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Healthy baked foods online

We were working on a baked version of the traditional chakri but was proving to be a challenge to get a consistently well baked spiral chakri. So, why not give a bit of twist & make them more interesting! We love spicing things up, and voila! Masala sticks!

Celebrate a hearty and healthy Holi with these guilt free recipes! Healthy Snacks. Buy Coconut Delight Online - Baked Coconut Laddu. Buy Classic Rusk Online - Melba Toast Baked to Perfection. Buy Rusk Melba Toast and Coconut Delight Laddu Online from Buy Tortilla Chips Online - Just grab a dip and savour the moments. Buy Taco Shells Online - All Natural Taco Shells with an Indian Twist. Buy Baked Bhakarwadi Online - Your favourite tea time snack. Buy Baked Bakarwadi, Taco Shells & Baked Chips Online - spicy and salty appetizer. Buy Wholewheat Khari Online - A tea time favourite that we can’t stop eating. Buy Canapes Online - Explore your Creative side. Buy Baked Potato Chips Online - Give-in to that craving! Try one today.

Buy Baked Pani Puri Online - replacing the deep fried puri without compromising taste. Buy Baked Multigrain Strips Online - a healthier alternative to the fried chips. Buy Baked Masala Sticks Online - baked version of the traditional chakri. Buy Baked Wholewheat Crouton Online - Perfectly baked and made with whole wheat grain flour. The word crouton is derived from the French croûton, itself derived fromcroûte, meaning “crust”.

Buy Baked Wholewheat Crouton Online - Perfectly baked and made with whole wheat grain flour

Most people consider croutons to come invariably in the shape of small cubes, but they can actually be of any size and shape, up to a very large slice The preparation of croutons is relatively simple. Typically the cubes of bread are coated in oil or butter (which may be seasoned or flavored for variety) and then baked. Alternatively, they may be fried lightly in butter or vegetable oil, until crisp and brown to give them a buttery flavor and crunchy texture We at DIP aren’t huge fans of oil, and hence have worked tirelessly to reduce Oil & Fat content in our product range, without compromising on the aspects you care the most about…Taste.

Made with the best quality whole wheat flour and condiments, DIP Croutons have at least 35% Less Fat, and higher Protein & Fiber content Choose from: Herbs & Pepper / Tomato & Cheese. Buy Baked Chips Online - Healthier alternative to the fried chips. Shop DIP Foods. Buy DIP Foods. Dip-foods. Track your order. My Account. Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart. Orders & delivery - Frequently Asked Questions.

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Orders & delivery - Frequently Asked Questions

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