS API

Where and When it can be Beneficial? AePS is Aadhaar based payment system. This payment system is launched by the government of India under the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and was initiated by RBI. Details?id=org.rbp. We benefit our users with the following products and services. 1. mATM Device: It is a micro ATM device that provides basic functionalities of large ATMs.


A business correspondent of MEGO can use mATMs to perform basic banking transactions for the customers. 2. Micro ATM is a Boon for Human Society. Massive growth has already been made by banks to bring financial inclusion in the country to help human society.

Micro ATM is a Boon for Human Society

But, a large number of rural and urban poor people are still lagging to have access to their basic bank account, which is an important first step towards financial inclusion. However, it is not possible to set up bank branches and large ATMs in remote rural areas. RBP FINIVIS — RBP Finivis is the leading AePS API provider. It... Convenient and Transparent Digital Banking Platform–AePS. AePS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

Convenient and Transparent Digital Banking Platform–AePS

It is a bank-led model that allows basic banking services through the banking/business correspondents at your doorsteps. It is observed from records that more than 89% of India’s population has been received their Aadhaar number till Feb 2018. So, to make the best use of this unique identity, NPCI introduced AePS service for rural or remote areas where bank branches are not present. How API Provider Companies in India are Transforming Business for the Future. Technology has come a long way and is constantly growing at a fast pace and one such technology is API is also known as Application Programming Interface and when we talk about API, RBP FINIVIS Pvt.

How API Provider Companies in India are Transforming Business for the Future

Ltd is a pioneer API provider company in India. We provide various API-oriented services across horizons like AePS, Micro ATM, Bharat Bill Payment System, and DMT. AePs: The first and most popular service is provided is AePS API. How and Why Aadhaar Enabled Payment System Flourishing in India? AePS is an Aadhaar based payment system for the solution of all your banking transactions.

How and Why Aadhaar Enabled Payment System Flourishing in India?

This system is card-less and pin-less. With the support of AePS API Provider Company, you can receive and send payment from any bank using your Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. This service is available 24*7. Therefore, AePS is an interoperable and easily accessible mode of transactions without the use of account numbers and other bank details. RBP FINIVIS — We are the leading AePS API Provider Company in India. Becoming A Business With Micro ATM API - What You Need To Know? Many places in India have very few banking facilities and financial infrastructure. Unlike urban India, the less developed parts of our country have seen very little amounts of development. This includes access to the formal financial systems.

So, it is no wonder that many people in rural India turn towards unregulated and informal monetary mechanisms. The only way to change this situation is to increase availability to the regulated financial segment. It is interesting to note that people only partake in the informal financial segment because they are forced to do so.

AePS API Provider Company in India. Offer of The Day Download Mego Pay App Win Bike. Youtube. A Guide to Understanding the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) API. Why is it necessary to understand the concept of financial inclusion and financial involvement? Financial inclusion is the notion that everyone in our society has the right to have the ability to be involved and properly participate in the financial mechanisms of the country. There are many poor households, especially in the rural areas of India that do not have any access to the country's financial services. Many people are not aware of financial management, banks, their benefits, and their functions.

Even if they know about the existence of banks, many people do not have the required access to avail services from these banks. What led to bringing about the AePS system? Youtube. Best API Provider Company in India. Looking for the best and reliable API service in India? So here is the Best API Provider Company In India “RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd.” RBP Finivis offering you various types of API services at affordable cost. RBP Finivis a direct API provider helps businesses to join together through its API services.

Now is the best time for you all to integrate your own API brands. Success Is Near With Best AePS Provider In India. Contact Us We are available on call Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM SGT to assist you with any issues. We read every message and will get back to you within 1 business day. Direct API Provider Company in India - RBP FINIVIS.