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Words of Williams. With less than two weeks till our due date (really, she could come any time!)

Words of Williams

, we're happy to say that her room is ready! And I think it's officially our favorite room in the house. Here It Is! Some Notes We placed the crib furthest from the window and where our hall light won't hit it when we open the door (in case she's asleep). Product List / Nursery Ideas Canvas from Hobby Lobby; painted/decoupaged by us (make your own! What do you think? P.S. Cut it out!! ......canvas tutorial. I love a wall I can read!

Cut it out!! ......canvas tutorial

Take your favorite quotes and put them up on the walls with this easy, inexpensive idea! Supplies: Canvas (found mine at Hobby Lobby in a 2 pack for $7.99) Fabric contact paper spray paint. A Travel-Fund DIY. I know it’s not really that cool to talk about money publicly, but I have no problem telling you that I’m not rich.

A Travel-Fund DIY

I’m not even in the neighborhood of “comfortable”. Anything I have, I worked my butt off to get. And since I’m also not great at saving my money unless there’s a goal that I can see, I decided I needed to invent a piggie bank that would help me save up for something that’s very important to me: travel. I might not have the latest clothes, or fully functioning electronics, but I have a brain full of memories from my travels all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, England, The Netherlands, France, The Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, New Zealand and Australia.

What my travels have taught me, is that I need to see more. But darn it. So to be able to afford another vacation, I decided I needed to keep my eye on the prize. Next, take your ruler, and place it along one of the latitudinal lines of the globe, and gently score it with your blade. Heart in Ohio. “Shhhhiskibob….

Heart in Ohio

Shhhhhawshank Redemption…. Chicaaaaa..go!” For those of you who aren’t well versed in movie quotes, that’s from the very sophisticated, and my all-time-favorite: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. And it was also a very awkward clue as to how I spent my weekend: in CHICAGO! I got to see some of my favorite people in the world and eat at my favorite restaurant in the world. Love Map - A Tutorial.

I have been receiving many requests on how I made the Love Map.

Love Map - A Tutorial

So here is a quick run down. This is the frame that I started with. (smaller version of this tut) I had a old frame & sanded it back I really wanted to paint it white, but didn't have any at home & I really HAD to make this right away. So I actually used Zac's paint. I used some paper towel and rubbed it back to give it a little texture.

I was going to use the insert that comes with the frame, but the shape was wrong, so i decided to the use the white backing paper that comes with the frame. I found my 3 pages & ripped them out, then on another map or plain paper. Cut it out Folded, traced & cut around the heart With the maps I intended on using I placed the heart over the exact spot where "we met". I traced & cut in the inside of the pen line. Pasted all three hearts on the white paper evenly. Put glass over the top. Hang & Enjoy!! Better go cross another one off my list Danielle. DIY: Dictionary Art.