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Create extreme slow motion video without plugins on After Effects. Echo effect with the Difference Matte for a rapid cloning on After Effects. 3D tracking and 3D text in After Effects CS6 on After Effects. Animate easily your vector illustrations with After Effects CS6 on After Effects. After Effects.

Sound React

3D. Timelapses. Explosions. After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals. Shine Some Light On The Situation. Creating Additional Graphical Interface Elements. A Beautiful Ripple Using Form’s Audio React. In this tutorial we're gonna show you how you can create an abstract audio reactant background with Trapcode Form and we will discover the advantages of Audio React.

A Beautiful Ripple Using Form’s Audio React

Step 1 I create composition by clicking Menu-> Composition->New Composition. Make it 1280*720 square pixels 1:15 seconds long, name it as ‘Maint’. Step 2 Create new solid clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Solid. Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence. This tutorial covers the creation of a space-like si-fi title sequence from scratch.

Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence

Michael shows us how you can easily create a visually interesting and impressive title animation with some simple title cards and text animation. The tutorial uses the Twitch plugin from Video Copilot, though a similar effect could be obtained by manual keyframing. Watch the Online Video Course After Effects Guru: Mastering the Timeline.